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Pre-built analytic content

Empower your analytics team with readily available insights

Cerner understands the challenges you face every day to extract data insights. To provide you speed-to-value, we have designed an analytic solution that is more than just dashboards and visuals. Our pre-built analytic content is a culmination of value-add elements from data onboarding to advanced data organization to help you achieve your business intelligence goals and drive meaningful change.

Our pre-built analytic content offering, HealtheAnalyticsSM, enables you to discover actionable insights by providing thoughtfully built dashboards and reports utilizing knowledge gained from working with more than one hundred clients like yourself.

Take advantage of readily available pre-built analytic content spanning across your clinical, financial, operational, care continuum and population health use cases. Using HealtheAnalytics, we can help your analysts start deriving insights on day one by:

Gathering data from pre determined disparate sources

Beyond onboarding and cleansing your data, we add additional intelligence and organization to your data, such as benchmarks, episode groupers, service categorizations, risk scores, visit classification, social vulnerability and quality measures. It can take a lot of time and processing power to derive, compute and organize your data — let us do it for you.

Transforming data into knowledge

Using only basic tables and graphs can only get you so far on your analytics journey. Cerner is dedicated to designing offerings that makes extracting insights from your data easy by building analytic visualization tools within the HealtheAnalytics application.

Discovering new insights with analytic visualization tools

These analytic visualization tools are hand selected by Cerner and integrated into the application, so you can seamlessly increase your visualization toolkit without needing to procure, install or maintain another piece of software.

Featured pre-built content

Cost and utilization

Control costs, reduce leakage and manage utilization with our HealtheAnalyticsSM: Cost and Utilization. HealtheAnalytics: Cost and Utilization arms users with cost and utilization content catalogs, quality metrics libraries, dashboards and reports. These analytic tools enable the ability for you to explore your organization’s network utilization, savings opportunities, quality measure performance and potentially avoidable events.

Key capabilities, include:

  • Identify out-of-network utilization by payer, provider, location and diagnosis
  • Identify and measure high- and low-performing providers within and across specialties and provider groups
  • Pinpoint potentially avoidable readmissions, admissions, complications, ancillary services and emergency department (ED) visits

Optimize your Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program quality using HealtheAnalyticsSM: ACO Quality. HealtheAnalytics: ACO Quality provides you visibility to member-level outcomes and opportunities for program optimization prior to submission per ACO measure requirements. Compare your quality measure performance across providers, practices and plans.

Key capabilities, include:

  • Analyze ACO measure results by providing views at the organization-, provider-, individual patient- and measure-level
  • Compile data across multiple sources, providing a more complete representation of a patient's quality of care and presenting all relevant support facts for reporting
  • Ease the burden of ACO chart review and submission by pre-populating the web interface Excel template for the reported sample patient population

Optimize your Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) program using HealtheAnayticsSM: HEDIS Quality. HealtheAnalytics: HEDIS Quality provides you access to patient-level outcomes and opportunities prior to submission per HEDIS measure requirements. Compare quality measure performance across providers, practices and plans to pinpoint the areas of highest opportunity.

Key capabilities, include:

  • View measure performance by organization, population and payer plan
  • Identify gaps in care versus gaps in documentation
  • Identify best practices in HEDIS documentation

Optimize your risk adjustment scores to promote more accurate payment and reimbursement through flagging previously documented HCC diagnoses that need to be readdressed, as well as identifying suspected HCC-supported conditions with Cerner Hierarchical Condition Categories.

Key capabilities, include:

  • Identify members of programs requiring HCC documentation and quantify opportunity
  • Stratify members with undocumented HCCs and no scheduled appointments and coordinate visit
  • Validate claim payments and provide substantiating reports for any unpaid claims

Maximize insight to your health and well-being benefit strategy with HealtheAnalyticsSM: Workforce Health. HealtheAnalytics: Workforce Health provides a holistic view of the health and well-being of employee and dependent populations across benefit partners, empowering employers to make educated investment decisions and monitor their impact.

Key capabilities, include:

  • Integrate data across your health and well-being benefit systems
  • Track health plan spending trends and patterns, including chronic condition costs
  • Discover top areas of clinical and financial risk to inform design of health and well-being programs

Analytics making an impact

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Harnessing the Value of Data with a Governance Strategy: Q&A with Memorial Hermann’s Paul Lampi

Health care data – consisting of lab tests, medical images, clinical trials and more – make up 30 percent of the world’s data production. As our industry increasingly focuses on analytics, the quality and longevity of data is of upmost importance to cultivate an information-rich organization. For health care organizations, creating this information-rich culture requires a robust data governance strategy, ensuring that data assets are cleansed, managed and protected throughout the enterprise.

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HealtheEDW at Memorial Hermann Health System


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