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by Cerner Corporation
Published on March 1, 2018

We are just days away from HIMSS18. To stay up to date on the latest discussions in health IT (HIT), we have compiled a list of the 12 Twitter accounts you should be following. From industry organizations to veterans in health care, the accounts on this list will offer a deeper look into the action.

For more information on the conference, subscribe to the official HIMSS18 Social Media Ambassador Twitter List, join the conversation using #HIMSS18 and turn on your tweet notifications for these accounts so you don't miss out!


The first account on our list takes you straight to the source. HIMSS will have thorough coverage of the presentations and sessions that matter most to HIT professionals everywhere. Follow the official HIMSS Twitter account for an in-depth look into one of health care’s most important conferences.

2. Cerner Corporation - @Cerner 

As a global leader in health care technology, Cerner’s Twitter feed will take a deep dive into HIMSS – including updates on keynotes and presentations, as well as live looks into The Cerner Podcast’s recording studio. From insights into the topics that matter most to unique viewpoints straight from the mouths of industry leaders, consider this feed your one-stop shop for industry insights.

3. Brent Shafer, Chairman and CEO, Cerner - @BrentShaferCEO

Cerner’s newly appointed CEO boasts more than three decades in the health care industry. Look to his feed for insights on opportunities for growth and improvements in health care, with a special consideration for how to drive value for consumers of health care.

4. Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - @SecShulkin 

As the ninth secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Honorable Dr. David J. Shulkin has been named one of the “50 Most Influential Physician Executives in the Country” by Modern Healthcare. Shulkin will be presenting the final keynote of HIMSS18, where he will discuss the need for effective and innovative medical care for veterans.

5. David Chou, Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer, Children’s Mercy - @dchou1107 

David Chou has a tremendous understanding of the business of health and care – and he has a sizeable Twitter following to match. Chou’s awareness of innovative technologies is matched only by his ability to convey his thoughts in concise, astute tweets. 

6. Zane Burke, President, Cerner - @zanemburke

As the president of Cerner, Zane Burke touches on some of the most pressing topics in HIT. From interoperability and personal health records to social determinants of health and the opioid crisis, expect unique insights from him throughout HIMSS.

7. Melissa Hendricks, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Cerner - @mkhendricks

As the vice president of Marketing and Communications, Melissa Hendricks’ distinctive perspective looks at HIT through the lens of a brand marketer, with a particular focus on how to provide value to the health care consumer. 

8. Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, Director, Defense Health Agency - @DHADirector 

Military and veteran health will be a big topic at HIMSS18, which makes Vice Admiral Raquel Bono a must-follow. She leads a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency and will deliver one of the conference’s keynotes, where she is expected to discuss advancements in military health and innovation in data delivery and care coordination.

9. John Gresham, Vice President, DeviceWorks & Interoperability, Cerner - @John_Gresham

Although John Gresham is one of the industry’s leading voices in interoperability, his comprehension of the future of health care moves well beyond open and interoperable systems. Expect thoughts from him on some of the most exciting and innovative areas of health, including connected devices and mobile tech.



10. CommonWell Health Alliance - @CommonWell

CommonWell Health Alliance is committed to working toward interoperability in health care, which will make this account a notable social influencer at HIMSS18. 



11. Dick Flanigan, Senior Vice President, ITWorks, Cerner - @dickflaniganKS

As a leader and collaborator, Dick Flanigan and the rest of the Cerner ITWorks team work to deliver solutions that help health care providers across the globe achieve their clinical and financial goals. 

12. Meg Marshall, Senior Director & Government Strategist, Cerner - @MegMarshallHIT

As one of the industry’s leading voices in HIT regulatory policy, Meg Marshall is known for providing invaluable context into the news from Capitol Hill and its impact on health care.


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