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  • Collaboration to Spur Innovation

    In 2009, we launched a platform, called uCern, to allow our clients, business partners and associcates to collaborate and share information. Today, the uCern suite of applications provides our clients and business partners with a variety of technologies to impact how they interact with Cerner and each other. The applications include:

    • uCern Connect – uses social business technology to allow members to form communities based on professional role, Cerner solutions and special interests. Within uCern Connect, you can create and share documents, discussions, polls, blog posts and videos.
    • uCern Wiki – supports knowledge sharing with collaboration on reference material and help information for Cerner solutions, process documents and other types of knowledge. For controlled documents, the uCern Wiki offers an approval workflow so changes and edits to controlled documents must go through an approval process.
    • uCern Organizations – aggregates data from several Cerner sources and presents it in an easy-to-use format. uCern Organizations allows clients to find other Cerner clients “like them” based on a number of criteria including facility type, bed size and solutions. uCern Organizations also allows you to quickly locate other uCern members in similar roles at other Cerner clients.
    • uCern Search – allows you to quickly find relevant content within uCern or Solution Support. With hundreds of thousands of pieces of content within uCern, uCern Search lets you quickly get to the appropriate groups or information.

    Who can access uCern?

    Our clients, approved business partners and associates may access uCern Connect, uCern Wiki and uCern Search. Only signed clients and associates have access to uCern Organizations.

    If you are a Cerner client and want to learn more about uCern, or get a uCern account, please contact us.