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3 ways data can help advance equitable, whole-person behavioral healthcare image
3 ways data advances equitable, whole-person behavioral healthcare
Oracle Cerner | 8/16/2022
Leaders discuss the role of behavioral health data in helping organizations deliver effective care, maintain compliance and inform advocacy and policy.
mother holds smiling son at the doctor’s office
Ep. 233: An engaged population is a healthier population
Multiple Authors | 8/11/2022
Health leaders discuss how the pandemic opened new opportunities for patient engagement and which innovations healthcare systems are utilizing to deliver better care.
male physician holds tablet
Ep. 232: Interoperability – the evolution and direction of shared care
Oracle Cerner | 7/28/2022
At Oracle Cerner European Collaboration Forum 2022, speakers from the UK, Canada, and Qatar consider where we currently are with the long-running challenge of interoperability and what we need to do to in the future to help achieve its key goals.
Allies in opioid stewardship: Fort HealthCare implements high risk alerts to combat epidemic
Fort HealthCare | 7/27/2022
Fort HealthCare in rural Jefferson county, Wisconsin, is the sole hospital and only local resource of opioid stewardship. Between 2015-2017, the county death rate due to opioid overdose nearly tripled, and in 2017 alone, the county death rate due to opioid abuse exceeded the entire state of Wisconsin by 31%.
two women smiling at an outdoor market
Ep. 231: Improving health equality and equity through digital innovation
Oracle Cerner | 7/20/2022
In this episode – recorded at Oracle Cerner European Collaboration Forum 2022 – an expert panel in the field of health and care disparities discuss their views on the opportunities to remove systemic barriers to health equality and thereby improve health equity through digital innovation.
The University of Tennessee Medical Center automates processes to optimize throughput and reprioritize valuable resources
The University of Tennessee Medical Center | 7/20/2022
After nearly a decade of work focused on improving efficiency, leaders at the Knoxville, Tennessee-based medical center took their efforts a step further by implementing CareAware Capacity Management® solutions.
Fisher-Titus Medical Center uses a streamlined telehealth solution to deliver care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
Fisher-Titus Medical Center | 6/30/2022
As COVID-19 lockdowns began to take effect in April of 2020, Fisher-Titus Medical Center found themselves in need of a virtual visit solution. Linda Stevenson, chief information officer, and Dr. Glenn Trippe, chief medical information officer, were tasked to implement such a solution.
Tracking immunizations at St. John’s Health made easier through interoperability
St. John’s Health | 6/24/2022
In 2019, St. John’s Health began using Cerner’s Immunization Registry Reporting and Query to electronically send vaccine data to the Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR) and retrieve information to reduce manual processes. It’s a tool that's used all day, every day across the ambulatory clinics and in the inpatient space to exchange vaccine data almost immediately.
Techquity image
Techquity: Using technology and data insights to deliver more equitable patient care
Health “techquity” or the strategic design, development, and deployment of technology to advance health equity, empowers providers to look beyond clinical factors to get the whole picture of a person’s key indicators affecting health. Understanding a person’s social risk factors gives clinicians the ability to provide person-centric, equitable care and informs overall treatment planning.
Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner: The future of healthcare
Mike Sicilia | 6/8/2022
Prioritizing outcomes in healthcare is long overdue and now within reach following Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner. To achieve more seamless, coordinated care, technology must play a greater role in reframing solutions for health and well-being around the world.
5 risk factors for COVID-19 breakthrough infections image
5 risk factors for COVID-19 breakthrough infections
Christy Dueck | 6/2/2022
Data is key to helping us better understand COVID-19 and be more proactive in preventing its serious complications. The Cerner Learning Health Network™(LHN) provides researchers with real-world, de-identified data from a nationwide network of diverse health systems.
Clinicians at pediatric health system save charting time following ambulatory optimization
Children's Minnesota | 6/1/2022
Children's Minnesota and Cerner recently began a journey for primary care optimization focused on improving the areas of care coordination and clinic operations. This work effort spanned across three primary care visit types which include well child, complex care management and Ready Care (walk-in), in conjunction with the roll out of PowerChart TouchTM.
The Future of the EHR image
The Future of the EHR: Dr. David Feinberg on usability, interoperability, data, AI and value-based care
Cerner Corporation | 5/25/2022
During a workshop at Becker's Hospital Review's 12th Annual Meeting sponsored by Cerner, David Feinberg, MD, Cerner's president and CEO, discussed how the future and promise of the EHR can lead to more equitable, cost-effective, easy, convenient and dignified healthcare.
How COVID-19 changed consumerism and how healthcare organizations can adapt
Ep. 230: How COVID-19 impacted consumerism and how healthcare organizations can adapt
In this episode, Sue Martin, vice president, financial alignment at Cerner, and Rick Gundling, senior vice president, professional practice at HFMA, discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on consumerism.
5 key considerations for value-based care strategies
It’s not a matter of if or when, but how organizations can implement and operation value-based strategies effectively.
How do you balance understaffing during the pandemic? By turning data Into knowledge blog image
How do you balance understaffing during the pandemic? By turning data into knowledge
COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the many opportunities we have to improve healthcare, including leveraging real-time data. The more data we can translate into insights, the better we can help healthcare providers and teams with patient care and administrative functions reduce challenges such as staffing and scheduling.
Challenges and success factors of digital health startups
In this edition of the Cerner blog, Brad Sitler, Head of Innovation at Bear Institute, discusses the challenges facing all digital health startups and associated key requirements for success, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities for pediatric digital health innovation.
PODCAST: Ep. 229: Combatting clinician burnout image
Ep. 229: Combatting clinician burnout
Dr. de Souza and Dr. Tajirian discuss the epidemic of clinician and physician burnout in healthcare and the strategies to help combat it.
Ep. 228: How TEFCA impacts the future of healthcare
Learn about TEFCA, what it means for healthcare organizations, and what a trusted exchange framework can help providers accomplish going forward.
Easing clinician burnout, cybersecurity fatigue
Multiple Authors | 4/1/2022
Podcast_BulkAPIs image
Ep. 227: Breaking down bulk APIs
In this episode, Dick Flanigan, senior vice president, Cerner, is joined by fellow associate Rob Helton, senior director of platform management.
Children’s National Hospital successfully implements clinically driven revenue cycle during COVID-19 pandemic
Childrens National Hospital | 3/29/2022
While dealing with low patient volumes and a hybrid workforce, Children’s National Hospital implemented a clinically driven revenue cycle and simultaneously managed its legacy accounts receivable (A/R) system.
ViVE 2022 - Our obligation to caregivers and patients
How an open EHR advances usability for healthcare providers
Sam Lambson | 3/4/2022
During the past several decades, the digitization of health records has made information more easily available, comprehensive, secure and transferable between systems. Yet, while electronic health records (EHRs) have helped us make progress toward more patient-centered care, there’s still much to be done.
CoxHealth uses document intelligence technology to help eliminate paper burden
CoxHealth | 2/22/2022
To bridge the digital gap, the CoxHealth team is transitioning to Cerner Advanced Capture from a legacy system. Health information management (HIM) professionals scan paper records into the high-volume document capture solution, which indexes them into patient charts.
Breaking down the No Surprises Act
Multiple Authors | 1/18/2022
In this episode, Dick Flanigan, senior vice president, Cerner, is joined by fellow associates Sue Martin, vice president, financial alignment, and Josh Mast, director, regulatory strategy.
3 reasons ethical AI is a must-have in healthcare
Multiple Authors | 1/14/2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to turn healthcare data into meaningful insights. The technology can help reduce the cognitive load for clinicians, giving them more time and energy to focus on patient care. Amid these significant benefits is an important question: Is AI designed to improve upon existing methods in terms of efficiency and ethics?
Accelerating clinical research and trial discovery with real-world data
Accelerating clinical research and trial discovery with real-world data
Christy Dueck | 1/11/2022
Children’s Mercy Hospital used the findings to change its EHR-based treatment guidelines and algorithms, which helped reduce opioid prescribing to almost zero for children presenting with migraines.
3 insights on advancing health equity through social determinants
3 insights on advancing health equity through social determinants
Cerner Corporation | 12/14/2021
COVID-19 has highlighted healthcare disparities that have existed for far too long. As we push for health equity, we must address the key social determinants of health (SDOH) that play a significant role in a person’s health, well-being and quality of life – economic stability, access and quality of education and healthcare, neighborhood and built environment and social community context.
TransForm-Shared-Service-Organization-(TSSO)-Client-Achievement-social-media-graphic doctor and patient
The remote transformation of Ontario healthcare during the pandemic
TransForm Shared Service Organization | 12/1/2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced every aspect of life to adapt, not least healthcare. While the focus has understandably been on the frontline, longer-term strategies have needed to continue as well, something that Cerner and TransForm Shared Service Organization (TSSO) have achieved around the shores of Lake St Clair, Ontario, with the e-VOLVE major remote go-live project.
