Cerner to Standardize Health Care for NBA Players

November 14, 2012

Cerner to Standardize Health Care for NBA Players with

Easy-to-Use and Automated System “Healtheathlete”

New System to be Used by All NBA Teams and Available to All NBA Players

KANSAS CITY, Mo. and NEW YORK — Nov. 14, 2012 — Cerner Corporation (Nasdaq: CERN) is working with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to improve health care for NBA players by providing an easy-to-use, automated health care management system.

HealtheAthlete, a secure electronic platform, will enhance the standard of medical record keeping for all NBA athletes. For the first time, all 30 NBA teams will be connected in an integrated platform to manage the health of their athletes on and off the court.

“The NBA’s determination to provide quality care for its players is demonstrated by its commitment to utilize a unified health platform to address the health concerns affecting these athletes,” said Jason Wander, director of HealtheAthlete. “Together, Cerner and the NBA are compiling a complete picture of the health of NBA athletes to create a seamless experience for providers, which will enhance the overall long-term medical care of NBA players.”

The new platform will allow trainers and doctors to integrate care-related information, such as medications, notes, labs, specialist visits, X-rays, and MRIs, directly into the athlete’s medical record and associated athlete personal health record. Other benefits include:

  • Optimized workflow – Provides each athlete with a lifelong record of care to manage their health.
  • Enhanced communication – Ensures that medical personnel have seamless access to the best health information to enhance the care the athlete receives.
  • Maximized results – Creates a reporting system that is organization-wide, real-time and standardized, allowing the NBA to implement measures to address medical trends in the league.

“Cerner’s HealtheAthlete is an innovative approach to high-performance health care,” said NBA Physician, Jace Provo, MD.  “Providing more standard health care with an automated and unified management system will benefit all of our players and teams.”

The HealtheAthlete platform combines health care management, personal health records, and advanced reporting capabilities built specifically to manage the health of elite athletes. The platform digitizes current sports medicine processes for professional and amateur sports organizations.

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