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Talent Development

  • 21st Century Workforce Challenges

    Like many other companies in the United States, Cerner faces a critical shortage in talent needed to stay competitive in the global market. There are not enough qualified job candidates to fill our jobs. Here are a few key challenges we’ve seen affecting our future talent pipeline.

    • Our world and its needs change fast, yet the way we educate students is remarkably unchanged.
    • Employability skills are extremely important in the workforce. College readiness alone will not equip our future workforce.
    • Despite their best efforts, many educators lack the opportunity to gain industry experience needed to connect students to the relevance of their education.
    • The world of work includes a significant amount of team-based projects with loosely defined guidelines spanning multiple disciplines — students rarely have the opportunity to work that way.

    Cerner needs a blended team of problem-solvers, innovators, technologists, creative minds, critical thinkers and professionals who can understand today’s challenge and deliver solutions. Students who are best prepared for Cerner opportunities:

    • Are eager to learn from others
    • Can navigate complex problems with little information or guidance
    • Know how to sort, learn, analyze and create information to produce an outcome
    • Can collaborate and communicate professionally with others
    • Have an interest in the ever-changing world of computing and technology and display smart use of 21st century tools such as the internet and office productivity software

    The need for innovation in education is clear. To close this gap between those teaching and hiring our future workforce, Cerner is working to better connect education and industry. We invest with partners willing to innovate and take risks to ensure students develop the skills needed for both college and future employment.

    Explore the programs and partnerships that represent Cerner’s commitment to 21st century learning.