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Well-being Solutions & Services

Empower consumers in their health and well-being journey

As health care costs continue to rise, organizations managing the health of populations need innovative and engaging ways to empower individuals in their health, whether its employees, health plan members or patients. Our Cerner Consumer Well-being solution is designed to provide a personalized care experience by helping you know an individual’s health and well-being profile, deliver targeted learning resources and manage experiences along a person’s health journey.

We support a strategic approach to health and well-being by providing tools to design, implement and manage a well-being program. Consumer Well-being can be accessed by consumers on their device of choice, with a responsive and native mobile experience to help keep individuals engaged in at their convenience.

Empower members

To support well-being goals for the populations you serve, the solution enables members to:

  • Complete a well-being assessment to start off their journey
  • Choose from a library of learning modules, custom build a module or have a health coach assign learning content
  • Participate in individual or team-based challenges, and track activities such as steps, physical activity and hydration
  • Sign up for health and well-being events
  • Earn incentives as part of a point-based or completion-based incentive program
  • Receive recommended goals and activities base on their risk, and track progress against goals 

To provide a holistic picture of a person’s health, Cerner Consumer Well-being is powered by our data and insights platform HealtheIntent®, which connects data from multiple sources. Based off this comprehensive record, members receive a guided experience with recommended education aligned to their current health status, goals and personal interests

Cerner Consumer Well-being supports program administration with key features to help you execute your well-being programs. With our population health and well-being consulting services, our team can advise on strategy and help administer your solution.