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Advocate Health Care PowerChart Touch

  • Physicians at Advocate Health Care cut costs, save time by documenting from an iPhone & iPad

    At Advocate Health Care, mobile technology is changing the way physicians practice medicine. The largest health system in Illinois now has over 1200 providers using PowerChart Touch™, Cerner’s mobile application that enables physicians to view charts, place orders and document notes from an iPhone or iPad.

    “Our physicians love the ability to view patient information without looking for a desktop computer,” said Vice President of Clinical Information Anupam Goel, MD. “Our more savvy users are dictating their notes directly into the phone to complete their documentation in real-time instead of after they are done rounding.”

    As one of the largest non-profit health systems in the country, Advocate is always looking for ways to improve the patient’s experience.  Goel says PowerChart Touch allows physicians to record each patient’s visit as it is occurring without having the doctor look for a desktop computer and go through the login process after each patient encounter. This simultaneously increases the accuracy of information and gives providers the chance to better connect with patients during the visit.

    “It’s important to understand how technology can help patients and providers think differently about how care is delivered,” said Goel. “PowerChart Touch enables physicians to do their work in a way that is more meaningful for patients and other members of the healthcare team without taking more time,” said Goel.

    In addition to improving physician workflow, PowerChart Touch has also helped the organization save millions of dollars in transcription costs.

    “Advocate spent $5.5 million dollars on transcriptions in 2014,” said Goel. “Within six months of implementing PowerChart Touch and renegotiating our transcription price per line, we cut our transcription costs by 33 percent and saved about $7.2 million to date. As of Aug 1, 2016, Advocate is on track to reduce its annual transcription spend to $1.69 million.”

    With a Wi-Fi connection and an Apple mobile device, physicians can work anywhere, anytime. Physicians log in with a 4-digit PIN, which Goel says is much faster than typing in a username and password. The documentation entered into PowerChart Touch flows directly to the patient’s electronic health record and is immediately available to other members of the healthcare team.

    Looking ahead, Goel is excited to realize the full potential of PowerChart Touch.

    “I think the small investments we made in PowerChart Touch will be a launching pad for us to do other initiatives in the future,” Goel said. “including pushing physicians for higher CPOE targets and completing discharge summaries before patients leave the hospital.”

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