Banner Health’s ambulatory providers on pace to save thousands of hours annually after implementing Cerner’s Essential Clinical Dataset
Banner Health | 12/1/2021
One step leaders at Banner Health are taking to improve efficiency at their outpatient clinics is streamlining their adult intake form.
What-does-it-take-to-be-a-RTHS image
Ep. 225: Addressing healthcare workforce challenges
Multiple Authors | 11/19/2021
In this episode, Dick Flanigan, senior vice president, Cerner, is joined by Nate Shinagawa, FACHE, chief operating officer, Banner Ocotillo Medical Center. They discuss healthcare workforce trends and how organizations can implement strategies around retention, clinician burnout and more.
PODCAST-What-does-it-take-to-be-a-RTHS image
Ep. 224: What does it take to be a real-time health system?
Lisa Gulker | 11/17/2021
In this episode, Bob Robke, vice president, real-time health system and clinical products, Cerner, is joined by Lisa Gulker, senior director, health system operations and clinical surveillance, Cerner. They discuss COVID-19’s impact on how health system leaders use real-time and predictive data and the challenges of managing scarce and expensive resources to address growing health needs. 
Children’s Mercy Kansas City Project HOPE training helps streamline provider documentation efficiency
Children's Mercy Kansas City | 11/4/2021
Children’s Mercy Kansas City is taking a stance with its recent provider training program called Project HOPE. The initiative, which stands for “Helping Optimize Provider Efficiency,” leverages data from their Cerner EHR to identify which providers could improve efficiency and where in their workflow they can improve.
BLOG_listicle_LearningStrategy image
5 elements of a successful learning strategy
Darren Nipper | 10/20/2021
Prioritizing a robust learning strategy is essential to ensure end users are comfortable with the electronic health record (EHR), efficient in their workflows and spending as much time as possible caring for patients. In this blog, we’ll share five elements to consider as you work to develop a data-driven, end-to-end learning approach for your organization.
BLOG_CyberAttackSophistication image
The non-negotiable for health organizations: Cybersecurity protection
Scott Breece | 10/18/2021
Cyber-attack surfaces are increasing as many health systems expand care beyond the four walls of the hospital and are especially prevalent due to the focus on health organizations inside of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the current landscape of cloud computing, telehealth, virtual work, remote hosting and data sharing between caregivers is essential for helping to improve patient outcomes and keep populations safe, these innovations come with increased chances for bad actors to exploit vulnerabilities.
MU Health Care receives second HIMSS Davies Award
MU Health Care | 10/14/2021
University of Missouri Health Care received the 2021 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award, the second award for the Columbia, Missouri-based Cerner ITWorksSM organization. The Davies Award recognized the hospital’s work using an algorithm to help improve sepsis mortality rates; reducing unnecessary blood transfusions with clinical decision support; and redesigning the user interface used to screen for depression, alcohol and drug misuse, fall risk, and the existence of advance directive information in ambulatory settings.
Pipeline Health accelerates billing through optimization efforts
Pipeline Health | 10/7/2021
After a 15-month implementation of Cerner electronic health record (EHR) and Cerner Millennium® revenue cycle management solutions at three hospitals in Chicago and Dallas that started in June 2019, Pipeline Health and Cerner worked together to begin a 90-day revenue cycle optimization engagement in early March 2021.
5 healthcare trends rounding out 2021 blog image
5 healthcare trends rounding out 2021
Cerner Corporation | 9/27/2021
Annually, healthcare and technology leaders from across the globe convene at Cerner Health Conference (CHC) to share insights around the most pressing challenges and how we can solve them together. Here are five trending topics that will set the stage for CHC21 conversations and likely be healthcare focal points beyond the end of the year.
The future of connected care planning  image
The future of connected care planning
Ashleigh George, MBA, BSN, RN-BC | 9/27/2021
In this blog, we’ll explore the world of connected care planning and how technology will play a role in its advancement.
CAMC improves cash flow with optimization
Charleston Area Medical Center | 9/20/2021
After implementing Cerner Millennium® revenue cycle management solutions in 2016, Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) — a nonprofit regional referral center based in Charleston, West Virginia — worked closely with Cerner to optimize its clinically driven revenue cycle (CDRC) in 2018.
Podcast_Ep 223 Moving from data connectivity to real provider usability
Ep. 223: Moving from data connectivity to real provider usability
Multiple Authors | 9/16/2021
In this episode, Dick Flanigan, senior vice president and Cerner brand ambassador, is joined by Hans Buitendijk, director interoperability strategy, Cerner, for a conversation around the current and future state of data reconciliation, connectivity and usability.
Genesis ACO uses data, care management tools to help improve quality measures
Genesis Health System | 9/16/2021
Genesis ACO uses data, care management tools to help improve quality measures
Uncovering-breakthrough-COVID-19-insights-using-real-world-data image_doctors consulting
Uncovering breakthrough COVID-19 insights using real-world data
Multiple Authors | 8/23/2021
In this blog, Fares highlights four key user benefits of this powerful data tool that can help answer clinical questions around COVID-19 and other healthcare issues.
Truman-Medical-Centers-University-Health-facility exterior
Truman Medical Centers/University Health improves ordering process by reducing alerts for end users
Truman Medical Centers/University Health | 8/19/2021
To combat alert fatigue, TMC/UH staff worked with Cerner Continuous Improvement Delivery (CID) services to help reduce the mCDS alert rate by 77%.
Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt-57357 reduces patient deterioration with help from early warning score
Cerner Corporation | 8/17/2021
Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt-57357 reduces patient deterioration with help from early warning score
Value based care strategies for financial resiliency
Value-based care strategies for financial resiliency
Dave Friederichs | 8/16/2021
As some provider organizations look to the future amid a continued battle with COVID-19, it’s tempting to plan for tomorrow using the model of the past – fee-for-service. But as nice as it sounds to go “back to normal,” there’s no normal to go back to.
Ep. 222: Supporting digital innovation in children’s healthcare | Listen time: 13:02
Multiple Authors | 8/12/2021
In this episode, Jessica Herstek, MD, chief medical informatics officer, Children’s National Hospital, joins Lu de Souza, MD, vice president & chief medical officer, Cerner, for a conversation around funding disparities in children’s health innovation. Learn about the unique relationship between Children’s National Hospital and the Bear Institute, which enables the health system to pursue a multifaceted approach to innovation — including a new pediatric accelerator challenge that invites start-ups, student teams, pediatric providers and administrators to collaborate on creative solutions aimed to help close the innovation gap in children’s digital health.
Ethical use of AI in healthcare_doctor globe graphic blue overlay
Ethical use of AI in healthcare
Tanuj Gupta, MD | 8/9/2021
On May 18, 2021, Tanuj Gupta, vice president, Cerner Intelligence, presented a session at the virtual Healthcare Transformation Summit around AI’s potential to transform patient care, quality and outcomes.
India’s Karuna Trust leverages recent Cerner digitization to help respond to COVID-19 surge
Karuna Trust | 8/9/2021
As the world’s second most populous country battles the virus and tries to stem the tide of new cases, Cerner has helped clinics in India go digital to help them become more efficient.
Perspectives image_doctor with patient looking at tablet blue overlay
Q&A: How patients and clinicians can benefit from health system integration
Jeff Wall, MD | 7/19/2021
As health systems continue to grow and expand services across broader coverage areas, the need for integration is increasing. In this Q&A, Jeff Wall, MD, Cerner senior director and physician solution executive, explains how connecting data across systems and venues is designed to help enhance care delivery, improve clinician satisfaction and support an enhanced consumer-centered healthcare experience.
family having virtual appointment_blue overlay
Advancing health equity: Understanding and meeting the challenges with data
Multiple Authors | 7/12/2021
With greater risk for COVID-19 exposure, severe illness, hospitalization and death - all people of color, as well as, Indigenous, LGTBQ+ and low-income communities - have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Marginalized groups have also been hit harder than non-marginalized communities when it comes to mental health, food insecurity, unemployment, housing instability and loss of health insurance.
4 insights on building a successful healthcare data strategy
4 insights on building a successful healthcare data strategy
Multiple Authors | 7/1/2021
To solve business challenges, today's healthcare organizations must leverage the large amounts of clinical and financial data that they amass. The first key to success, however, is developing a sophisticated data strategy.
Intermountain_blog_header_doctor with people holding ipad
Q&A: Advancing evidence-based care with outcomes-driven data
Multiple Authors | 7/1/2021
We all know clinicians have a critical job of making care decisions. However, data can provide support in the decision making process in better aligning resources, skills and competencies around individual patient care.
Baptist Health BMCS Facility
Baptist Health sees improvements in hospital operations metrics during COVID-19 pandemic
Baptist Health | 6/24/2021
The COVID-19 pandemic challenged many hospitals and health care systems, forcing many to address sudden surges in patient load. One Montgomery, Alabama, hospital leveraged Cerner technology to help clinicians not only respond to the surge but also improve some key workflow metrics.
LMH Health uses Cerner rule-based coding to expedite vaccination events, allow for direct billing
LMH Health | 6/22/2021
As staff at LMH Health, based in Lawrence, Kansas, prepared to host large COVID-19 vaccination events, they knew efficiency would be key to getting as many people vaccinated as possible. Because each vaccination required a five-step coding process, the staff looked for an innovative way to automate some of the steps.
