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The Support Services Experience

We offer full-service Tier 1 through Tier 4 support, delivered in-house for a world class support experience. All Cerner clients receive Tier 3 and Tier 4 support with licensed software agreements, and have the option of purchasing our premier Tier 1 and Tier 2 support. Organizations with a full support suite notice improved issue resolution times, a better end user experience, and have more time to focus on projects to advance their organizational roadmap.

Cerner_Support Services value statement graphic

Tier 1 Support: Help Desk, Millennium Service Desk, and Consumer Care

Let us be the front door for your end user support. Our Tier 1, certified support services ensure advanced automation, operational efficiency, and increased process alignment for your organization.

Help Desk is the first level of support for the end users at your facility for all IT-related issues. Our Help Desk provides support for Cerner and non-Cerner systems and applications, and is staffed by internally trained associates.

Millennium Service Desk (Millennium Clinical Help Desk) is our warm transfer Millennium-focused Help Desk option available to you. With this option, your end users are connected in real time to a Millennium solution specialist that focuses on first contact resolution and 24-hour turnaround times.

Consumer Care is Cerner’s global support team who owns the end-to-end consumer support experience. Our Consumer Care organization consists of: Client Care which serves as the front door to client phone and web support, HealtheLife which provides patient support for the HealtheLife Portal, including areas such as scheduling, provider messaging and results, and Cerner Wellness which answers questions related to employer wellness programs and other initiatives via the Cerner Wellness portal.

Tier 2 Support: Application Management Services

Let us run your daily EHR maintenance operations. Our Tier 2 support provides deeper technical expertise that ensures your solutions run efficiently, allowing you the time and ability to focus on strategic projects and organizational initiatives.

Application Management Services (AMS) provides a proactive and personalized support experience, anticipating users’ needs and continuously advancing you towards achieving your goals. Our experienced associates provide world class support of Millennium and Soarian Solutions on a 24x7x365 basis. We partner with your IT personnel to streamline functions, troubleshoot and resolve issues, and implement changes as necessary. AMS clients express higher levels of productivity, faster system performance, and increased end user satisfaction.

Tier 3 and Tier 4 Support: SolutionWorks, Direct Care, and Cerner Engineering

All Cerner clients have access to Tier 3 and Tier 4 support through their licensed software agreements.

SolutionWorks is Cerner’s non-critical support team that provides incident management services for all clients. This team provides advanced troubleshooting for licensed software on production systems, and is available for difficult or complex issues.

Direct Care provides Tier 1-Tier 3 support for CareAware iBus clients.

Cerner Engineering is available for Tier 4 support, resolving issues of the highest complexity that require code changes.

Mission Critical

Cerner’s mission critical support team provides incident management services for all Cerner clients 24x7x365. This team focuses on reducing time to recovery, maximizing client uptime, and preventing incidents through surveillance of client systems and applications.

Why Support Services?

Black Book

We have maintained our #1 ranking in Black Book’s “EHR & HIT Tech Support Outsourcing Services” category for 5 years in a row, ranking #1 in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.


“For LHSC and St. Joseph’s, AMS continues to evolve as a key part of the services provided by Cerner in support of the health care services we provide to our patients. Their direct and continuous support for the day-to-day operational management of our Cerner solutions allows our team to focus more on end user needs. Our recent upgrade, with rolling up time is an example of the value provided to our hospitals. I don’t know how we would operate without it – All clients need to be moving to adopt AMS.”

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Network & Security

Our Security and Administration solutions let you track who is accessing patient information, and how it is being accessed.

IT Management & Alignment

Through Cerner ITWorks, we manage all aspects of your information technology (IT), including implementations, system management and clinical adoption.

Hosting & Monitoring

Our hosting services can improve the availability and performance of your solutions and help you meet your health care and business objectives.

Network Assurance

Our network assurance services help ensure your organization’s network is secure and reliable.

Technology Resale

Our Certification Program is to ensure new technology is compatible with the Cerner application environment, thereby helping minimize downtime and risks.

Wellness Consulting Services

Our wellness offerings provide you with all the tools necessary to inspire positive and sustainable behavioral change within your organization’s employees.