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  • Members want additional points of contact with their health care providers and easier access to their health information. They are also going online to manage their health.

    We created HealtheLife to more easily connect providers with patients, and to meet consumers’ growing expectations for health services.

    HealtheLife enables provider organizations to improve communication and enhance patient care. This solution has multiple patient access services designed to improve communication with patients and ease administrative processes.

    Using HealtheLife, providers can:

    • Send appointment reminders
    • Provide new patient registration forms
    • Share lab results and EMR data
    • Conduct an eVisit
    • Send attachments (such as a document or image)

    Members use HealtheLife to:

    • Securely message with their care team
    • Fill prescriptions
    • Update demographic information
    • Request, reschedule, or cancel appointments or directly book appointments within Cerner Millennium Appointment Book
    • View their medical fees online and quickly make a payment
    • View of their clinical information from their Cerner Millennium EMR and educational material
    • View and download a Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
  • Multiple patient access services: online scheduling, appointment reminders, refill requests
    Connectivity with patients via secure messaging
    Ability to show patients a view of their EMR data and view and download a CCD