Podcast 221: How post-pandemic ambulatory strategies can help enhance patient-centered care
Ep. 221 – How post-pandemic ambulatory strategies can help enhance patient-centered care
Casey Sansale | 6/16/2021
In this episode, we’re joined by Casey Sansale, senior director & product integration executive, Cerner, for a conversation around the future of ambulatory care and how organizations can optimize their outpatient efforts.
Behavioral health facility reduces staffing time and cost using Clairvia
WellSpan Philhaven | 6/9/2021
Leaders at WellSpan Philhaven, a behavioral health facility in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, had problems filling nursing and psychiatric technician shifts. Without a way to incentivize staff to sign up early, the cost to fill the shifts rose the longer shifts stayed unfilled.
South Miami-Dade hospital reaches HIMSS Stage 6, 7 and wins Enterprise Davies Award in same year
Baptist Health South Florida | 6/7/2021
After successful efforts in 30-day heart failure readmission prevention, a decrease in length of stay (LOS) for Caesarean section (C-section) deliveries, and a decrease in sepsis mortality and patient LOS, a community hospital in Homestead, Florida, earned one of the most prestigious awards in healthcare information technology.
St. Joseph's Health
Camera Capture helps St. Joseph’s Health save time, reduce clinician exposure to COVID-19
St. Joseph's Health | 6/2/2021
When Paterson, New Jersey-based St. Joseph’s Health audited its case management department, it discovered opportunities to improve its process to better meet regulatory compliance.
Ep. 220: Geisinger’s innovative approach to wellness and addressing healthcare inequities | Listen time: 17:06
Multiple Authors | 5/25/2021
In this episode, David Harse, vice president and general manager, consumer engagement, Cerner, is joined by Allison Hess, vice president, health innovations, Geisinger, for a conversation around wellness and addressing inequities in healthcare.
Children’s Hospital of Orange County receives second HIMSS Davies Award
Children's Hospital Orange County | 5/20/2021
Children’s Hospital of Orange County receives second HIMSS Davies Award
12105_LT_Blog_Nurse_Iamge-resized v2
Ep. 219 – Stories from nurses on the frontlines against COVID-19 in the UK | Listen time: 30:12
Multiple Authors | 5/12/2021
In this episode, five Cerner leaders, Matthew Pickett, senior director, marketing and corporate affairs, Colin Fincham, M.D., senior director and chief medical officer, Dan Catt, director and nursing executive, and healthcare executives Patience Chinwadzimba and Tim James, have a conversation about returning to the frontlines as a nurse in the UK during COVID-19.
Truman Medical Centers/University Health offers community-based vaccine clinics to vaccinate underserved community
Cerner Corporation | 5/6/2021
While many health care organizations are hosting large vaccination events, Cerner ITWorks℠ client Truman Medical Centers/University Health (TMC/UH) in Kansas City, MO, is taking its vaccine deployment strategy one step further.
NKC Vaccine
North Kansas City Hospital leverages Cerner technology to expedite COVID-19 vaccine distribution
Cerner Corporation | 5/5/2021
As COVID-19 vaccinations are administered across the world, communities are hosting mass vaccination events to help gain control of the pandemic.
St. Joseph's Health
St. Joseph's Health improves care management Medicare compliance and patient form efficiency
St. Joseph's Health | 5/5/2021
When Paterson, New Jersey-based St. Joseph’s Health audited its case management department, it discovered opportunities to improve its process to better meet regulatory compliance.
Truman-Medical-Centers-University-Health-facility exterior
Truman Medical Centers/University Health offers community-based vaccine clinics to vaccinate underserved community
Truman Medical Centers/University Health | 5/4/2021
While many health care organizations are hosting large vaccination events, Cerner ITWorks℠ client Truman Medical Centers/University Health (TMC/UH) in Kansas City, MO, is taking its vaccine deployment strategy one step further.
Ep. 218: The tipping point of healthcare consumerism and engagement | Listen time: 13:12
Multiple Authors | 5/3/2021
In this episode, Cerner leaders David Bradshaw and Jessica Oveys discuss the future of healthcare in a post-pandemic world and the potential impact on consumerism and engagement.
nkch-hospital-east exterior
North Kansas City Hospital leverages Cerner technology to expedite COVID-19 vaccine distribution
North Kansas City Hospital | 4/28/2021
North Kansas City Hospital leverages Cerner technology to expedite COVID-19 vaccine distribution
Ep. 217: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview - A healthier bottom line | Listen time: 5:19
Multiple Authors | 4/22/2021
In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation around delivering a healthier bottom line and what to expect at Cerner Health Forum 2021.
Leading the charge for better patient safety
Cerner Corporation | 4/21/2021
Technology and data are important tools to help healthcare professionals lead the charge for safer patient outcomes.
Supporting the COVID-19 vaccination process with technology and data
Cerner Corporation | 4/20/2021
Technology and data can help streamline the COVID-19 process for patients and providers.
Ep. 216: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview - Right data. Right place. Right time. | Listen time: 5:57
Sam Lambson | 4/20/2021
In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation with Cerner's Sam Lambson around interoperability and what attendees can expect at Cerner Health Forum 2021.
Ep. 215: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview - Improving clinician efficiency and operational excellence | Listen time: 12:04
Max Reinig | 4/12/2021
In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation around enhancing the provider and patient experience and what attendees can expect at Cerner Health Forum 2021.
Proactive program keeps patients on top of medication refills during pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 4/9/2021
Proactive program keeps patients on top of medication refills during pandemic
MOHAP Facility exterior
Proactive program keeps patients on top of medication refills during pandemic
United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health & Prevention | 4/8/2021
Proactive program keeps patients on top of medication refills during pandemic
Ep. 214: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview: Advancing data and network strategies | Listen time: 6:58
Kim Hlobik | 4/7/2021
In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation with Cerner's Kim Hlobik around advancing data and network strategies and what attendees can expect at Cerner Health Forum.
Ep. 213: COVID-19 vaccine distribution and cybersecurity risks | Listen time: 19:23
Multiple Authors | 4/6/2021
In this episode, leaders from Cerner and Olathe Health discuss how organizations can protect against vaccine distribution-related cybersecurity risks.
CN_hospital exterior_resize
Collaborative approach guides virtual desktop infrastructure project, supporting caregivers’ efficiency and satisfaction
Childrens National Hospital | 4/5/2021
Collaborative approach guides virtual desktop infrastructure project, supporting caregivers’ efficiency and satisfaction
Creative responses to COVID-19: Automatic vaccination billing, drive up antibody infusions and EMR interoperability
Cerner Corporation | 4/1/2021
In this March 2 Scottsdale Institute webinar, you’ll hear from two healthcare organizations that are finding creative ways to handle COVID-19 surges and vaccinate members of the community.
Ep. 212: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview - Enhancing the consumer experience | Listen time: 6:47
David Bradshaw | 4/1/2021
In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation with Cerner's David Bradshaw around consumer engagement and what attendees can expect at Cerner Health Forum 2021.
Ep. 210: Assessing and prioritizing clinician wellness | Listen time: 15:46
Multiple Authors | 3/30/2021
Lu de Souza, MD, chief medical officer, Cerner, discusses clinician wellness with Jennifer L. Bickel, MD, medical director for the Center for Professional Well-Being, Children’s Mercy.
Ep. 211: The importance of visible leadership in healthcare | Listen time: 6:46
Multiple Authors | 3/30/2021
Lu de Souza, MD, chief medical officer, Cerner, and Tom Lawrie, MD, chief medical officer, Sharp HealthCare have a conversation about healthcare leadership.
info blocking
Understanding information blocking exceptions and compliance
Josh Mast | 3/29/2021
The April 5 information blocking compliance deadline is a key milestone on the path toward improving healthcare for all.
Applying lessons learned to a post-COVID-19 world
Matt Wildman | 3/26/2021
Initiatives put in place during COVID-19 responses can drive health innovations post-pandemic.
UH Seidman Cancer Center_960 exterior
Cancer center improves chemotherapy infusion efficiency after transition from paper records to EHR
Southwest General Health Center | 3/26/2021
Cancer center improves chemotherapy infusion efficiency after transition from paper records to EHR
Staying one step ahead of COVID-19
Matt Wildman | 3/25/2021
Proactive, coordinated leadership has been key to successful COVID-19 response.
Creatively leading rural communities through COVID-19
Matt Wildman | 3/24/2021
We usually think of creativity in the context of visual art or music, but the pandemic is showing us it’s also the hallmark of effective healthcare leadership.
Client Story 2021-3-23
Northern Light Health vaccinates patients using Cerner technology, collaboration
Cerner Corporation | 3/23/2021
When Northern Light Health staff learned of vaccine approval, they envisioned it as a turning point in the COVID-19 pandemic.
