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by Cerner Corporation | Brian Ahier
Published on February 22, 2017

Consumerism in health care, artificial intelligence, wearable technology. All buzzwords in the health care industry right now, but how will they impact the patient experience in the future.

Brian Ahier is a digital health evangelist at Aetna, as well as a digital health social media influencer who provides his followers with a behind-the-scenes look at key industry trends.

Brian came by The Cerner Podcast studio to answer five questions:

  • You've been all over the conference the past few days. On the exhibition floor, attending education sessions and connecting with industry thought leaders. Based on what you've seen or heard, what are the most impactful innovation opportunities in health care for 2017.
  • You have said machine learning could soon reach a 'tipping point.'' How do you see artificial intelligence impacting health care and what steps should the industry be taking right now to integrate artificial intelligence into clinical decision support?
  • More health care systems are setting up their own venture capital arms in hopes of developing new technology for the organization that they can then commercialize. This has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to navigate the health care market through strategic partnerships unlike before. Do you see this trend continuing? And will it help advance innovation more quickly?
  • Consumerism in health care is becoming a growing trend as patients increasingly take an active role in their health and care. What should organizations be focused on to improve the consumer experience and what impact will wearable technology have on the industry?
  • Now it's prediction time. What will be the top three innovations in the next decade?

Listen to Brian's episode below, and never miss a podcast by following Cerner on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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