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Health care in the U.S. is rapidly evolving. Cerner is leading the charge by way of provider-based, research-based and policy-based clinical and financial IT solutions.

Cerner is committed to driving innovation which will actively shape the future of heath care delivered in government settings, one driven by accountability, transparency and value, resulting in improved outcomes across the continuum of care.

Cerner provides industry-leading solutions to digitize paper processes. We offer a broad range of services, including implementation and training, remote hosting, operational management services, revenue cycle services, support and maintenance, health care data analysis, clinical process optimization, transaction processing, and population health services.

Public Health

Our EHR gives public health agencies a workflow-driven design based on their fundamental needs, including the need to synchronize, analyze and adapt work based on changing standards. This makes it easier to monitor activity and coordinate hundreds of tasks simultaneously, promoting evidence-based practices, enhancing clinical decision-making, reducing care variability and minimizing risk. By simplifying complex billing and streamlining tasks, we can help position public health agencies to manage their data and processes from start to finish.

Key functionalities include:

  • Compliance with Meaningful Use Stage 3 requirements
  • Clinical summaries with actionable dashboards: providers can capture their documentation and place orders within a single screen
  • Access to a patient’s longitudinal record with the ability to extract key patient data from non-Cerner providers
  • Download immunization data into the EHR and upload it into the state’s immunization registry to manage immunization inventory
  • Education materials for patients to take home
  • Clinical workflow for STDs, TB, HIV, HEP and other communicable diseases
  • HIPAA-compliant secure patient communications with secure messaging, lab results, e-visits and appointment scheduling

We deliver a robust EHR solution for correctional health care providers. Our solution ensures correctional health providers have a data-driven clinical-support system that will help improve the safety of the offenders and reduce the liability of the correctional facility. It is designed to provide access to all offender medical information in near-real time, allowing correctional care providers to deliver accurate care and reducing the risk of duplicate orders.

Key functionalities include:

  • Offender intake process
  • Infirmary documentation
  • Chronic care management
  • Sick call and clinic workflow
  • Pill line and keep-on-person medication administration

We recognize the importance of a holistic approach to health care delivery. Mental health has been a significant and often undervalued problem facing our national, state and local health care systems. To support the needs of care providers and meet the changing demands of today’s health care delivery environment, we have developed a fully integrated electronic medical record for organizations providing care for mental health, disability services and substance use disorders.

Department of Medicaid: In January 2016, Andy Slavitt, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) acting administrator, commented on CMS’ effort to attract new companies to invest in Medicaid information technology, stating that investment should be geared toward technologies that are modular, reusable and cloud based. CMS is seeking to create opportunities for new investors to disrupt the Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) market.

Traditionally, MES are based on highly customized legacy technology that is expensive to implement, operate and maintain, and do not communicate well with other systems. CMS offered to extend the enhanced federal match to the states that invest in a modern infrastructure for their MES. To receive enhanced funding, the states must follow CMS’ recipe that includes a checklist from the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) 3.0 framework.

  • Modularity Standard
  • MITA Condition
  • Industry Standards Condition
  • Leverage Condition
  • Business Results Condition
  • Reporting Condition
  • Interoperability Condition

Our solutions and services combine clinical, claims and nontraditional data in a platform that allows users to analyze information in near-real time. By exposing the insight in this data, Medicaid administrators and caregivers can proactively manage the well-being of the state-sponsored populations, communities and delivery networks.

Applications for Medicaid Enterprise Systems

  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Data analytics and data services
  • Longitudinal record viewer
  • Provider and managed care scorecards
  • Care management services

We understand that it is important to keep health care dollars in check while giving employees easy, accessible health care. That is why we work with state and local government employers to bend their health care cost trend, increase employees’ productivity and improve the overall health of employees and their families. We do this by providing on-site health centers, pharmacies and health and wellness management programs. Our health centers are designed to fit the needs of state health plans and their beneficiaries. Today, our wellness solutions are in use at more than 180 clients, including health providers and employers, commercial health plans and state employee benefit plans.

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Enabling federal health care administrators to easily analyze and monitor their operational performance and clinical quality and comply with oversight mandates.

Health Plan

Cerner offers system-agnostic population health management solutions that leverage our industry-leading platform, which aggregates and normalizes data from various sources.

Hosting & Monitoring

Our hosting services can improve the availability and performance of your solutions and help you meet your health care and business objectives.

Open & Interoperable

Breaking through organizational, vendor and geographic barriers to ensure health information flows freely between providers, no matter where care is given.

Patient Engagement

To aid organizations in empowering people, families and care teams to be active participants in their health and care, Cerner offers a robust member engagement solution that enables a person and their care team to be aligned, informed and educated on an ongoing basis.


What types of organizations do we serve at the state and local government level?

We serve organizations in public health, department of corrections, department of behavioral health, department of Medicaid, state and local employee health plans. Scroll up to see more information about each of these categories, along with key benefits.

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