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Practice Management

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Manage Day-to-Day Operations Through a Single Platform

Use simplicity to accelerate patient engagement

Healthcare organizations are doing the important work of caring for people every single day. For clinicians to give their strongest focus to the patients in front of them, it’s important that the day-to-day operations go smoothly. That’s where Cerner Practice Management comes into play. Our practice management is designed to connect with the Cerner EHR so that users can navigate across the various aspects of practice management – scheduling, registration, patient tracking, patient accounting, and reporting, all within a single application.


Cerner Practice Management allows you to schedule within the context of the full patient history. You can modify, reschedule and/or cancel appointments, record patient contacts, and view the history of a patient’s appointment. To help facilitate efficiency at your organization, you can also schedule based on clinical orders.

The scheduling feature enables you to:

  • Display patient demographics and appointment types as well as schedule appointments from a single screen
  • Find first available appointments by a patient’s request
  • View the calendar for a single resource or group of resources

The registration feature within Cerner Practice Management is powered by consumer intelligence with the intent of increasing efficiency for your organization and patients. The enterprise master person index helps your organization identify and resolve duplicate records to facilitate the integrity of a single person record.

The registration feature enables you to:

  • Input demographic and insurance information through an intuitive workflow
  • Create insurance profiles during registration
  • Validate patient address and EDI transaction within a single solution
  • Check eligibility in near real-time or batch functionality

Patient tracking helps manage patient flow such as check-in or out, arrival, ready, in-room, or finished. This feature can also assist in documenting no shows and patients who leave without being seen.

The patient tracking feature enables you to:

  • Display the list of appointments and details for a designated location or group of locations for the current day
  • Capture meaningful use measures as part of documentation
  • View patient demographics, see the details for the encounter, collect co-pay, scan images, and schedule follow-up appointments during the check-in and check-out processes.

Cerner Practice Management is designed to align patient accounts with the care delivered. Due to the Cerner EHR being connected to Cerner Practice Management, your back-office documentation can reflect the care that patients received.

The patient accounts feature enables you to:

  • Leverage proactive work queues to help automate the claim lifecycle
  • Work any necessary edits through connected claim scrubbing
  • Facilitate payment through credit card merchant connectivity

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The HealtheLife portal helps patients view their health record information, lab result, pathology, and radiology reports in addition to communicating with the health care team.

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