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Revenue Cycle Management

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Patient-Focused Revenue Cycle Management

Challenge: Providing a Hassle-Free, Efficient Patient Experience

Engaging patients, driving a healthier bottom line, and improving efficiency are all challenges that healthcare organizations face. Addressing patient engagement as well as driving a healthy bottom line can be tough – and even sometimes at odds with each other. That’s why a focus on automation within a clinically driven revenue cycle is so critical.

According to the 2021 Annual Report on Revenue Cycle Automation1, 90% of healthcare financial leaders want automation systems built for healthcare revenue cycle management. When automation is not leveraged in revenue cycle management functions, it can be difficult to reallocate team members to patient outreach or other high impact functions.

At the end of the day, we want to help healthcare organizations reduce the noise surrounding the patient experience. If people, processes, and technology aren’t used to their fullest potential, there are likely missed opportunities to improve revenue cycle efficiency and eliminate noise. When we reduce the noise, we help patients focus on what is most important – the care they receive.

1AKASA Annual Report on Revenue Cycle Automation

Solution: The Oracle Cerner Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle

Clinically driven. Patient-focused. That is the foundation of the Cerner revenue cycle. A clinically driven revenue cycle (CDRC) takes information captured by clinicians during care and uses it to drive financial outcomes. In this way, a fully adopted CDRC aims to prevent redundant data entry, capture charges accurately, coordinate authorization requirements, and predict financial obligations - all so that you can have confidence in billing accuracy while transforming how your teams collaborate. You can also help your team focus on the most important tasks with automation tools and embedded third-party intelligence that seeks to recognize inaccuracies early, reduce common repetitive tasks, and bring the most important accounts to your team's attention.



  • Simplify manual workflows
  • Bring the most important accounts to attention
  • Recognize exceptions and inaccuracies


Third-party intelligence

  • Specialize in key workflows
  • Embed into existing user tools
  • Keep pace on innovations with open and extensible integration


Patient-friendly experience

  • Ease of scheduling appointments
  • Ability to search providers
  • Financial clearance tools
  • Simple billing view
  • Pre-visit worklists to support patient outreach

The Oracle Cerner Difference

Cerner is dedicated to connecting healthcare organizations with communities while streamlining workflows. Our RCM solutions help organizations focus on what matters most: creating compassionate patient experiences.


Provide convenience and transparency to your community

Provide your community with convenience and transparency when seeking care by streamlining the patient financial experience across digital and staff-assisted workflows.


Transform how teams collaborate

Improve confidence in billing accuracy by transforming how teams collaborate across a clinically driven revenue cycle to capture charges, coordinate authorization requirements, and predict financial obligations.


Measure, predict and optimize

Enable revenue cycle leaders to measure, predict, and optimize financial performance with targeted analytics capabilities. Optimization services address inefficiencies to help you realize the full potential of your revenue cycle technology.

Revenue Cycle Management Offerings
Scheduling. Financial clearance. Registration. Learn how our point-of-service RCM solutions can create compassionate experiences for your patients by streamlining scheduling and intake workflows across connected consumer-engagement tools.

Billing. Charge capture. Claims and A/R management. Contract management. Learn how our back-office RCM solutions can help your teams focus on the most impactful efforts with efficient back-office workflows across venues of care that extend the possibilities of your clinically driven revenue cycle.

Utilization management. Care transition planning. Learn how our case management software transforms how your teams collaborate with each other and your patients while performing clinical reviews and care transition planning activities in a connected, clinically driven revenue cycle system.

Coding. Chart completion and release of information. Learn how our health information solutions avoid workflow fragmentation in your coding environment with a single platform that connects your clinical information to a third-party encoder, so your billing processes are streamlined.

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Connect with your community while streamlining workflows so that your revenue cycle teams can focus on what matters: creating compassionate patient experiences.
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