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by Zane Burke
Published on February 17, 2017

Welcome to Perspectives, a collection of thought-provoking articles from notable voices within the health care industry. We created this publication with senior health care leaders in mind. While technology has been central to advancing our field, the need for idea sharing across organizations, regions and nations remains an essential component to success. In pursuit of this, we're excited to launch the first of many publications that will stimulate dialogue in support of advancing health care.

Our debut issue explores the topic of health care reform, an area that carries ongoing importance for not only health care leaders but also patients, providers and payors. Global health care spending is forecasted to rise more than 6 percent a year, which increases the pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and demonstrate value. The viewpoints in this issue will expand on the crucial drivers which influence the future of health care, from the implications of a Republican majority and President Trump White House to managing the health of populations around the world.

Reform is all about change, and preparing for change relies on anticipating the future. Our industry has made great strides these last 10 years as technology and health care evolve alongside each other, and we'll continue to see exponential progress made in the next decade. In the U.S., the federal government has focused on levers that can be pulled to increase quality while reducing costs and improving the patient experience. These themes resonate across conversations I've had with health care leaders around the world. In times of great change, the focus on improving health care for all remains constant.

It's an honor for us to bring together health care's leading voices, and I hope their perspectives offer you new insights toward innovation within your own organization. I'd like to thank all of our authors who graciously contributed toward this publication, and thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy this issue.

Zane Burke, President


Click here to download the first volume of Perspectives for exclusive content from leaders in health care.

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