Understanding the value of nursing care through data and technology
Nancy Blake, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, CNO | 3/22/2021
With the right data in the right place at the right time, we can make more informed decisions in care delivery and operations – providing more value and better outcomes.
Northern Light Health vaccinates patients using Cerner technology, collaboration
Northern Light Health | 3/17/2021
When Northern Light Health staff learned of vaccine approval, they envisioned it as a turning point in the COVID-19 pandemic. “We looked to Cerner as our partner for the technology to support our people, and processes,” said April Giard, DNP, MSN, NP-BC, NEA-BC, vice president and chief information officer. “We asked how they could help respond and take care of our own. Cerner responded, ‘We’re right there with you, we've got a workflow, and will work together to develop a mass vaccine strategy.’”
Ep. 209: A tale of two crises and the value of health data interoperability | Listen time: 10:26
Julie Crouse | 3/16/2021
Julie Crouse of NorthBay Healthcare discusses the value of connected technology and data in times of extreme crisis.
13 stories that mark an extraordinary year in healthcare
Cerner Corporation | 3/11/2021
These 13 blogs, podcasts and client stories provide a timeline of the many ways COVID-19 has shaped the now and next in healthcare.
Plumas District Hospital switches from paper-based system to clinically driven revenue cycle
Plumas District Hospital | 3/5/2021
Plumas District Hospital switches from paper-based system to clinically driven revenue cycle
Executive roundtable: Addressing inequities in healthcare
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted racial inequities and the devastating impact on communities of color and marginalized citizens in our society.
Torrance_Memorial_Medical_Center new image_v6-01
Sharing patient data with interoperability streamlines care across health systems
Torrance Memorial Health System | 3/2/2021
Interoperability is a guiding principle for Torrance Memorial Health System in its strategy to become a regional health care leader. Clinicians use Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE), so data for more than 645,900 patients flows securely between various electronic health records (EHR). Clinicians use the HIE, Direct Messaging, and Cerner Hub orders and results to connect the community and provide coordinated care for their patient population. This care also transfers to multiple health systems using various non-Cerner EHRs.
Neshoba General Facility
Revenue cycle optimization lowers A/R days by more than 50%
Neshoba General | 3/2/2021
Neshoba General leveraged Cerner Revenue Cycle Surveillance tooling to work through a variety of key performance indicator (KPI) improvement recommendations surrounding payment posting and denials management.
Closing the healthcare cybersecurity gap
Russ Branzell | 3/1/2021
The growing interconnectivity of devices, business partners and health systems make cybersecurity everyone’s concern – and everyone’s responsibility.
podcast_diversecommunities_doctor with patient child with mom green overlay
Ep. 208: How diverse community-based hospitals are a lifeline to saving clinical research | Listen time: 30:33
Multiple Authors | 2/18/2021
In this episode, Christy Dueck, vice president and general manager of research, Cerner, leads a conversation with John Potthoff, CEO, Elligo Health Research, and Scott Rogers, director of innovation, CoxHealth, around how diverse community-based hospitals are a lifeline to saving clinical research, and can help increase patient trust and reduce health disparities.
Adventist health roseville
Adventist Health enhances interoperability using health information exchange
Adventist Health | 2/10/2021
When Adventist Health launched two new urgent care clinics, in addition to giving patients a new option, they also found ways to reduce time spent in the EHR, giving that time back to patients.
Ep. 207: How advance care planning is improving patient-centered outcomes at Intermountain Healthcare | Listen time: 23:56
Multiple Authors | 2/9/2021
In this episode, palliative care leaders from Intermountain Healthcare and Cerner have a conversation about how technology is transforming the advance care planning process for clinicians and patients.
Driving positive change in health care policy, digital transformation in the Biden era
Russ Branzell | 2/8/2021
Digital technology and public policy are powerful levers for driving positive change in health care.
Why interoperability and health IT are the keys to better cancer care_medical staff with patient orange overlay
Why interoperability and health IT are the keys to better cancer care
Susan Stiles | 2/4/2021
In this Q&A, Cerner's Susan Stiles explains the challenges that oncology care teams face with the increase in cancer cases and cancer survivors, and how interoperability and advances in health IT can provide solutions.
2021 Healthcare trends
3 of the most pressing health care topics of 2021
Darrell Johnson | 2/3/2021
In 2021, numerous stakeholders are motivated to make progress on finding concrete solutions to some of health care's most pressing challenges.
Defining a comprehensive data strategy to shape the health care of tomorrow
Donald Trigg | 2/3/2021
Cerner President Donald Trigg appeared on a recent episode of the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) podcast to talk about the role of data in helping health care organizations achieve scale and meaningful impact for their patients.
Ep. 206: Finding hope in the UK’s rapid COVID-19 vaccine rollout | Listen time: 27:14
Multiple Authors | 2/2/2021
Cerner leaders discuss the role of technology and data in the U.K.’s successful COVID-19 vaccination efforts.
Intermountain Healthcare leverages Cerner and Vynca software to enhance advance care planning
Intermountain | 1/29/2021
Nearly 70% of the U.S. adult population does not have a plan for end-of-life care. Intermountain Healthcare recognized the need to improve the quality of advance care planning to know and honor the wishes of the patients they serve.
Intermountain Healthcare uses Cerner to streamline documentation process for residents, fellows
Intermountain | 1/28/2021
A tweak to the EHR prevented residents and fellows from signing certain notes without first identifying an attending physician to forward them to. The change helped end frustrations among clinicians and the billing department.
Podcast_Pediatric Care Leadership_doctor with baby and mother_green overlay
Ep. 205: The leadership behind better pediatric care | Listen time: 28:13
Multiple Authors | 1/26/2021
Cerner President Donald Trigg talks to Kurt Newman, M.D., president and CEO, Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Administering vaccine
COVID-19 vaccines: The progression and challenges faced
Healthcare systems must prepare for the next phase of COVID-19 and administering the vaccines.
Rural hospital quickly sees revenue cycle improvements after virtual go-live
Macon Community Hospital | 1/21/2021
When the COVID-19 pandemic landed in the U.S., and health system leaders’ financial concerns increased, Macon Community Hospital (MCH) chose not only to switch revenue cycle solutions in the middle of it but chose to do it virtually.
Stable revenue cycle helps rural hospital avoid closure trend, expand services
Clara Barton Hospital and Clinics | 1/14/2021
Leaders at Clara Barton Hospital & Clinics in Hoisington, Kansas, recognize the role of revenue cycle stability in the critical access hospital’s continued vitality.
Ep. 204: Using technology to manage health care in correctional settings | Listen time: 17:55
Multiple Authors | 1/12/2021
In this episode, correctional health leaders discuss the role of technology and data in delivering better care within the prison system.
The 4 cybersecurity resolutions every care provider should make in 2021
Paul Schwartz | 1/11/2021
A strong cybersecurity posture is a critical part of delivering the highest quality care and operating efficiently.
Cerner's approach to the COVID-19 pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 1/7/2021
As a leading global health care technology company, Cerner has the very important responsibility of protecting the health and safety of our associates, and the well-being of our clients and communities.
LTT Blog
What the pandemic means for health care's digital transformation
Multiple Authors | 1/4/2021
Care providers must understand the ramifications of COVID-19 for their digital health function and agenda — and how information technology can address the challenges and opportunities of their “new normal.”
Improving children’s health with the help of technology
Mollie Robinson, RN, BSN | 12/21/2020
With a greater focus on preventative care, reducing disparities and leveraging technology, we can ensure that children have access to the health and wellness programs they need to thrive.
LTT Blog COVID Vaccine
Managing the biggest COVID-19 vaccine challenges
Dick Flanigan | 12/17/2020
With the help of systems and technology, providers can better oversee their mass COVID-19 vaccination programs and get doses to the people who need them most – safer and faster.
code Talks: a podcast series on driving innovation with an open health care ecosystem
Cerner Corporation | 12/15/2020
In our three-part podcast series, code Talks, tech leaders share their insights around advancing care through collaboration and open and interoperable health ecosystems.
LTT Podcast India COVID
Ep. 202: Understanding India’s low COVID-19 mortality rates | Listen time: 18:52
Multiple Authors | 12/15/2020
In this episode, Cerner global leaders discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the world’s second most populous country.
Executive Q&A: Transforming the post-COVID-19 revenue cycle
Multiple Authors | 12/10/2020
Revenue cycle leaders share their thoughts on the future of consumer engagement, accelerating opportunities with partners and the post-pandemic outlook.
Ep. 201: One year later: Fighting COVID-19 in Asia | Listen time: 27:22
Multiple Authors | 12/8/2020
In this episode, Cerner global leaders Matthew Pickett and Colin Fincham, M.D., are joined by Jason Tee, M.D., of Cerner Malaysia to discuss Asia's yearlong effort to tackle COVID-19.
Automation saves Moffitt Cancer Center money while freeing staff to support patients
Moffitt Cancer Center | 12/7/2020
After implementing Cerner Soarian Financials® in 2011, the health system began utilizing EMUE™ and health care extensibility platform (HEP) automation to save time and money, in turn helping support patients.
