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Supporting health system goals around opioid management

Health systems are confronting the opioid crisis within their communities and patient populations. In the United States, an estimated 136 people die every day from an opioid overdose. Faced with an epidemic that has caused 350,000 opioid overdose deaths worldwide, clinicians need tools to know when and how to engage with patients.

At Cerner, we’re focused on helping to mitigate this multifaceted challenge with a comprehensive approach to support health system goals around opioid management.

Cerner opioid toolkit

Through the Cerner opioid toolkit, our opioid management solutions are designed to offer analytics, intuitive workflows and enhanced processes. Our aim is to focus our efforts to help provide insights and recommendations for appropriate opioid prescribing, effective pain management, and identification of potential opioid use disorder to connect patients to effective treatment.

The opioid toolkit is designed to provide:

  • Central chart location to review opioid-related risk
  • Clinical decision support for opioid management
  • Opioid management analytics to help enable assessment of prescribing patterns, opioid treatment and naloxone provisioning
  • A predictive model to help inform emergency department providers of patients’ risk for a future opioid use disorder event

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Key benefits

Cerner opioid management solutions are designed to help:

  • Enable providers to identify a patient's opioid-related risk
  • Offer clinical decision support to inform treatment decisions when prescribing
  • Provide access to opioid-related workflows with opioid analytics
  • Facilitate earlier detection of risk for a future opioid use disorder event