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Chart Search

  • Chart Search immediately makes your Cerner EMR smarter, safer and easier to use.

    Chart Search enables clinicians to perform structured, medical concept searches of unstructured patient charts. Clinicians can search using either industry standard terms or free text across all documents and discrete results such as labs and vital signs in an individual patient’s chart.

    Chart Search improves productivity by limiting the amount of time needed to search a patient’s medical record. Clinicians can semantically and securely search a patient’s EMR by author, location, medication, document type or name, which reduces errors and improves patient safety.

    Key Benefits of Cerner Chart Search

    • Improve patient safety by avoiding errors caused by lack of awareness of data, as well as searching textual documents for adverse reactions
    • Increase provider productivity by quickly finding key data, with fewer misses; and find clinical facts in unstructured text documents
    • Reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary repeat tests and procedures
    • Improve patient satisfaction by avoiding unnecessary repeat testing
  • Smart Ranking searches relevant documents first using semantic patient chart search
    Document titles and snippets provide quick view of patient's EMR results
    Semantic Chart Search searches a patient's EMR instantly and securely
    Document Viewer highlights the Chart Search hits
    Facets allow refinement of semantic search results by author, location, medication, document type or name with a patient's medical record
    Easily accessible and integrated into clinical workflows via a MPage