San Juan Regional Medical Center updated facility image v2
Fully integrated EHR conversion leads to revenue cycle improvements at San Juan Regional Medical Center
San Juan Regional Medical Center | 12/3/2020
San Juan Regional Medical Center implemented Cerner Millennium® and Millennium Revenue Cycle™ across its acute and ambulatory venues
Podcast_Prep for innovation_doctor at machine green overlay
Ep. 200: The value of preparing for innovation | Listen time: 10:04
Multiple Authors | 12/1/2020
In this episode, two Cerner experts explore the benefits of being current, dive into Cerner’s latest innovation in health care interoperability.
4 benefits of greater interoperability in health care
Cerner Corporation | 11/30/2020
Connected data ─ and how we use it ─ is the key to moving at the speed of innovation in health care.
Addressing winter, holiday mental health challenges
Danny Gladden, MBA, MSW, LCSW | 11/23/2020
From worsening COVID-19 surges to economic distress and political and social unrest, people around the world are facing turbulent times, and it’s taking a toll on our mental health.
Doctor using ipad
Health information exchange assists Georgia providers in COVID-19 tracking and testing
Cerner Corporation | 11/20/2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic began in the U.S., health leaders knew timely collaboration and data sharing would be paramount. The Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE), which leverages Cerner’s health information exchange (HIE), helped provide that COVID-19 data to health systems.
St. Joseph's Health
Clinically driven revenue cycle helps improve documentation, increasing charges by $39.6 million
St. Joseph's Health | 11/20/2020
Using Cerner clinical and revenue cycle solutions to help improve charge capture, correct fragmented processes and educate providers, St. Joseph’s Health increased charges 19.7% from 2018 to 2019.
Celebrating the power of rural health care
Mitchell Clark | 11/19/2020
National Rural Health Day is a time to celebrate the nearly one in five Americans who live in rural communities, the health care organizations and providers who serve these rural populations and the community members who help make their towns healthier.
Surgeon with a virus and analytics representation.
Interoperability and analytics improve care and decisions during COVID-19 response
Cerner Corporation | 11/10/2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit EvergreenHealth in Washington State, health system leaders quickly began utilizing interoperability as part of their treatment strategy, while using data-driven analytics to help the two-hospital system’s response and decision making.
BayCare uses technology to bring patients back to health system
Cerner Corporation | 11/5/2020
BayCare, which has facilities across Tampa Bay, Florida, leveraged its HealtheCRM solution, which combines clinical insight from Cerner HealtheIntent® with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, to invite patients to return.
MU Health Care photo exterior
Standardized surgery preference cards reduce surgery costs at MU Health Care
MU Health Care | 11/3/2020
Through an optimization process at University of Missouri Health Care, the health system and Cerner worked together to standardize procedures, reducing costs by more than $55,000.
Addressing the rapidly rising behavioral health needs of caregivers and communities
Cerner Corporation | 11/2/2020
This year has seen an unprecedented rise in the behavioral health needs of both caregivers and patients as a result of COVID-19 and public unrest.
Ep. 199: Leveraging interoperability and open platforms for better care | Listen time: 16:45
Shez Partovi, M.D. | 11/2/2020
In this episode, we hear from Shez Partovi, M.D., of Amazon Web Services.
Q&A: Addressing health care cybersecurity concerns
Cerner Corporation | 10/30/2020
The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased network vulnerabilities and propelled the growth of cyberattacks across the health care industry.
Ep. 198: Simplifying telehealth with seamless electronic health record integration | Listen time: 14:59
Cory Costley | 10/26/2020
In this episode, we hear from Cory Costley, senior vice president of devices at Amwell, a leading telehealth platform.
Combatting ransomware attacks on health care providers
Jon Chi | 10/26/2020
The pandemic has placed overwhelming demands on health care systems, and the need for comprehensive cybersecurity measures has only accelerated.
Northern Light Health uses data analytics to enhance blood management
Northern Light Health | 10/23/2020
Northern Light Patient Management started working with the Cerner Value Management Advisory Services team to help improve blood management data collection.
Health system becomes first to use Cerner dashboard to help with COVID-19 response
Cerner Corporation | 10/22/2020
Northern Light Health worked with Cerner to become the first to utilize the new Cerner Command Center Dashboard, which provides situational awareness of critical resources.
Health system becomes first to use Cerner dashboard to help with COVID-19 response
Northern Light Health | 10/22/2020
Northern Light Health worked with Cerner to become the first to utilize the new Cerner Command Center Dashboard, which provides situational awareness of critical resources.
Ep. 197: Developing a high-quality health care app through an efficient, detailed validation process | Listen time: 16:15
Aaron Sheedy | 10/20/2020
In this episode, we hear from Aaron Sheedy, chief operating officer and co-founder of the Xealth digital health prescribing platform.
Operational challenges in healthcare
Managing COVID-19 operational challenges in health care
Cerner Corporation | 10/19/2020
Health care providers are using data and tech tools to strategically schedule their workforce and help avoid a staffing shortage during the pandemic.
MU Health Care photo exterior
NEWS algorithm and nursing protocol help MU Health Care improve sepsis mortality rates
MU Health Care | 10/19/2020
Early sepsis detection and proactive intervention help reduce sepsis mortality rates and decrease code blue calls to resuscitate patients.
Empowering beyond recovery to build intelligent, equitable health care
Brent Shafer | 10/15/2020
Even as we grapple with what will likely be the biggest health care crisis of our lifetimes, we remain committed to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation that will shape the health care of tomorrow.
CHC20 features social media influencers
Cerner Corporation | 10/12/2020
Follow the Cerner Health Conference 2020 social media influencers to stay updated throughout the event.
What to expect at Cerner Health Conference 2020
Cerner Corporation | 10/12/2020
Check out this podcast and blog content to learn more about what to expect during CHC20.
Ep. 196: Addressing Hispanic and Latinx inclusion, equity in health care | Listen time: 14:53
Multiple Authors | 10/9/2020
In this episode, we’re joined by Oliver Trejo and Luci DeLoach, co-chairs of the Hispanic/Latinx Descent Associate Business Resource Group at Cerner.
Q&A: How technology is helping people with mental health conditions
Multiple Authors | 10/9/2020
Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital is using data-driven technology as a tool for suicide prevention and improving mental health outcomes.
Cerner Health Conference 2020: COVID-19 Preview
Cerner Corporation | 10/8/2020
As many of the industry’s brightest minds gather virtually Oct. 13-14 for CHC 2020, there will be a lot of conversations about the long-term impact of COVID-19.
Veteran care
Placing Veterans and Service members at the center of their care
Travis Dalton | 10/7/2020
We are making progress toward the goal of creating a connected federal system that enables a lifetime of seamless care for our Veterans and Service members.
Today’s value of a health data exchange
Multiple Authors | 10/7/2020
The pandemic and natural disasters have highlighted the value that HIEs offer local, regional and nationwide data exchanges.
IHOPKC facility photo
IHOPKC reduces employee health care expenses with narrow network and direct contracting strategy
IHOPKC | 10/7/2020
Direct contract helped members reduce expenses, avoid balance billing and coordinate care, while Cerner HealthPlan Services supported positive member experiences.
Ep. 195: Testing, tracing and treating: COVID-19 in the Middle East | Listen time: 26:31
Multiple Authors | 10/6/2020
In this episode, Cerner global leaders Matthew Pickett and Colin Fincham, MD, are joined by Mohamed AI Rayyes, MD, senior physician executive, Cerner Middle East & Africa.
Cerner is Advancing the Health Care Data Revolution
Cerner Corporation | 10/6/2020
For nearly half a century Cerner, a health care technology and data company, has been on the leading edge of advancing health care and delivering value to the industry.
AWS partnership
One year later: AWS collaboration driving Cerner's shift to a digital platform company
Cerner Corporation | 10/5/2020
Cerner is expanding beyond its traditional medical records business as part of a broader strategic partnership with AWS.
Ep. 194: Managing public health with technology and data | Listen time: 16:39
Multiple Authors | 10/2/2020
In this episode, Cerner leaders discuss how electronic health records and other dynamic innovations can support and further bolster public health efforts.
Ep. 193: Exploring Sweden’s relaxed approach to COVID-19 | Listen time: 27:23
Multiple Authors | 10/1/2020
In this episode, global leaders at Cerner provide insights into Sweden's strategy for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cerner Health Conference 2020: Interoperability preview
Cerner Corporation | 10/1/2020
The topic of advancing the free exchange of health information will be at the forefront of discussion at CHC20.
Baptist Health HR department teams up with Cerner AMS Oracle for smoother daily operations
Baptist Health | 9/30/2020
Baptist Health logged 86 service requests with Cerner AMS Oracle in the first year of AMS support, and the relationship is helping Baptist Health HR to move onto the right path for what’s next in the Oracle Cloud roadmap.
Ep. 192: Why you don’t want to miss Cerner Health Conference 2020 | Listen time: 12:28
Darrell Johnson | 9/29/2020
In this episode, we discuss CHC20 with Darrell Johnson, chief marketing officer, Cerner.
