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Patient Engagement

Offer a healthcare experience centered around the patient

In today’s age of consumerism, people expect a digital healthcare experience similar to engaging with brands in other industries. A digital front door and digital practice helps place the patient at the center of their healthcare journey—from scheduling appointments to navigating their well-being—and empowers engagement at their convenience.

We believe that digital tools can help healthcare organizations build enduring, lifelong relationships with their patients and consumers.

Digital front door and digital practice

The Oracle Cerner digital front door and digital practice suite of solutions elevate the consumer experience through digital capabilities empowering populations to engage in their health throughout life and reduce barriers to care.

The Cerner Consumer FrameworkTM is an open ecosystem empowering healthcare organizations to elevate the patient portal to a digital front door and digital practice designed to place the patient at the center of their healthcare journey.

Organizations can leverage the Cerner Consumer Framework to customize a digital front door and digital practice fitting their population through Oracle Cerner strategic third-party capabilities including online appointment scheduling, digital patient intake, financial engagement, virtual visits, digital therapeutics, and connected patient engagement.

For enhanced customization capabilities, Cerner Consumer Extensibility enables healthcare organizations to integrate their proprietary digital tools and broader third-party technology into the consumer experience.

The Oracle Cerner patient portal offering, HealtheLifeSM, is a web-based solution enabling interaction and engagement between healthcare organizations and their population. It combines the traditional features of a patient portal with engagement tools to help people proactively manage their health across the patient journey.

Oracle Cerner is a leader in the transformation of care by providing organizations with a patient-centric health engagement suite designed to help streamline behind-the-scenes activities to enhance staff and clinician efficiencies and the user experience. The suite of virtual health solutions is designed to enable embedded virtual experiences to help enhance access to care and help clinicians create happier, healthier patients.

The Oracle Cerner virtual health approach includes virtual visits, remote home and mobile monitoring, digital therapeutics, and secure messaging. Using an ecosystem of virtual and remote services and technologies, health systems can provide care at a distance, enabling the delivery of quality cost-effective care anywhere. Virtual healthcare can empower patients to engage and manage their health.

HealtheCRMSM, the integrated offering bringing together the Oracle Cerner data and insights platform, HealtheIntent ®, with CRM technologies, Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud, provides a holistic view into your consumers—how they engage, their demographics, clinical status, behavior patterns, and preferences. The holistic view can be made accessible to stakeholders in the organization, designed to create a consistent and relevant experience throughout the patient journey.

Insights derived from the healthcare CRM can be correlated with outcomes data within HealtheIntent to help you analyze the engagement strategies that are resonating with your population and how they are impacting clinical results.

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