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Real-Time Health System

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Connecting with purpose: bringing patients and providers together

Empower your clinicians with real-time health system (RTHS) tools and techniques that help them overcome challenges and provide high quality patient care. The challenges addressed include: staffing constraints and workforce vitality, patient access to care across the continuum, cost control, revenue growth and increasing patient acuity.

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The solution: Real-Time Health System

A real-time health system (RTHS) is a health delivery organization that leverages the use of near real-time data from many sources to help improve clinical, operational, and financial efficiency and effectiveness, and improve patient engagement in a safe and secure manner.

Cerner can help you integrate data throughout the network and within the health system, driving predictable and operational excellence with contextual awareness.

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Provide situational awareness that drives decisions and action.
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Help make decisions that impact patient throughput, efficiency, productivity and outcomes.
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Bring together care team communications, workflows and alarm management.
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Forecast demand for staff and assign the most appropriate caregiver.
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Monitor multiple patients from a central monitoring station.
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Utilize data to generate predictions that support decision making, streamline workflows and transform the clinical experience.
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Improve the security posture of your organization that may impact patient care and safety.
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How transforming near real-time data informs care team actions

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Integrates medical device data

Medical device data integration eases manual data entry and transcription errors. Access to richer patient information supports clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.

Provides-care-team-with-clear-line-of-sight icon

Provides care team with clear line of sight

Situational awareness helps manage capacity and workforce and controls barriers to throughput.

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Addresses health outcomes

The right information is intelligently routed to the right person at the right time, putting critical information in the hands of clinicians.

Supports the consumers health journey icon

Supports the consumer's health journey

Intelligent data bridges care team relationships and helps influence healthcare outcomes.

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