Cerner Health Conference 2020: AI/ML preview
Cerner Corporation | 9/28/2020
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be key areas of focus during CHC20.
Atrium Health receives prestigious HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award
Atrium Health | 9/28/2020
Atrium Health wins a 2019 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award for promoting opioid stewardship, reducing patient falls while improving cost and reducing readmission rates.
Ep. 191: Technology as a lifeline for suicide prevention | Listen time: 22:48
Multiple Authors | 9/25/2020
In this episode, John Rekart, Ph.D., of Cerner leads a conversation about how technology and data can help identify those who may be high-risk for suicidal behavior. He is joined by Brian Kay of Rogers Behavioral Health and David Leidner, Ph.D., of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab facility exterior
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab drops A/R days within three months of revenue cycle implementation
Shirley Ryan Ability Lab | 9/24/2020
Following optimization, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab also went through an optimization of their 835 process as well.
Ep. 190: Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns | Listen time: 21:21
Multiple Authors | 9/23/2020
In this episode, global leaders at Cerner discuss Australia's approach to battling the COVID-19 pandemic.
LTT_blog_OSU mortality risk_medical record
Oklahoma State U uses EHR data to model COVID-19 mortality risk
Researchers at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Systems Innovation are using digital health data to build predictive models of disease risk that could improve treatment and outcomes.
Banner University Medical Center facility
Banner cuts half a million alerts to improve clinician experience
Banner Health | 9/22/2020
Banner and Cerner Continuous Improvement Delivery worked to optimize medication clinical decision support and dose range checking alerts.
Improving operational performance with ERP technology
Wayne Allen | 9/21/2020
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can help health organizations focus and align crucial areas such as financials, supply chain, grants, payroll and human resources.
Ep. 189: The impact of COVID-19 on AI and ML | Listen time: 25:45
Multiple Authors | 9/16/2020
In this episode, health care thought leader John Glaser and Cerner's Dr. Tanuj Gupta discuss the impact that COVID-19 is having on artificial intelligence and machine learning in health care.
Client Story - Nurse at desk
Rapid implementation helps Adventist Health manage capacity amid COVID-19 surges
Cerner Corporation | 9/16/2020
Adventist Health deployed CareAware Capacity Management® in just seven days, helping the organization track critical resources to care for COVID-19 patients.
Ep. 188: COVID-19’s global impact on health care | Listen time: 21:12
Multiple Authors | 9/15/2020
In this episode, Cerner's Matthew Pickett and Dr. Colin Fincham discuss the international impact of COVID-19.
LTT Blog COVID Lessons
COVID-19 lessons learned: 7 health care experts share their insights from the pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 9/14/2020
These health care and IT leaders share the lessons they’ve learned so far from the pandemic and how it’s shaping the future of care.
The international response to COVID-19
Matthew Pickett | 9/9/2020
COVID-19 has encouraged us all to be more globally aware — while also focusing on the risks close at hand in our local communities.
Q&A: Shifting traditional workforce health strategies to include virtual models
David Nill, MD | 9/2/2020
Employers worldwide are feeling the impact of COVID-19, and many believe virtual health will play a significant role in how care is delivered to their workforce in the future.
Ep. 187: Revolutionizing COVID-19 research | Listen time: 35:00
Multiple Authors | 9/1/2020
Leaders from the Duke Clinical Research Institute discuss how an EHR-enabled Learning Health Network can move the needle on COVID-19 research.
Advocate Aurora Health SI Teleconference August 20
Cerner Corporation | 8/27/2020
Advocate Aurora Health has turned to data to help control costs while maintaining quality across its 1.3M value-based lives spanning its 400-mile network.
Why an IT-driven pandemic response may be the source of lasting change at BayCare Health System
The use of technology and analytics to inform care decisions was a linchpin in BayCare's COVID-19 response.
Blog AI Bias image_people_orange overlay
SERIES: AI myths – Gender and racial bias in ML algorithms?
Multiple Authors | 8/24/2020
Tanuj Gupta, MD, vice president, Cerner Intelligence, is joined by Rebecca Winokur, MD, Cerner physician executive. They jointly tackle gender and racial bias in ML algorithms and how the industry can overcome the issue.
Q&A: What COVID-19 means for rural health now and in the future
Mitchell Clark | 8/20/2020
In this Q&A, Cerner's Mitchell Clark discusses the current and future financial and operational impacts of COVID-19 on rural health care organizations.
Ep. 186: Trends shaping health care’s new normal | Listen time: 25:35
Dick Flanigan | 8/18/2020
In this episode, we talk to Dick Flanigan, senior vice president of strategy, policy and regulation, Cerner.
Q&A: Reimagining the health care economy
Multiple Authors | 8/11/2020
A systematic approach that combines data and insights will help providers build, grow and scale their care delivery networks, with the potential of lowering costs and increasing quality outcomes.
Value-based programs and care management boost quality while decreasing cost and utilization
Roper St. Francis Healthcare | 8/11/2020
While most of the U.S. health care market inches toward value-based care, Roper St. Francis Healthcare in Charleston, South Carolina, has fully adopted the payment model as part of its more than 150-year-old mission: “Healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence.”
Client Story_St Joseph_doctor with patient wearing masks
St. Joseph’s Health streamlines admission documentation, saving time for COVID-19 care
Cerner Corporation | 8/6/2020
As COVID-19 engulfed northern New Jersey this past spring, leaders at St. Joseph’s Health developed strategies to cope with rising patient volumes and help maximize limited resources, including caregivers’ time and energy. In late April 2020, the organization worked with Cerner’s Continuous Improvement team to reduce the burden of admission documentation through an expedited admission intake essential clinical dataset (ECD) project.
LTT_podcast_MOrale_hospital staff meeting
Ep. 185: Strategies for uplifting staff morale during COVID-19 | Listen time: 19:35
Amy Hoey, MS, BSN, RN-BC | 8/4/2020
In this episode, we talk to Amy Hoey, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts.
LTT_blog_Trends_associates in meeting
2020 health care trends revisited
Dick Flanigan | 8/3/2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the health care landscape for the rest of 2020 and likely for years to come.
Lessons from optimization project paves the way for second phase
Lakeland Regional Health | 7/31/2020
Cerner helped Lakeland Regional Health with the first round of an optimization project. Afterward, health system leaders took the lessons learned and continued the process.
Removing financial barriers to improve EHR access
Mitchell Clark | 7/29/2020
To support patients and staff, critical access hospitals need to fully harness the power of technology.
Expedited COVID-19 testing supports timely decision-making in Victoria, Australia
Cerner Corporation | 7/28/2020
Technology helps Alfred Health share COVID-19 test results in roughly 24 hours, informing the actions of individuals, businesses and governments.
It's time for health care providers to stop faxing
Multiple Authors | 7/27/2020
It’s time for the industry to move from faxing to a seamless, connected and secure exchange of data.
Q&A: What are the benefits of real-time location tracking in health care?
Timothy Shiuh, MD | 7/22/2020
Real-time location systems can be a powerful tool to streamline hospital operations and increase visibility.
Ep. 184: Empowering people with disabilities in health care and tech | Listen time: 17:27
Multiple Authors | 7/21/2020
In this episode, we talk to Andrea Fox and Blake Richardson, co-chairs of the Cerner associate business resource group for people with disabilities.
6 takes on managing COVID-19 patient surges
Cerner Corporation | 7/20/2020
These blogs and podcasts feature some of the top insights and lessons learned about how to combat the challenges of a COVID-19 patient surge.
Ep. 183: Preparing hospitals for natural disasters amid COVID-19 | Listen time: 13:17
Hans Buitendijk | 7/14/2020
In this episode, Cerner's Hans Buitendijk discusses how hospitals and health systems are dealing with the dual risks of natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.
SERIES: Myths in AI - Will clinicians be replaced in health care decision-making?
Tanuj Gupta, MD | 7/13/2020
In this Q&A, Cerner's Tanuj Gupta, MD, discusses the possibility of AI and ML replacing human clinicians, and why these technologies have the potential to help doctors improve care delivery and patient outcomes.
Q&A: How do we get patients to return to hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Don Paulson | 7/9/2020
Cerner's Don Paulson discusses the strategies that health care organizations should embrace to win patients back and stabilize revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pana building exterior
Collaboration, commitment and flexibility support revenue cycle implementation at Pana Community Hospital
Pana Community Hospital | 7/8/2020
Cerner Transition Services helped critical-access hospital decrease average A/R days, standard delay and ready-to-bill days following revenue cycle implementation.
(Rebroadcast) Ep. 173: A personal account from a physician on the front lines of COVID-19 | Listen time: 16:06
Dr. Jeetu Nanda | 7/7/2020
In this episode, Dr. Jeetu Nanda shares his experiences on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Analytics help data-driven decision-making during pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 7/7/2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Qatar, leaders at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) relied heavily on data and analytics to make informed decisions on everything from capacity management, establishing field hospitals, contact tracing and even catering services.
test tubes covid-19
MOHAP uses web form to gather data from private hospitals, improve nationwide COVID-19 response
Cerner Corporation | 7/2/2020
When COVID-19 hit the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) needed a new way to gather information from private hospitals to coordinate a national response.
