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Cerner Health Wins

  • Living and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can be difficult for many people. Cerner Health Wins enables sponsors to create health competitions that help motivate and encourage people to engage in healthy living.

    This website lets your organization create your own weight-loss and steps competitions where participants can track their progress and the progress of others using a real-time leader board. Cerner Health Wins provides a friendly, health-oriented atmosphere that lets participants tap into the enthusiasm, success and motivation of a community.

    Cerner Health Wins subscription Includes:

    • Online weight-loss competition
    • Cerner Health Personal Health Record for all participants
    • Technical, implementation and set-up support for website
    • Template marketing materials
    • Playbook with best practices

    Key Benefits of Cerner Health Wins

    • Quickly realize benefits by starting weight-loss and steps competition easily
    • Improve long-term participant health with access to personal health record
    • Increase morale among participants through website that gives visibility to individual and team goals

    Cerner’s Story

    We first created Cerner Health Wins for our own associates. In 2010, our executives issued a weight-loss challenge to our thousands of associates. To manage the competition and engage associates, we came up with an online application to let participants track their progress and connect their results to their personal health record.

    “When they presented the challenge to us I contacted a friend of mine. I’m like ‘this is exactly what we need to do.’ It’s so easy for me to not be accountable to myself, but put me in a group of people and I know that the other people are relying on me, for me, worked…in my eyes I’ve made lifestyle changes and I don’t see an end, I see continued growth.”

    --Nancy Shields, R.N.,
    Cerner associate who decreased body weight by 24 percent during Cerner’s Slimdown Challenge

  • Ability to create and manage public and private competitions
    Integration with Cerner Health personal health record
    Connectivity with devices, including Withings scales and Fitbit pedometers