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by Cerner Corporation
Published on March 12, 2018

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we would like to applaud the efforts of some leading female voices in the health IT (HIT) industry at Cerner and beyond. From C-suite executives to industry thought leaders, these nine women are working to continuously advanced the conversation around health care and technology.


1. Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, Director, Defense Health Agency - @DHADirector

As the director of the Defense Health Agency (DHA), Vice Admiral Raquel Bono leads a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency that drives advancements in military health and innovation in data delivery and care coordination. Under Vice Admiral Bono’s leadership, the DHA supports integrated, affordable and high-quality military health services for 1.4 million members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps worldwide.

Read more: Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono | HIMSS18 


2. Donna Hart, Chief Information Officer, Cook County Health and Hospitals System

As the CIO of Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS), Hart was integral in the implementation of MyCookCountyHealth, a safe and secure patient portal that advances patient engagement. Hart has been with CCHHS for more than a decade, and in 2015, she earned a HIMSS Health Information Technology Men & Women Award for her work in leveraging technology to enhance care. 

Read more: Leveraging the Patient Portal to Improve Patient Experience


3. Durenda Juergensen, CNO of Health System Operations, Cerner - @DJuergensen1

Durenda Juergensen has more than 30 years of experience in clinical nursing, education and management. She lends her unique experience and expertise to uncover data-driven insights that provide value to health care providers and improve the patient experience.

Read more: Data-Driven Decisions Empower Value in Health Care Systems


4. Karen DeSalvo, Acting Assistant Secretary for Health

An experienced leader in public health and information technology, Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Karen DeSalvo (who is also the former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) has dedicated her career to improving the health of communities by developing meaningful policy. From Hurricane Katrina to the 2014 Ebola outbreak, her health care coordination has impacted thousands.

Read more: From Katrina To Wildfires: Leveraging Technology In Disaster Response


5. Patrice Harris, Chair of the AMA Opioid Task Force - @patriceharrismd

Dr. Patrice Harris heads up the American Medical Association’s Opioid Task Force, a group of professionals committed to addressing the nation’s opioid crisis. As a leading voice in the industry, she works with physicians to encourage meaningful policy and effective partnerships that will combat the epidemic.

Read more: How Physicians Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic 


6. Laura Brower, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Augusta University Health

Serving as vice president and chief nursing officer at Augusta University (AU) Health, Laura Brower actively promotes a culture of collaboration and innovation within her organization through the Jaguar Collaborative. This strategic alignment drives fundamental cultural change and improved clinical pathways for caregivers throughout AU Health. 

Read more: Leading Nursing into the Future


7. Meg Marshall, Senior Director & Government Strategist, Cerner - @MegMarshallHIT

Meg Marshall has made a name for herself as one of HIT’s most respected voices in regulatory policy, consistently providing insights and context into the news from Capitol Hill to help inform health care professionals on industry trends.

Read more: How Health Care’s Regulatory Landscape is Shifting in 2018


8. Regina Holliday, Artist, Author and Patient Rights Advocate - @ReginaHolliday

When Regina Holliday’s husband died in 2009 due, in part, to lack of access to patient data, she became an activist for patient empowerment and consumer rights. Holliday uses painting and blogging as a catalyst for change and is one of HIT’s foremost advocates for patient data access.

Read more: Regina Holliday's Medical Advocacy Blog

Regina Holliday is also a contributor to Perspectives, a publication dedicated to sharing insights from the leading voices in our industry. Learn more here.


9. Melissa Hendricks, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Cerner - @mkhendricks

Melissa Hendricks serves as the vice president of marketing and communications, offering her unique experiences as a marketer to consider the consumerization of health care. Hendricks’ insights as a marketer communicate the value of digital transformation across organizations, particularly as they relate to patient-centered solutions. 

Read more: Why We Need to Personalize Health Care Marketing

Do you want more health IT insights? Download Perspectives, Cerner's thought leadership publication.


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