Ep. 182: Using data to understand the health care and social needs of military families | Listen time: 17:21
Multiple Authors | 6/30/2020
In this episode, Cerner's Daniel Thode talks to Shannon Razsadin of Military Family Advisory Network.
It's time for a new kind of electronic health record
John Glaser | 6/29/2020
Retired Cerner executive John Glaser explains why a redesign of the EHR is essential.
Ep. 181: Advancing LGBTQIA diversity, equity and inclusion in health care and tech | Listen time: 17:27
Multiple Authors | 6/22/2020
In this episode, we honor Pride Month with Nick Vargo and Crystal Denson, co-chairs of the Cerner LGBTQIA associate business resource group.
Open platform and innovation program allow EHR to integrate with third-party solutions
Banner Health | 6/22/2020
With more health care services becoming digital, Banner Health is taking advantage of allowing third-party companies to fully interact within its electronic health record.
Health system honored by HIMSS for improved communication, increase in vaccination rates and cancer screenings
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center | 6/22/2020
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research receive HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award of Excellence for proving it provides excellent care utilizing health information technology.
Webinar: Operating in the new normal - response and looking toward recovery
Cerner Corporation | 6/18/2020
In this June 10 American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) webinar, leaders from Children’s National and East Jefferson shared stories from the front lines on how their organizations have responded to the pandemic.
Great River Klein Center staff ace CMS’s infection control survey with only one month to prepare
Cerner Corporation | 6/18/2020
When Klein Center staff did its exit interview with CMS, the surveyors commented they felt Klein Center contained some of the most prepared staff they’d spoken with.
How COVID-19 changed technology adoption, speed and agility in health care
Emily C. Webber, MD, FAAP, FAMIA | 6/15/2020
Amid COVID-19, the health care industry has an unprecedented opportunity to adopt more agile methods of caring for patients
UHS analyzes COVID-19 metrics across 26 hospitals
Cerner Corporation | 6/11/2020
Universal Health Services uses Cerner HealtheEDWSM to create an interactive dashboard that facilitates data collection and analysis of key COVID-19 metrics across 26 hospitals.
Ep. 180: Reopening hospital services during COVID-19: Two executive takes │ Listen time: 26:08
Multiple Authors | 6/9/2020
In this episode, Cerner vice president Dick Flanigan talks to two central Missouri health care executives about what it's like to restart elective care amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Using technology to support new forms of patient engagement in times of uncertainty
Cerner Corporation | 6/8/2020
Video and other online solutions are essential parts of the health care industry's rapid transformation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Recovering from the financial impact of COVID-19
Cerner Corporation | 6/8/2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many health care organizations must recover from operational and financial burdens that have stemmed from the crisis.
Palomar Health staff prepare for reopening in midst of COVID-19
Cerner Corporation | 6/5/2020
Essential surgeries are coming back online, with the staff's hope to return to 50% of the normal schedule in June.
Henry Community Health expedites telehealth implementation, reimagines future amid COVID-19
Cerner Corporation | 6/2/2020
Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Henry Community Health embraces the power of virtual care and finds opportunities to engage patients in new ways.
Adapting mental health care to meet the demands of COVID-19
Danny Gladden, MBA, MSW, LCSW | 6/2/2020
For months now, mental health providers across the nation have felt the growing demand for their services and have adapted to deliver care to their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Training providers remotely helps Genesis Health System safely expand telehealth visits
Cerner Corporation | 6/2/2020
Starting in mid-March, IT staff members remotely trained close to 200 providers on telehealth technology in a matter of weeks
Top 10
10 insightful COVID-19 blogs and podcasts
Cerner Corporation | 6/1/2020
These podcast episodes and blog posts offer unique perspectives from the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Einstein Healthcare Network proactively engages high-risk patients amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 5/29/2020
Running an open-source model in HealtheDataLab helps Einstein Healthcare Network predict patients’ COVID-19 complication risk and prioritize high-risk patients for care management outreach.
Preparedness and innovation drive Intermountain Healthcare’s COVID-19 response
Cerner Corporation | 5/29/2020
Intermountain Healthcare’s innovative disaster response addresses COVID-19 with efficient testing, virtual care and wellness resources.
Ep. 179: A patient’s perspective on the power of telehealth | Listen time: 16:47
Multiple Authors | 5/26/2020
In this episode, Shanna Adamic of Cerner's First Hand shares her personal story of being a brain tumor survivor and the important role that telehealth – and her own advocacy – played in her journey.
Fitzgibbon Hospital rallies rural Missouri community in fight against COVID-19
Cerner Corporation | 5/21/2020
Fitzgibbon Hospital leaders share how accessible testing, ingenuity and preparedness support their community-wide efforts against COVID-19.
Monitor, track, prevent: A holistic approach to the COVID-19 pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 5/21/2020
Like other health systems around the world, when reports of COVID-19 appeared, leaders at the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) knew they needed a holistic approach to keeping their population as safe as possible.
ED Callback Worklist reduces time and lab result paperwork in the ED
Sharp HealthCare | 5/21/2020
When it came to following up on abnormal lab results taken in the emergency department (ED), nurses at Sharp HealthCare spent too much time printing charts, collecting handwritten information and preparing packets for physicians.
Mission hospital exterior
Mission Health reduces falls to zero, calls the $4.8 million in cost avoidance only the beginning
Mission Health | 5/21/2020
The Asheville, N.C.-based health system added Cerner Patient Observer to six neurosciences unit patient beds in August 2015. During the study, the average falls rate – as measured per 1,000 patient days of care – dropped from four per month to zero.
Operating in the new normal - Response and looking toward recovery
Cerner Corporation | 5/20/2020
Ep. 178: How do we help clinicians cope with the mental health struggles of COVID-19? | Listen time: 28:30
Multiple Authors | 5/19/2020
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in this episode, we’re joined by two Cerner behavioral health experts for a discussion on how the health care industry can best support clinician wellness through the challenges of COVID-19.
Providing mental health support to Veterans and first responders
Brandon Fureigh | 5/18/2020
LifeAid is a national initiative that bridges technology and mental health care to help reduce suicides among Veterans and first responders.
Ep. 177: A step forward in improving health care for Service members and Veterans | Listen time: 23:04
Multiple Authors | 5/14/2020
In this episode, leaders from the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization Program Office discuss the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' new joint health information exchange.
New medication management recommendations can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 at long-term care facilities
Nicole Fink | 5/13/2020
Using technology, and other strategies, to reduce in-person interactions while administering medicine can help flatten the COVID-19 curve and may save lives.
Ep. 176: The importance of nursing leadership during a pandemic | Listen time: 13:05
Multiple Authors | 5/12/2020
In this episode, we celebrate International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday with a conversation between two nursing leaders, Gina Marone of Einstein Healthcare Network and Cerner's Constance McLaughlin.
MU Health Care providers use telehealth to screen potential COVID-19 patients
Cerner Corporation | 5/12/2020
In the first month, providers used Amwell to conduct more than 2,000 on-demand telehealth visits.
Blog_DataAnalytics_using tech_blue overlay
6 ways data and analytics can be powerful tools in the COVID-19 fight
Cerner Corporation | 5/11/2020
Data and analytics can provide clarity and support for clinical and operational decision-making amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
Doctor preparing medical sample
Toolkit helps health system standardize opioid treatment agreement across facilities
CoxHealth | 5/11/2020
Other efforts in the health system included alerts, education and clinical decision support which helped lower the number of opioid prescriptions given to patients.
Client-telehealth_elderly couple using tablet for telehealth appointment
Lafayette General Health increases telehealth visits during COVID-19 pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 5/8/2020
LGH rapidly deployed Amwell to conduct thousands of telemedicine visits between mid-March and mid-April
Celebrating the vital role of nursing
Darinda Sutton, MSN, RN-BC, FACHE | 5/6/2020
During National Nurses Week, and every day, nurses remain a constant, trusted and critical pillar of the health care industry.
Yavapai Regional Medical Center builds tents to triage COVID-19 testing
Cerner Corporation | 5/6/2020
With the possibility of increased emergency department visits related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yavapai Regional Medical Center established off-site screening and care rooms in tents.
ClientStory_Macon_doctor holding globe graphic image
Rural hospital completes Cerner’s first virtual EHR conversion during COVID-19 pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 5/5/2020
Health Systems convert college sports facilities into COVID-19 field hospitals
Cerner Corporation | 5/5/2020
Faced with the possibility of overtaxed hospitals without enough beds for COVID-19 patients, many health systems around the world built field hospitals to handle a potential surge.
Sharp HealthCare uses multiple solutions in COVID-19 response
Cerner Corporation | 5/5/2020
6 tips to quickly onboard your health care organization’s telehealth platform
Fallon McManus, MD | 4/29/2020
Fallon McManus of Lafayette General Health in Louisiana shares advice on rolling out a telehealth platform in a matter of days.
