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Cerner Unite

Cerner Unite, taking interoperability beyond connectivity to true usability.

For decades, Cerner has been a leading advocate to shape policy for capabilities to structure and exchange data across the health care ecosystem. Data usability is equally important: the requirement to ingest, contextualize and intelligently enhance the usability of data to enable care delivery. Cerner Unite is our comprehensive suite of innovations encompassing our interoperability and usability essentials.

Cerner Unite offers:
  • Better access to health data leading to improved care coordination and management across the continuum.
  • Streamlined communication and coordination with other care team members across all networks.
  • Provides the ability to make better-informed decisions and strive for the best possible health outcomes.
  • Improved functionality for health information to be available to other providers, no matter where the patient receives care in the future.
  • Simplified access to health information and consumers have better insight to help manage and direct their own health care journeys.

Coming in 2021, Seamless Exchange, the newest interoperability innovation will be part of the Cerner Unite portfolio. Seamless Exchange is designed to reduce the burden of data curation making usable information forefront to enhance patient care.

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