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Cerner Network

  • We believe that no one should be disconnected from the information that could save their life, whether at home or 1,000 miles away.

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    Exchange Health Information with the Cerner Network

    True aggregated health records are key to delivering streamlined care, and fundamental to managing the health of a population.

    However, care venues are operating on hundreds of available EHR systems—meaning they speak different languages. For instance, when a hospital’s EHR system doesn’t communicate with the physician’s office EHR system, the continuum of care is disrupted.

    Cerner Network builds the foundation that allows your organization to provide uninterrupted care. Regardless of your organization’s EHR system, or that of organizations in your network, you can share health information securely through a variety of Cerner Network health information exchange (HIE) solutions.

    • Entire health enterprises can access and contribute to a longitudinal patient EHR
    • Hospitals can electronically deliver data to pharmacies and labs
    • Physicians can send secure emails and manage referrals electronically