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High School Programs

  • By 2018, 1.4 million “computing” jobs will be available in the U.S., but it's estimated only 400,000 graduates will have the appropriate degrees for those jobs.

    Cerner invests in the education of tomorrow’s leaders. We believe in real-world student learning that prepares them for the dynamic and always-changing 21st century workforce.

    Discover how Cerner supports 21st century student-learning Cerner

  • Cerner Scholars: Putting learning into practice

    The Cerner Scholars program is an applied learning experience available to area high school students. Students work alongside Cerner professionals at one of our Kansas City office locations.

    Beyond developing students’ critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, the Cerner Scholars Program exposes students to a wide variety of careers available in the fast-growing industries of information technology and health care.

  • Noah, Raymore-Peculiar High School, Class of 2014

    “I am continuing to develop a deeper understanding of programming and how the solutions my team designs affects Cerner and health care as a whole.”

  • Sarah, Liberty High School, Class of 2014

    “I get excited to come to Cerner every day, knowing that I’m contributing to a real-world workplace and a part of a smart, amazing team that helps me excel in everything I do.”

  • Northland CAPS: Connecting students to professional and innovative learning opportunities

    In Fall 2013, the inaugural class of the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Computing and Technology strand showed up for their first day of class…at Cerner! Leveraging the success of our partner, Blue Valley CAPS, Cerner and other local companies are partnering with six school districts in Kansas City’s Northland to provide junior and senior high school students with relevant, hands-on, industry-driven learning outside the traditional classroom. Cerner hosts the Computing and Technology class at our offices, where students can engage in real project work supporting several area businesses.

    Learn how you can participate in Northland CAPS Cerner