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Cerner Hub and HealthDock™

  • Seamlessly send and receive health data, such as radiology and lab orders, results, and continuity of care documents with organizations that may or may not have an EHR in place.

    Enterprise Data Exchange

    The Cerner HealthDock™ is a state-of-the-art edge-server that enables real-time data transfer between care providers. The HealthDock is designed for all physician practices – from large, multi-specialty clinics with hundreds of doctors to the single physician practice. The easy to deploy appliance allows the physician to maintain patient data control directly from their computer.

    The Cerner Hub is a behind-the-scenes, bi-directional framework that retrieves clinical data from other care venues. The Cerner Hub acts as a centralized router and monitoring agent across each connected EHR. This allows other systems to communicate with one system, but transparently harness all of the data within a community of HealthDock edge servers.

    Together, these solutions work within the existing IT environment to exchange radiology and lab orders, results, continuity of care documents, immunizations and image pointers through standards compliant (HL7) messaging.

    Functional Highlights

    • Send lab orders, results, clinical documents and image pointers
    • Access clinical information on-demand
    • Contribute health information to state immunization registries
    • Send admit and discharge notifications to primary care providers

    Benefits of Cerner Hub and HealthDock

    • Complete auditing and delivery guarantees
    • Increase laboratory and radiology revenue stream
    • Clinical data delivered into the appropriate patient chart
    • MPI feature reduces result errors due to patient mismatch