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P2Sentinel is the auditing solution Cerner uses to track user access to confidential patient data in Cerner Millennium and other non-Cerner clinical solutions and infrastructure systems. Patient privacy is fundamental in Cerner client CyberSecurity programs and provides a record of access to patient information within the organization.

Patient Privacy

A health care organization is responsible for knowing and implementing legislative/regulatory requirements or international best practices to ensure patient information is protected from misuse. P2Sentinel assists by compiling and displaying audit event details in a variety of reports designed to limit organizational liability or reputational risk.

Security Policy

Security auditing involves numerous measures and P2Sentinel provides details for assessing changes in the system which assist in identifying risks or areas of weakness in current policies. For example, any HNA user account, privilege and HNA policy change is measured. By identifying these areas, clients can be proactive in preventing future risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) assists with monitoring the rising prescription drug abuse problem by requiring prescriber authentication, heightened security standards and actively auditing the EPCS activities. P2Sentinel's certification process is maintained by Cerner so that individual sites are compliant to use ePrescribe software. It is important to note that compliant software is only one aspect of compliance. It must also be configured and used as it is intended.

Features and Capabiliites

Continuous Monitoring

Using recommended work flows to investigate audit events for possible privacy/security/regulatory compliance violations.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts are sent based on a specific event or a threshold (i.e. Standard Deviation) which helps with prioritization of review. Notifications allow informational updates regarding availability of results.

Usage Monitoring

P2Sentinel reports can be executed on demand allowing officers nearly real time auditing for a given time frame or other filters, such as provider/patient identifier.

Behavior Patterns

P2Sentinel assists in identifying anomalies in interactions between patients and providers.

Regulatory Compliance

P2Sentinel helps clients comply with HIPAA, MU3, CEHRT2015 and EPCS compliance regulations (Cerner Corporation maintains EPCS certification through a third party audit).