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Cerner Nursing

Cerner and Nursing: Connecting


Supporting nurses and the entire care team to enhance efficiency and simplify communications.

With more than 900 nurse associates on staff, we collaborate directly with clinicians across the care continuum to develop solutions that drive quality patient care and outcomes.

Connecting workflows across the care continuum


Nursing is near the top of the list of occupations with the largest projected number of job openings. Though the nursing shortage has been discussed for years, it is far from resolved. This adds pressure to clinicians to be as efficient as possible, and every second counts.

There’s an immense amount of cross-team and cross-venue collaboration that goes into patient care. Orders are written, X-rays captured and labs drawn. With such a large network of clinical personnel, communication failures represent some of the largest contributors to adverse clinical events.

Nurses spend most of their time at the bedside caring for patients, and as such they are accountable for patient safety. Even the most capable nurses are susceptible to human error with the large volume of patients and long hours worked each day.

Quality patient care relies on the care team’s access to information, ability to respond to emergencies quickly and to work collaboratively. Without an informed, agile and collaborative nursing team, organizations risk a declining quality of care.

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