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Cerner’s pharmacy software solutions offer a unified vision designed to help your pharmacy clinicians facilitate accurate, beneficial medication therapy decisions, outpatient drug utilization and adherence management.

Cerner Collaborative Pharmacy Solution


Cerner’s pharmacy solutions focus on what you need to prescribe an effective medication therapy regimen, dispense and monitor medications within the health system setting, as well as after discharge.

Cerner is focused on providing relevant inpatient and outpatient drug data to population health data engines and EHR interoperability organizations to assist with monitoring and assessing populations.

Cerner’s approach to medication dispensing and management encompasses the health care goal of improving patient care and outcomes- connecting the patient to safe medication therapy, even after discharge. The pharmacy professional has unrivaled medication expertise. Our pharmacy solutions are designed to capitalize on pharmacists’ clinical capabilities and to fully realize their role within both the medication process and patient care continuum.

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Related Offerings

Automated Dispensing Cabinet

An integral part of any well-executed health systems’ medication process, RxStation is a Cerner solution that provides a single formulary across the health system, designed to help nurses and pharmacists efficiently manage medication dispensing and administration.

Drug Database

The Cerner Multum drug, herbal and nutraceutical database is a leading industry resource designed to assist you in your safe medication use efforts and reduce deaths as a result of adverse drug events (ADEs).

Inpatient Pharmacy

The medication dispensing process is one of the key drivers for delivering safe patient care. Using the Inpatient Pharmacy solution, your pharmacy and clinical personnel can automate their processes, engineered to allow patients to get the right medicine at the right time.

Retail Pharmacy

In today’s health care environment, it has never been more important to keep track of your patients’ health after discharge. An integrated retail pharmacy system within the health system’s outpatient or retail pharmacy can help monitor patients after they leave your facility.

Pharmacy supply chain

Designed to help your organization from running out of medication by delivering a system generated order list collected from the clinical transactions.


How do Cerner’s pharmacy solutions help clinicians manage medication therapy decisions?

Cerner’s pharmacy solutions are designed to provide a unified, seamlessly integrated medication process.  The solutions assist with extensive clinical checks, ensure integrated data flow across processes and support providers with patient follow-up and therapy monitoring after discharge.

Most of Cerner’s pharmacy solutions share the same electronic health record and database, meaning you have a real-time view of important clinical data, such asunverified orders, allergy updates and patient contextual alerts, in one place at most stages of the medication process. These safety features may help prevent medication errors before providers reach the patient’s bedside.

Cerner’s Retail Pharmacy solutions offer comprehensive patient medication adherence and medication therapy management solutions to help you monitor your chronic disease patients’ medication therapy regimens and adherence practices after they leave your facility.