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About Our Company

  • Be a part of something that matters. Something that affects every single person, every single day — people’s health and the care they receive.

    Cerner is a leading health care technology company committed to making health care safer and more efficient across the globe.

    Building on more than 30 years of experience, Cerner technology solutions are licensed by more than 18,000 facilities worldwide.

  • At Cerner, we’re building upon our foundation of the smartest, most comprehensive solutions for the health care industry.

    We are creating a future where the health system works to improve the well-being of individual people — and entire populations. Our associates design leading-edge technology that empowers organizations to know, manage and engage their population. Together, we work for today and think for tomorrow.

    Our commitment to a world of better health and care is more than a vision, it is our reality. Cerner associates and their families use our applications every day, so we can be confident in delivering the most effective innovations. Health care is too important to stay the same – let’s accomplish great change, together.

  • Why? Because it’s personal

    “I feel empowered to change an industry that will, at many points in my life, become very important to me,”

    -– Nate, Cerner director, Employer Services.

    How does Cerner help?

    Catholic Health East (CHE) Trinity Health saved more than 500 lives by detecting and treating sepsis, a life-threatening blood condition, with our predictive algorithms.

    Long-term care facilities at Norman Regional Health System (Oklahoma) reduced their emergency department visits by 70% with Cerner’s long-term care solutions.

    Truman Medical Centers, a local health system, reduced hospital-acquired VTE’s (venous thromboembolism) by 59% and VTE related readmissions by 96% with our solutions.