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Cerner Care FAQ

  • Please see the following frequently asked questions for Cerner Care accounts.

    Q. What is Cerner Care?

    A. As the number of ways to manage health continues to grow, Cerner is taking the first of several steps to create a structure that will simplify how you interact with our web-based applications. Cerner Care is a single sign on platform for most Cerner online applications and support websites for healthcare providers, healthcare IT professionals and partners. After setting up a Cerner Care account, you’ll be able to sign in once to access multiple web-based applications. You can log in using a single email address instead of having to manage multiple usernames and passwords for multiple applications. 

    Q. Where do I create a Cerner Care account?

    A. You can go to a number of different websites to begin your Cerner Care account creation such as the examples below.  When creating your Cerner Care account, it is highly recommended to only use your organization’s email domain for creation.

    Q. Which web-based applications can I access with my Cerner Care login?  

    A. You can access a number of Cerner applications such as the ones listed below.

      • uCern
      • eService
      • Lights On Network
      • Project Portal (formerly MethodM Online)
      • uLearn

    Q. I am having trouble logging into my Cerner Care account. What should I do?

    A. There is a Forgot Password option on the log in screen.  If you go through that process and are unable to successfully answer both of your security questions, you need to call Cerner Client Care at 1-866-221-8877, Option 6.  The team is available Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm CST to assist.

    Q. How do I get support help during off peak hours?

    A. The global numbers are listed below (including US).  Specifically for Cerner Care log in issues, if the Client Care team is not available, you may log a ticket via eService, selecting the option for “I have a Cerner business or relationship question” and choosing the Topic of eService.  The eService portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

      • United States / Canada: 1-866-221-8877 and choose option 6
      • Austria: 0800-999747
      • Australia: 1800-076-877
      • Belgium: 0800-48205
      • France: 0805632136
      • Germany: 0800-6737934
      • India: 866-355-0381
      • Ireland: 1800930460
      • Malaysia: 866-355-0383 or 1800-6162-228
      • Saudi Arabia: 866-550-7304
      • Singapore: 866-355-0384
      • Spain: 800300205
      • Switzerland: 0800-002337
      • United Arab Emirates: 80004449822
      • United Kingdom: 08082383110
      • Qatar: 00800001267

    Q. I still see a message on the left prompting me to create my new Cerner Care account. Do I need to create a new Cerner Care account each time I log in?

    A. No. Once you’ve created a Cerner Care account, simply use your email address and password to log in. You’ll continue to see the account creation reminder for a brief period of time, but you don’t need to create a new account each time.

    Q. What is a Cerner Web Security Officer and how do I sign up to become one?

    A. A Web Security Officer (WSO) is a designated person(s) at an organization who is responsible for controlling the level of access granted to the organization’s users. There may be multiple WSOs at a single organization and each one must sign a legal agreement to maintain the appropriate level of security in respect to their organization’s users and Cerner’s sensitive content and applications. If you would like to be a WSO for your organization, please visit to sign up.