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Retail Pharmacy+pharmacist holding prescription

Retail Pharmacy

An integrated retail pharmacy system within the health system’s outpatient pharmacy can help monitor your patients after discharge.

Cerner’s Retail Pharmacy solution group is expanding their ApotheCare-MTM solution’s scope to add more functionality to enhance the retail pharmacists’ role in health care and coordination of care.

At Cerner Retail Pharmacy, we strive to bring pharmacy professionals tools to help you navigate the next direction your retail/outpatient pharmacy is heading in an ever-changing health care marketplace. We focus on creating solutions that will help you showcase your clinical skills, allow you to collaborate with other health care professionals and empower you to contribute to the health of your community.

Employer benefits

Cerner’s Retail Pharmacy gives Millennium prescribers a retail drug history view within the EHR to help reduce medication duplications and interactions.  The suite of solutions offers patient medication adherence and medication therapy management tools for clinical retail pharmacist utilization.

The Retail Pharmacy solution suite provides clinical retail pharmacists the ability to help monitor discharge patients and make recommendations in care, which may help keep patients healthy and out of the ER.

A perfect solution for an employer’s retail pharmacy, the solution suite offers multiple inventories and pricing structures, as well as a web refill option to help optimize both financial return and convenience from your in-house pharmacy.

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What is included in the Retail Pharmacy suite of solutions?

Retail Pharmacy has a full suite of pharmacy management solutions. These management solutions include the following:

  1. Central Host component to manage multi-location enterprises.
  2. ScriptFlow Workflow option to customize work steps and process throughput.
  3. RetailScript Point of Sale, complete with bedside delivery option for health system discharge meds.
  4. ApotheCare-MTM offering medication adherence and therapy management functionality.

No.  Retail Pharmacy solutions are EHR agnostic and are currently used and interfaced with most EHR brands. Through HL7 integration, we offer data exchange with your health system’s EHR designed to provide you with the information needed to assist you with your clinical judgment.

We currently have clients in most pharmacy venue types- traditional retail, health system retail/outpatient, employer and university health clinic pharmacies, as well as central fill facilities.

Yes. We offer a full suite of software solutions including our ApotheCare-MTM module, which is a medication therapy management solution complete with patient medication adherence functionality. We also offer a wide variety of interfaces to third party software and tools.