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by Paul Weaver
Published on February 13, 2018

Consumerism in health care is becoming a growing trend as the industry shifts from fee-for-service to valued-based care. People want convenient, affordable care and an improved patient experience. And while user experience is well established in other industries like aviation, manufacturing and e-commerce, it’s just now coming to the forefront in health care.

In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Paul Weaver, vice president of User Experience at Cerner. Paul has more than 20 years' experience in design. Before Cerner, Paul worked predominantly in the video game industry, where he co-designed Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country 3 and directed Disney’s Epic Mickey. He also redesigned Rosetta Stone’s flagship language learning app.

In this episode, Paul answers the following questions: 

  • Explain User Experience and the role it plays in health care.
  • Beyond User Experience, there’s the emotional design of a product or service, which is often overlooked. Why does emotion matter and what impact does it have on the user experience?
  • All design elicits an emotion. How can the health care industry design solutions and mobile apps with the patient’s emotion in mind? 
  • What impact does emotional design have on clinicians and how does it impact their broader workflow?
  • How do you see emotional design impacting the health care industry 5-10 years from now?

Listen to the full podcast below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!

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