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Cerner Community Behavioral Health

  • Designed with you, the provider, in mind, Cerner Community Behavioral Health offers the industry’s first behavioral health solution to integrate across the entire health care continuum.

    With close coordination and efficient communication, providers can stay connected to other providers, their patients and their community. As a result, patients and their care providers experience a smoother, seamless transition of care between inpatient and outpatient venues.

    With an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), clinical, operational and financial information can be accessed across all venues in real time, creating a more efficient care delivery process. Cerner’s Community Behavioral Health Solution is a single-source, tightly integrated EHR system which delivers full clinical, registration/scheduling, reporting and revenue management capabilities.

    Cerner’s Revenue Management Solution is the backbone of the Community Behavioral Health EHR. Clinicians can focus on patient care instead of complex reimbursement needs with Cerner’s proprietary Billing Algorithm, which automates the revenue management process to meet federal and state-specific needs.

    Our Scheduling System provides automated scheduling not only for clients but for clinicians, rooms, equipment and even transportation. The scheduling system integrates seamlessly with the clinical and revenue management systems within the Community Behavioral Health EHR.

    The clinical suite in the Community Behavioral Health EHR includes the Clinician’s Homepage, Doctor HomePage, and the Assessment and Treatment Planning Systems. Upon logging in each day, clinicians have access to their individually customized HomePage to quickly review and audit a caseload in seconds.

    The Doctor HomePage is designed to improve your organization’s productivity, revenue and quality of care by giving doctor’s the ability to review and enter clinical data and engage in e-prescribing. The Assessment and Treatment Plan Systems fully automates the clinical process, making it easy for you to suggest and initiate treatment options.

    Cerner’s integrated Reporting Solution allows users to define criteria and generate management reports immediately without needing support from IT staff. The reporting system includes a comprehensive library of reports and the flexibility to connect with other third-party reporting tools.

    Integrating Behavioral Health Venues of Care with Millennium

    Cerner is working toward full integration of our community behavioral health solution with the Cerner Millennium platform to truly achieve seamless clinical information sharing and transitions of care for all providers. This development will help facilitate the integration of behavioral health into the larger health care system by connecting providers across the continuum of care, while maintaining compliance with federal and state confidentiality and privacy regulations.

    ONC HIT certification logo

    Cerner Community Behavioral Health 2.0 achieved ONC HIT 2014 edition modular ambulatory EHR certification from ICSA Labs in Kansas City, Missouri on June 6, 2014.