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Early Career

  • It’s no secret we value the skillset of individuals who understand and can navigate the complexity of our health care systems.

    If your educational background is in a health care-related field such as biology, chemistry or health care administration, consider our Cerner Academy consultant role.

    Roles are also available to those interested in nursing, pharmacy, medical coding and billing or other similar roles. Read on to learn more.

  • Patient-centered care: Different by design

    Cerner believes transformational change in health care is possible when individuals, employers and providers align. From on-site health centers and pharmacies to health and wellness management programs, Cerner works with employers to lower health care costs, increase productivity and improve the overall health of employees and their families.

    Central to this mission are the clinicians who help deliver care in Cerner health clinics nationwide. As part of this care team, you help build a medical home and culture of health in your community. Nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), medical assistants, phlebotomists and others work on the front line of this new model of care.

    Explore our health clinic openings, and bring your clinical experience to Cerner.

  • Revolutionizing health care business and finance

    Transforming health care requires us to think beyond the clinical setting. From registration to billing to collections, revolutionizing how health and care is paid for is core to Cerner’s mission.

    If you’re interested in a career improving health care financial operations, consider our medical coding and billing opportunities. Medical coders and billers continue to be in high demand across the health care industry. Often viewed as a first step to a career in medical office management, this role is suited for those who want to ensure that business doesn’t get in the way of quality patient care.

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