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Academy Business and Consulting

  • Cerner is transforming health care by developing tools and technologies that make it easier and more efficient for care providers and patients to navigate the complexity of our health. Two primary opportunities — Business or Consultant roles — are available to recent graduates with education or experience in business, health care, engineering and more. Explore this page to learn about which opportunities may fit you. 

  • Academy Consultant

    Academy Consultants often serve as the face of Cerner to clients. They communicate, collaborate and work to design and customize clients’ new or updated computer systems. Academy Consultants participate in training that helps them become subject matter experts supporting specific Cerner software services for a variety of health organizations in communities worldwide.

    A typical day for an Academy Consultant frequently includes client communication and support. Academy Consultants work alongside clients to maintain, build or implement their electronic systems. Conference calls, team meetings, project updates and client training sessions are a few things that help fill up the calendars of Cerner consultants.

    Some consulting opportunities involve travel, some don’t. Our team of recruiters will help you determine the best fit for you.

    The Academy Consultant role is often a fit for individuals who are excited about direct client interaction. Successful Academy Consultants want to work at the intersection of health care and technology by helping to integrate Cerner solutions into organizations around the world.

  • Academy Business Specialist

    Academy Business Specialists help develop the big picture for Cerner business. They analyze and anticipate business needs, identify problems, define objectives and help management set strategic goals. A day-in-the-life of an Academy Business Specialist frequently includes working alongside Cerner teams to understand and enhance organizational goals and metrics.

    Your end goal is to provide your team with the tools it needs to make the best business decisions. Today, Cerner Academy Business Specialists work in accounting, finance, consulting, human resources, marketing, sales and many other areas.

    The Academy Business Specialist role is often a fit for individuals with business backgrounds who are energized by understanding a wide variety of business practices. They want to work with teams to achieve organizational benchmarks and metrics, often through forecasting, analysis, workflow measurement and more.

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