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Academy Software and System Engineer

  • Cerner is developing tools and technologies that make it easier and more efficient to navigate the complexity of our health.

    Two primary opportunities—our Academy software and Academy system roles--are available to recent graduates with education or experience in engineering and/or technology.

    Cerner's Academy program for engineers includes project work that helps match your skillset to your new Cerner role, as well as training academies that help you learn our technologies.

  • Academy Software

    Academy software engineers help create industry-leading technology that impacts patient care and/or Cerner business around the world. They understand user needs, provide input to design, develop applications, write automated tests and troubleshoot issues across our technology solutions.

    Common languages used by Cerner software engineers include Java, Ruby, C++, C#, Objective-C and Python while leveraging technologies such as Hadoop, Rails, iOS, Android, Eclipse RCP, Chef, Github, Maven and Splunk.

    As an Academy software engineer, your day frequently involves a blend of team collaboration and independent work time. You might start your day in a scrum meeting discussing how your code is contributing to the team’s common goal. You also spend time thinking about the end-user and leveraging their story to inform your design, development and testing strategy. When you’re not coding or collaborating, there’s always a chance to catch a Lightning Talk to highlight your work or to hear what other engineers are working on.

    Starting your career as a Cerner software engineer gives you the opportunity to work with talented professionals inside and outside of Cerner. From Hack Nights to Meetups to industry conferences and networking events, Cerner offers the chance to learn, network and gain additional exposure to the endless possibilities this career offers.

  • Academy System

    Academy system engineers create and support the vast infrastructure through which all of Cerner technology runs. They design, install, implement and manage technology that protects health and financial information for organization's around the world.

    As an Academy system engineer, you frequently work with internal and external teams to understand user needs, requirements and processes. Your goal is to deliver a product that has been built for optimal performance and end-user satisfaction. Your day involves a lot of communication, collaboration and critical thinking about how to deliver a world-class product to Cerner associates and clients around the globe.

    “I touch every aspect of what Cerner does. Cross-platform, cross-network, cross-database, everything. It feels really good to be the person who takes that need and either gets the right resource engaged or gets it fixed.”

    --Jennifer, Cerner system engineer

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