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Corporate Governance

  • Cerner Corporation is committed to responsible and responsive corporate governance.

    The Board of Directors at Cerner has the responsibility to oversee management for the benefit of its owners, the shareholders. Corporate governance is one of the most important ways the Board carries out those oversight duties. The Board and management recognize that the interests of shareholders are advanced by responsibly addressing the interests of shareholders, clients, associates, partners and suppliers.

    The Board is also committed to meeting all responsibilities of the Company’s business and affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics, and meeting the corporate governance requirements of both federal law and the NASDAQ market.

    Please review the following documents detailing our commitment to sound corporate governance:


    Cerner Ethics Hotline: Call 1-800-338-9086. If outside the U.S., you may be asked to enter a three digit country code to complete the call. In India, the Ethics Hotline number is 91 80 3078 1021.  Cerner’s Ethics Hotline is confidential, except as needed to conduct a full, fair investigation. You may remain anonymous if you choose, except where restricted by local law.  For example, the Ethics Hotline is not anonymous in France, Spain, or Brazil (in accordance with applicable local laws).  Due to local privacy laws in certain countries and the European Union, the Ethics Hotline may permit only specific types of calls, such as financial, accounting, auditing and bribery related offenses. In those countries, contact an HR Partner to report other issues.

    Political Spending