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Population health management

Moving beyond individual care to entire populations. Speak with one of our experts to help you get started.

The opportunity: moving beyond individual care

Traditionally, medicine focuses on the individual and defines “health” as being free from disease. Population health management expands our focus by magnifying efforts across entire populations, and by emphasizing chronic condition management and prevention. To manage population health outcomes, we must get to the root of health problems to anticipate, mitigate, and manage issues before they manifest. Incorporating clinical and social determinants of health (SDoH) data, can equip clinicians with insights to better care for individuals, and for healthcare organizations to partner with communities to enhance everyday health. However, this patient data is not routinely available and often resides in silos.

The tools: data enrichment and connectivity

Oracle Cerner population health management solutions address these data challenges by enriching existing patient information with SDoH data and connecting various sources of patient, payor, and community data—regardless of where the data sits. Connecting these fragmented data sources forms a comprehensive, community-wide information network linking health history, social and environmental factors, mental health aspects, and more to yield critical insights. These solutions help support your goal to provide coordinated care beyond the hospital that results in healthier populations and better patient outcomes.

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Determinants of Health

Address social risk factors, like food and housing insecurity, across community and patient populations.

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Spend less time hunting and preparing data, and more time acting on it.

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Value-based care

Enhance quality care and strengthen market share to help make healthcare delivery the best it can be.

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Behavioral health

Promote holistic treatment for patients by connecting behavioral health and primary care needs.

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Referral management

Support clinicians and staff in guiding referrals to the most appropriate in-network providers.

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Post-acute care

Support people in continuing their care journeys beyond the acute setting.

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The Oracle Cerner difference


We know data. Activate strategies based on deeper knowledge of your patients, populations, and communities by tapping into our deep electronic health record (EHR) knowledge—including both data and workflows—combined with experience layering in claims and non-traditional data.


We bring proven experience. Have confidence in our ability to shatter data siloes through our experience connecting standardized and non-standardized data from 130+ EHR sources, 120+ payer sources, and 345+ private and public data sources.

Based on Cerner data as of January 2022.


We put insights into the hands of clinicians. Empower your clinicians by bringing meaning to EHR data and feeding insights into point-of-care workflows by choosing a population health management technology provider with more than four decades of healthcare IT experience.

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Learn how Oracle Cerner population health management solutions address data challenges by enriching existing patient information.
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