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Women's Health

FetaLink+ provides a complete mobile view of live fetal and maternal monitoring


Our Women’s solutions collect pertinent information and integrate directly into the EHR.

We are dedicated to providing solutions from birth through menopause. With one consistent record, it allows the care team and providers to focus on what matters most – their patients.​ We are continuously innovating our solutions for Women and Children. Using feedback from current clients, industry experts and our own Cerner Clinicians to incorporate new functionality. The entire pregnancy is documented in one location with real-time display, recording, storage and retrieval of fetal and maternal monitor data. Providing consistent, up to date information available at the point of care.

Related Offerings

Maternity Specific EHR

Enables care providers to access up-to-the-minute clinical information for moms and babies. Using the unified Cerner Millennium® architecture, providers access an EMR that works in both the ambulatory and acute care settings.

Mobile Monitoring

Mobile viewing application for maternal and fetal monitoring data. Providing a graphical display of the relationship between fetal heart rates and contraction data.


Our integrated maternal and fetal monitoring system facilitates the flow of data from medical devices, to support display needs of clinicians both in an acute and outpatient setting. Incorporating fetal monitoring data directly into the EHR.


How will using an integrated women’s health solution benefit my organization?

This creates a Single Source of TruthTM across the maternity care continuum, providing the context clinicians need to make enhanced diagnostic and treatment decisions. In addition, this integration with the EMR allows your organization to standardize workflows to eliminate redundancy and reduce waste. Ultimately, assisting the care team by providing the most accurate clinical information, allowing them to make the best care decisions for their patients.