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by Cerner Corporation | Dr. Brian Jones
Published on February 22, 2017

MHS GENESIS, the military's modernized electronic health record system, is now live at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. MHS GENESIS, which was built by the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health and leverages Cerner's commercial EHR system, will change the way care is delivered in the military.

Dr. Brian Jones, User Integration Branch chief with the U.S Defense Health Agency, joined us for episode 9 of The Cerner Podcast. He's is a practicing family physician and leads Business Process Re-Engineering, Operational Testing and End-User Training for IT systems which support Military Medicine.

In this episode, Brian answers these five questions:

  • The Military Health System encompasses the Army, Navy and Air Force Medical Departments caring for 9.5 million beneficiaries worldwide in both military treatment facilities and in austere theatre environments. Can you discuss a little bit how the Military Health System prepared to implement MHSGENESIS across the care continuum balancing standardization with ensuring the design decisions met the needs of front-line clinicians?
  • Implementing MHS GENESIS is a monumental change for the military health system. Can you discuss what is being done to prepare leadership and health providers across the military for the transition?
  • Once MHS GENESIS is live, what are some improvements you hope to see in the delivery of care?
  • We know you're a strong believer in data-driven performance monitoring. Can you tell us about the enterprise metrics you are setting to measure MHS GENESIS?
  • What impact do you see military health having on the health care industry as a whole?

Listen to Brian's episode below, and never miss a podcast by following Cerner on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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