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On-Site Health Center

Transform on-site health care

By focusing on the individual, utilizing our customizable health center model and embracing its range of comprehensive solutions and services, Cerner’s on-site approach can help you redefine your employees’ care, while reducing health costs.

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Our holistic approach to health centers infuses wellness and condition management into primary care to help keep your employees healthy and bend the health care cost curve.


A reinvented experience for you and your workforce

To create an unmatched experience for your employees, our centers are designed to minimize wait time, maximize time with care providers and be person-centered. Centers are designed to:

  • Help reduce the need for costly specialists, ER visits and inpatient stays
  • Provide access to medical care, preventative care, chronic condition management, education and health risk awareness 
  • Facilitate a more productive workforce
  • Offer unique recruiting and retention benefits

Our fully integrated model includes design, staffing, training, strategic planning, operations management, reporting, marketing and IT support. Centers are designed to minimize wait time, while maximizing time with care providers, creating a more person-centered experience. The design enables you to: 

  • Create an inviting atmosphere and no-wait model that ensures people can check in and meet with the provider quickly 
  • Facilitate consultation and privacy in care suites 
  • Use Cerner’s thirty-plus years of innovative technology that is incorporated in each care suite to maximize quality and efficiency, while emphasizing personalized care 
  • Offer an integrated care team for your employees’ wellness journey
  • Support the provider and individual in easily reviewing goals and results by performing labs, biometrics and other assessments on-site 

On-site health centers offer a wide range of services inclusive of: primary care, occupational health care, behavioral health, musculoskeletal health care, as well as health record integration, virtual health care, health and engagement, wellness and an integrated on-site pharmacy.

Solutions and Services

Benefits Administration

To help make benefit administration easier for you and your employees, we manage all aspects of your health plan including efficient claims processing and integration with your wellness programs. 

Cerner Motion HealthSM

Cerner Motion Health reveals musculoskeletal issues and when people are armed with information about the mechanics of their bodies, they are empowered to make their bodies healthier and stronger. When specialty physician visits, radiology test, prescriptions, physical therapy and surgery can be reduced or avoided, health care expenses are reduced.

Health and Wellness Consulting

You receive a customized plan developed by our experienced consultants to help meet your organization’s workforce health goals. We can handle everything from creating a strategic plan, to administration of your program, including communications and access to dietitians and trainers.

Health and Wellness Portal

To encourage sustainable, healthy behavior change, our online portal is easy-to-use. The portal features a personal health assessment and enables people to track incentives and rewards for behaviors, events, positive health outcomes and other milestones.

Health Coaching

To promote positive behavior changes within your population, our certified health coaches use motivational interviewing and goal-oriented counseling to understand what motivates each person to take action. Our coaches provide encouragement and follow-up to members in their health care journey.

Health Navigation

To help your employees engage in their health, each person is matched to a health care team and given recommendations on well-being programs. Health navigators work to eliminate any obstacles a member may face in accessing or receiving necessary treatment.

Health Performance Reporting

To help identify your areas of risk, we connect and analyze data about your population, including claims and health care provider information. We then advise you on programs you can implement to address your target areas.

High-Performance Provider Partners

Your members benefit from an enhanced experience because we align and incent community providers on core measurements around experience, clinical quality, and cost and value effectiveness. 

On-Site Health Center

Customized and built at or near your worksite, our on-site health centers offer a wide range of services, such as primary care, urgent care, occupational health, well-being programs, nutritional counseling and chiropractic care. Our design is centered around the person. For example, we have replaced traditional waiting rooms with private care suites.

On-Site Pharmacy

Your members can have convenient access to affordable prescriptions and over-the-counter medications with our on-site pharmacy. Whether independent from or integrated with your health center, the pharmacy helps support improved medication adherence and productivity.