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Population Health Management

  • Population Health Management is more than an industry buzzword or the next big fad.

    It is the shift from solely automating health systems to managing a person’s health. A healthier overall population will maximize patient satisfaction and minimize resource consumption. Getting there requires complete, accurate patient data and meaningfully using that data to engage individuals at all times, exchange information between providers and ultimately drive better outcomes. This shift in perspective will shape the future of health care – one driven by accountability, transparency and value.

    Cerner believes the best way to manage the health of a population is one person at a time. Our solutions allow organizations to:

    • KNOW what is happening and predict what will happen within your population
    • ENGAGE providers and patients in health and care delivery
    • MANAGE health and improve care

    For each aspect of this Know-Engage-Manage continuum, we have developed a number of specific tools and programs. All of them can be used—individually or collectively—to address the growing demand, payer pressures and policy mandates organizations face today.

    Establishing new care models for population health management, and lessons for the NHS

    Cerner has recently commissioned The King's Fund to write a report analysing how an intentional whole health system redesign can deliver better health outcomes to a population. The report, based on independent research conducted by The King's Fund, focuses on Southcentral Foundation - a not-for-profit health system run by Alaska Native people for their community. Read the full " Intentional Whole Health System Redesign: Southcentral Foundation's 'Nuka' system of care" report to see how they has gone from 4 weeks wait to same day appointments, improved their delivery of care, and more.

    View the report here.

    Get in touch to discuss more about how a partnership with Cerner can help you shift from reactive care to proactive health.

    Population Health at Barts Health NHS Trust

    Staff with Barts Health NHS Trust discuss how they are approaching Population Health management.