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by Cerner Corporation | Colonel Meg Carey
Published on February 22, 2017

The military's new electronic health record system is now live at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. The system, called MHS GENESIS, was built by the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health and leverages Cerner's commercial health record system.

The is the first in an enterprise-wide deployment that will be rolled out across the Military Health System using a wave deployment process.

Episode 8 of The Cerner Podcast features Col. Margaret Carey, the Commander of the 92nd Medical Group at Fairchild Air Force Base. Her group provides medical care to more than 38,000 active duty service members and beneficiaries.

In this episode, Col. Carey answers five questions about the recent go-live:

  • Just so listeners get a better sense, what types of health services are provided at the base and how does MHS GENESIS integrate the different specialties, labs, dental and pharmacy?
  • Fairchild's clinics were selected by the DoD to be the first facility to use the new EHR. Why was Fairchild chosen and why is the Pacific Northwest region a good testing ground for the entire military roll-out?
  • How did you prepare your staff for the transition to MHS GENESIS and what advice do you have for other organizations implementing a new system?
  • Fairchild has been using MHS GENESIS for just a few weeks now. How has it changed the way you deliver care and has it changed the way you communicate with your patients?
  • Military health care delivery is provided on a global scale, 24 hours a day whether on base, on a ship or in a tent in the middle of Afghanistan. What impact do you see military health having on the health care industry as a whole?

Listen to Meg's episode below, and never miss a podcast by following Cerner onTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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