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by Cerner Corporation | Dr. Louis Krenn
Published on October 17, 2017

Running a successful health care organization takes effective governance and requires everyone in the organization to work together to make strategic decisions. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Dr. Louis Krenn, chief medical informatics officers with CoxHealth in Springfield, Missouri, discusses what effective governance looks like and gives some governance strategies that may help hospital leadership.

In this episode, Dr. Krenn answers the following questions:

  • CoxHealth has had an effective governance structure in place for some time now, in your experience what makes an effective governance structure?
  • Developing a new governance structure is no small task, what are some key initiatives health care systems should consider when building their own governance plan?
  • Being in a large organization, like CoxHealth, what are some of the governance challenges that you have encountered and how were you able to negate those challenges?
  • Based on your experience, do you think organizations should look at governance as a "living breathing" entity which should evolve to adapt to changing scenarios/times of health care systems?
  • What are some signs health systems should look for to know when they need to develop a new structure or "tweak" their current structure?
  • What are some of the lessons learned, and what advice do you have for your peers on how to avoid obstacles and pitfalls when developing a new or tweaking a current governance structure?

Listen to the full podcast below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!

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