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Clinical Exchange Platform

  • Discover valuable and robust health data.

    Critical patient health data is generated across the nation every microsecond through the use of many sources, such as electronic medical records, personal health records, and imaging stations.

    When data is exchanged appropriately it can improve care outcomes, prevent duplicate testing, reduce drug interactions and prevent fraud. But, to most effectively treat your patient you need to access their health data prior a check up or visit.

    The Cerner Network provides you the ability to query patient data from an interconnected health network that pulls data from external sources in real-time, making it easy to securely exchange information with health care providers in your local community and statewide.

    Imagine the caliber of care you can provide your patients with access to rich data made available from enterprise health records, other acute and ambulatory care facilities, public and private health information exchanges and immunization registries.

    The Clinical Exchange Platform

    The Clinical Exchange Platform is an offering that focuses on the secure exchange of critical patient summaries within the clinician’s workflow. The solution leverages a suite of open source solutions brought together by proprietary intellectual properties creating a low cost IHE standards-based exchange. This solution is delivered in three separate components: Clinical Exchange Portal, Hospital Connection or Ambulatory Connection, and Platform Utilization.

    Functional Highlights

    • Create longitudinal patient records within your enterprise
    • Query data on-demand from other care organizations
    • Centrally manage distribution and consent

    Benefits of Clinical Exchange Platform

    • Improve quality and coordination of patient care
    • Streamline access to patient histories and discharge summaries
    • Connect community-wide, statewide, or regionally