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Ambulatory EHR

  • Cerner Ambulatory delivers integrated clinical and  financial solutions

    Cerner Ambulatory supports more than 55 specialties by delivering integrated clinical and financial solutions and services for physician practices of all sizes.

    Ambulatory EHR
    Cerner's PowerChart  Ambulatory EHR ensures the right clinicians have the right information at the right time and place to make the best possible decisions. We believe that with information technology and coordination, health care becomes safer, more effective and available to communities worldwide.


    Continuous innovation
    Innovation is about being on the cutting edge. Cerner Ambulatory meets all the minimum requirements of an EHR and is an industry leader in key strategies that will advance you in the community. 

    Part of the physician's natural workflow 
    Physicians are at the center of health care’s transformation and are expected to consume more clinical information, deal with dynamic reimbursement policies, and increase efficiency all at the same time. That’s why Cerner’s Ambulatory solutions and services are part of the physician’s natural workflow.

    Chart search
    *Find documents that are most relevant to a word, phrase or clinical concept

    Dynamic documentation
    *Document as a byproduct of care and physician's cognitive process.

    Preventive care advisor
    *Identify eligible Medicare patients and schedule annual wellness exams for increased ROI.

    Population health
    *Aggregate health data across the continuum of care with registry functionality and scorecards.

    Dynamic worklist
    *Identify subsets of patients and act upon findings.

    Cerner direct
    *Exchange clinical information with secure email.

    Cerner resonance
    *Query and retrieve clinical information from connected communities.

    Natural language processing (Discern nCode)
    *Code correctly every time with a natural language processor that reads through your note, including dictation and free text within documentation.

    Our open architecture; mobility 
    *Support several types of mobile technologies based on workflow.

    PowerChart Touch and Nuance technologies 
    *Perform workflows from the iPad with voice dictation embedded into the solution.

    Third party content such as SMART and FHIR
    *Increase compliance with clinical standards and improve care quality and outcomes with smart evidence embedded within the EHR.

    One solution, multiple delivery options
    Many EHR suppliers leverage third parties for hosting, but few are industry leaders. Cerner has earned Best in KLAS for Application Hosting six years in a row.

    When we host your solutions, your practice doesn't have to add technical staff. Upgrades and updates are automatic. The Application Service Provider (ASP) model provides all maintenance, upgrades, support and training for your solutions and ensures data back-up in the case of natural or other unforeseen disasters.

    Remote-hosting is an option for larger practices that want Cerner to manage their systems but have their data stored in a separate, proprietary technical environment. Client-hosting is also available for practices that want to manage the system themselves.

    What our clients are saying

    "PowerChart Ambulatory is user friendly. That is the biggest thing. It is also easy to learn. When I have seen specialists or other physicians and they have asked me what we use and have told me what they have, several of them have made the comment that they wish they had gone with PowerChart Ambulatory. It must have a good reputation."

    -Anonymous Comment, 2014 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report

    "I'm not at all surprised that PowerChart won the award. I really like the product. It's a different approach to the documentation of healthcare. It's head and shoulders above the other electronic health records out there."

    -Michael Salesin, MD, Walnut Lake OB/GYN

    "We have seen significant benefits of having an integrated system between inpatient and ambulatory settings."

    -Stephen Stair, MD, UAB Medicine

    "Our system and views are specialized to us, the endocrinologists, and we can customize our view and make future changes more easily."

    -Philip R. Lapp, MD, Rutland Regional Medical Center

    "2014 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services," January, 2015. © 2015 KLAS Enterprises"~

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