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Global Careers

  • Cerner Corporation is integrating 21st century technology into health and care delivery around the world.

    Named the world’s 13th most innovative company by Forbes magazine, Cerner started by digitizing paper processes, and now offers an array of information software, professional services, medical device integration, remote hosting and employer health and wellness services.

    Health care costs are rising as the world changes around us. Aging populations, chronic health conditions, new technology and changing consumer expectations requires us to rethink how to deliver health care in all corners of the world. Cerner’s global operations are set to experience significant growth as our team continues to develop the technology that will help solve these key challenges in health care.

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  • Asia Pacific

    Today, our solutions are helping improve care delivery at more than 14,000 facilities around the world. With our unified architecture, Cerner can readily adapt to changes in technology.

    Cerner works closely with national, regional, state and community governments to determine solutions to very difficult challenges. As individual countries are stressed by spiraling health costs, they are working at all levels of health care to determine a solution. Cerner is currently collaborating with the State of New South Wales in Australia, the Ministry of Health in Malaysia as well as a number of private clients across Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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  • Canada

    With clients based in nine provinces, Cerner is on the front lines of health care transformation in Canada. Cerner supports more than 30 clients across more than 350 sites.

    Our clients include London Health Sciences Center, Vancouver Island Health Authority and Prince Edward Island. Cerner also supports North York General Hospital who achieved HIMSS level 6 in 2011 and is the only site in Canada designated as having a fully electronic process.

    In Canada, over 10,000 physicians and over 14,000 nurses use Cerner technology. Cerner was also designated as the #1 hospital inpatient EMR vendor for client satisfaction in the 2013 Black Book rankings

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  • Europe

    Cerner has offices located across Europe in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, and Romania. Across this region, our team is working to help meet the needs of clients in both the public and private sectors.

    The desire for enhanced process and quality improvement, population health and fully integrated technology solutions across hospitals in Europe provide Cerner and its European team the opportunity to help dramatically improve health care in this region.

    Cerner is leading the industry with two level 6 client sites in France and a level 6 client site in Spain in addition to working to help automate the UK's National Health Service Choose and Book operations. Cerner has worked in the European market since 1987.

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  • India

    Cerner India sits at the core of Cerner’s overall strategy. Cerner India-based operations are set to experience significant growth as Cerner continues to develop the technology that will solve key challenges in global health care.

    Cerner offices are located in Bangalore where associates across multiple business units help support our global operations, especially those in the eastern hemisphere. Cerner India hosts associates working in consulting, IP Development, and application and managed services. Cerner’s Bangalore Center also serves as a support resource for Cerner in Middle-east, Australia and UK offices.

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  • Latin America

    In Latin America, our team is working to help meet the needs of emerging markets across the region. A challenging regulatory environment and often inconsistent patient workflows in clinical settings provides Cerner the opportunity to help dramatically improve health care in this region.

    In 2012, Cerner worked alongside Santiago-based Clinica las Condes as they became the first hospital in Latin America to receive HIMSS Level 6 recognition--an important indicator of quality care delivery. Similar opportunities abound in locations across Latin America and Cerner is actively growing our presence in this region.

    Cerner is building a Latin American team committed to improving health care delivery in this region by partnering with clients to push the boundaries of what’s possible with health care and technology.

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  • Middle East

    Operating in the Middle East for more than 20 years, Cerner Middle East has a proven track record in the region. We work regularly with more than 190 client facilities that range from large government hospital networks to small health clinics across.

    With a history of consistent growth and proven commitment to the Middle East, Cerner is currently the leading health care information technology provider. Most Middle East countries have named health care as a top priority with a focus on a nation-wide health care information system to provide one single standard of care. Cerner Millennium® solutions can be found in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar, putting Cerner Middle East on the front lines of health care transformation.

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