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by Cerner Corporation
Published on July 18, 2017

As the health care industry shifts to value-based care payment models, more providers are investing in population health management strategies to help improve patient outcomes.

Ryan Hamilton, senior vice president of population health at Cerner, joined The Cerner Podcast to discuss the market shift and what organizations can do to deliver better care.

  • There continues to be uncertainty around the speed at which the majority of the industry will shift from volume to value-based care. With many organizations still operating in a fee-for-service world, when do you foresee the shift changing to majority value-based care?
  • With declining reimbursements, health care reform, provider shortages, aging populations and rising consumer expectations, organizations of all sizes are feeling squeezed under the weight of the shifting market. What are some of the approaches organizations can take to address these challenges?
  • Analytics, big data and the Internet of Things all have enormous potential to improve the way individual patients receive care. How can organizations use these concepts to help deliver better care and improve outcomes of their population?
  • There is a growing emphasis on consumer empowerment and promoting person-centered care. What are some of the strategies organizations are considering to meet the needs of today's consumers?
  • With consumerism, there's an assumption that consumers want to have a relationship with their health care organization. What do consumers want to see from their health care organization?

Listen to the full podcast below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!

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