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Health Information Management

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Integration That Facilitates Efficiencies and Targets Avoiding Delays

Leverage information through a clinically driven revenue cycle

It is important for healthcare organizations to have an efficient way of managing the information that's part of a patient’s health journey and subsequently, influences reimbursement. That’s why Cerner Health Information Management (HIM) connects with the electronic health record (EHR) to allow for access to near real-time information. This connection enables organizations to monitor and support health information electronically for a comprehensive medical record. By leveraging accurate documentation through a clinically driven revenue cycle, coding staff can work toward avoiding delays, protecting against audit risk, and focusing on more complex issues and strategic quality initiatives.


Oracle Cerner HIM solutions move the coder from a fragmented workflow in multiple systems to a seamless connection within the Cerner EHR. The Cerner coding product collaborates with industry leaders including 3M and Optum to connect their content, grouping, and editing capabilities into the coding workflow.

Our coding staff workflow efficiencies enable you to:

  • Drive coding task queues from clinical events including orders, results, and documentation
  • Enhance workflow within customized views using the coding clinical summary
  • Correct edits at the time of coding with near real-time charge connection in the coder workflow
  • Link clinical deficiency management to discharged not final coded (DNFC)

Chart completion icon

Chart Completion

Cerner HIM solutions help automate chart completion activities all within the context of a single medical record.

Our chart completion workflow enables you to:

  • Notify physicians of missing documentation based on system triggers
  • Facilitate seamless communication between providers and HIM of incomplete documentation with the Cerner message center connection
  • Track completion and authentication on all documents and orders within the EMR regardless of storage type, including scanned and electronic documents

Release of information icon

Release of Information

Cerner release of information is embedded within the EMR, which enables a streamlined flow to track and fulfill requests

Our release of information workflow enables you to:

  • Support the release of information process while being connected to the EMR to allow activities to be performed more efficiently. We have the processing and the chart in one stop.
  • Enable HIPAA privacy compliance with the release of information workflow


What Encoders are Supported by Cerner?

Cerner collaborates with both Optum and 3M to provide seamless use of their encoder solutions using APIs to communicate data in near real-time.

Cerner supports standard HL7 interfacing to computer-assisted coding (CAC) and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management Offerings