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  • Our wellness offering is designed to be uniquely yours, and provides you with all the tools necessary to inspire positive and sustainable behavioral change.

    Creating a culture of health

    With preventable health conditions rising to epidemic levels in the US, smart employers are looking for fresh ways to engage their population to increase and encourage healthy behaviors and reduce unnecessary costs.

    Better health makes us better at everything. However, the steps to good health look different for each person, company and community. That’s why we created a wellness solution that centers on the unique needs and goals of your organization.

    Your next generation worksite wellness solution

    Cerner Wellness provides a customizable, turnkey solution for designing, implementing and managing your wellness program.

    Our proprietary process helps you understand your population, personally engage each individual and manage outcomes for improved health. We take a prescriptive, yet flexible approach to population stratification, user engagement, behavior modification and business analytics.

    The Cerner Wellness advantage

    The online Health Portal leverages cutting-edge web and mobile technology to allow organizations to drive programming that is personalized, meaningful and actionable. Coupled with our comprehensive suite of services, you have full access to the clinical and technical expertise to deliver a best-in-class wellness program. From health coaching and biometric screenings, to strategic planning and program optimization, our experts can help you create a healthier, happier environment.

    With Cerner Wellness, your organization can:

    • Easily leverage your brand, expertise and existing resources to deliver an enhanced wellness experience
    • Automate the delivery, administration and management of your wellness program and engagement strategies
    • Empower individuals with a personalized user experience based on their specific health profiles

    “We looked at a lot of different vendors, and Cerner’s offering was by far the best. It’s more comprehensive than any other solution that we’ve seen in the market. The ability to do so many things within one portal is amazing - from online health assessments to challenge administration to countless user engagement tools. Most companies need to use multiple vendors to accomplish this level of functionality. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”

    --Randy Trejo, Senior HR Specialist, Helen of Troy

    Proven results

    Our solution has impacted over 6 million lives – including our own employee population. When employees take responsibility for their health and wellness, the benefits are realized organization-wide. Our Healthe Living Program is living proof.

    Our own results prove that those who actively participate in their health decisions and consistently track their progress achieve goals and reap benefits much quicker.

    • 75 percent of our own population improved or maintained their health over a five-year period
    • Costs are down by 33 percent for those who participated in our wellness program