‘Preparing for the worst, praying for the best’ – Q&A with a chief medical officer on the front lines of COVID-19
Multiple Authors | 4/28/2020
In this Q&A, the chief medical officer of East Jefferson General Hospital outside New Orleans discusses how the organization is managing COVID-19 among a sizeable senior population.
Integrated electronic health record streamlines patient information during COVID-19 pandemic
Cerner Corporation | 4/27/2020
On Vancouver Island, Canada, local health authority Island Health uses its integrated electronic health record (EHR) to help clinicians diagnose and treat patients efficiently while helping ensure patient and staff safety during its COVID-19 pandemic response.
Pediatric hospital leads the way in providing COVID-19 care
Cerner Corporation | 4/27/2020
While hospitals globally face a monumental task providing care amid a surge of COVID-19 cases, the pediatric clinicians at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. face the unique challenges of working to keep young patients safe during the pandemic.
My view: A Cerner doctor shares how quickly his life changed due to COVID-19
Julian Ferris, MD | 4/24/2020
A Cerner doctor who practices at a hospital in northern Vermont provides insight into his life as an emergency physician before and during the COVID-19 outbreak.
The Scottsdale Institute convened 23 innovation and digital-health executives in Chicago for the 2019 Innovation & Digital Health Summit on September 25-26, 2019. Participants represented large academic medical centers, multi-regional health systems, rural hospitals and clinics from across the nation. These leaders gathered to discuss “Launching New Business Models,” including how innovation and digital health are structured, emerging business models, internal and external partners, key challenges and lessons learned. Executive titles represented strategy, marketing, innovation, digital health, consumer experience and IT, all dedicated to transforming healthcare into a consumer centered model, supported by an integrated, digital-health platform.
The Scottsdale Institute convened 23 innovation and digital-health executives in Chicago for the 2019 Innovation & Digital Health Summit on September 25-26, 2019. Participants represented large academic medical centers, multi-regional health systems, rural hospitals and clinics from across the nation. These leaders gathered to discuss “Launching New Business Models,” including how innovation and digital health are structured, emerging business models, internal and external partners, key challenges and lessons learned. Executive titles represented strategy, marketing, innovation, digital health, consumer experience and IT, all dedicated to transforming healthcare into a consumer centered model, supported by an integrated, digital-health platform.
From a Cerner doctor on the front lines of COVID-19: “My world changed overnight.”
Anup D. Salgia, DO, FACEP | 4/22/2020
A Cerner doctor in Ohio shares his experience caring for COVID-19 patients.
Q&A: How can health systems adapt to the unique challenges of COVID-19?
Linda Reed of St. Joseph's Health in New Jersey shares how her organization is tackling the demands of providing care amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Ep. 175: Recognizing health care IT heroes on the front lines of COVID-19 | Listen time: 25:52
Dick Flanigan | 4/20/2020
In this episode, we’re joined by Dick Flanigan who is leading Cerner’s COVID-19 pandemic response, working to help hospitals and health system leaders around the world navigate the many changes of the public health crisis.
Client Provider Charting
Documentation tool helps Genesis Health providers improve charting efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic
Genesis Health creates new documentation tool
Q&A: How are rural communities pulling together as health systems prepare for COVID-19?
While headlines about COVID-19 have focused on large metropolitan areas, rural health systems are also bracing for the impact of the pandemic. In this Q&A, Adam Willmann, president and CEO of Goodall-Witcher Hospital in Clifton, Texas, discusses how his community is working together to help prepare for a potential surge of COVID-19 patients.
blog_VA_DoD expand capacity for records(002)_american flag gavel orange overlay
DoD and VA expand capability to share health records
Travis Dalton | 4/20/2020
VA and DoD have gone live with a new joint health information exchange that enhances the ability to share records with community health care partners.
TPN Advisor helps improve patient safety, eliminates manual calculations
Universal Health Services | 4/15/2020
Clinicians at Universal Health Services have developed an innovative tool to ensure patients who need an alternate feeding method get the right nutrients.
Cerner and Fortified Health Security join forces to protect health systems from cyber risks
Multiple Authors | 4/15/2020
A managed security service provider (MSSP) can help health care systems tackle the challenges of protecting patients, clinical outcomes and financial resources from cybersecurity threats in standard operating times and in periods of higher risk, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
CoxHealth uses innovative technology to provide care during pandemic
Health systems are finding new ways to provide care and protect clinicians and patients during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Circle Health turns to Ring cameras and other technology to help manage COVID-19 pandemic
Circle Health is turning to creative tech solutions to make care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic safer for patients and clinicians.
Establishing a new normal to tackle the COVID-19 crisis
In this American Nursing Informatics Association interview, Cerner's COVID-19 experts share how the company is responding to the pandemic and supporting clients in this unprecedented crisis.
Why kindness, communication and transparency are keys to your pandemic response
Paul Kempinski of Children's Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri discusses his team's pandemic response and how children's hospitals can support their communities during this outbreak.
Responding to the COVID-19 health care surge
As the world navigates COVID-19, health care organizations must prepare for a surge of new patients.
Q&A: How can health IT leaders prepare for a surge in COVID-19 patients?
A Cerner associate shares the lessons he’s learned so far while leading a health care IT team in Seattle, one of the cities hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.
12 tips for leading a team through crisis management
Innovating in a new paradigm
11 tips for handling a COVID-19 patient surge at your health system
Linda Reed, RN, FCHIME, LCHIME | 4/7/2020
St. Joseph's Health shares its best practices for dealing with the rapid rise in COVID-19 patients.
Advancing Healthcare With AI
Mobilizing workstreams from surge capacity to supply chains in response to COVID-19
In this March 31 Scottsdale Institute teleconference, leaders from CoxHealth and Circle Health explained how their health systems are adapting and responding to the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment.
How telemedicine is transforming health care for rural children | listen time: 10:14 (Rebroadcast of Ep. 156)
In this episode, we’re joined by Morgan Waller, director of telemedicine business and operations at Children’s Mercy Kansas City.
Promoting physician wellness during a pandemic
As physicians and health care teams around the world find themselves facing the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, the topic of how we care for our caregivers is more important than ever.
Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Cerner Offers Support to Clients, Associates and Communities Worldwide
Cerner Corporation continues to support health systems around the world as they fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hospitals turn to extraordinary measures to increase capacity, supplies
Why you should have a global perspective on health care │ listen time: 10:22 (Rebroadcast of Ep. 134)
In this episode, we talk to Dr. Nick van Terheyden, founder and CEO of Incremental Healthcare. He discusses why a global outlook on health care is crucial to delivering smarter care and better patient outcomes.
Q&A: How can telehealth help lower risks during a public health crisis?
In this Q&A, Amwell's Dr. Peter Antall shares how virtual care can help combat a public health crisis and what health systems need to know to implement telehealth technology quickly and efficiently.
Rural towns are preparing for the worst during outbreak
Ep. 172: Empowering truly open and interoperable health care | Listen time: 22:54
In this episode, CommonWell's Paul Wilder and Cerner's Kashif Rathore discuss what’s next for health care interoperability and the impact on patients, providers and health systems.
Ep. 171: Cerner's take on the final interoperability and information blocking rules | Listen time: 17:46
In this episode, we’re joined by Cerner’s Meg Marshall and Dick Flanigan. They share their expertise on what’s in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s final interoperability and information blocking rules and Cerner's continued commitment to interoperability and adhering to the new requirements.
Glen Falls Hospital logo_hospital exterior background
Data helps streamline operations, manage nursing utilization and expedite patient transfers
Glens Falls Hospital | 3/11/2020
Cerner ITWorks client used Clairvia and CareAware Capacity Management to help manage nursing utilization while decreasing patient transfer and transport times.
21st Century Cures Act - An Open Letter
An open letter from Brent Shafer on the 21st Century Cures Act.
Op-Ed: Health Care Is Too Important To Stay The Same
Cerner CEO Brent Shafer shares his thoughts on the importance of interoperability and the ONC ruling
Care coordination: The missing piece to your workforce health strategy
Cerner Corporation | 3/5/2020
Lower costs and better health outcomes start with a workforce health strategy that incorporates outreach, advocacy and coaching.
Ep. 170: Improving patient care with a connected health network strategy | Listen time: 18:03
In this episode, Nate Kelly, Cerner vice president and health network general manager, talks to Mike Seda, senior director of the Health Alliance at the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation in Columbia, Missouri.
SERIES: Myths in AI - Will regulation limit the impact in health care?
Tanuj Gupta, MD | 3/2/2020
Cerner's Tanuj Gupta, MD, tackles questions around regulations and their potential to limit the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in health care.
Ep. 169: How streamlining nursing documentation can help health systems provide safer care | Listen time: 12:00
In this episode, Cerner’s David Wilcox talks to Teresa Freeman, vice president, chief nursing officer and chief clinical informatics officer for West Tennessee Healthcare.
Using AI to break down the challenges of clinical documentation
In a recent interview with Becker’s Healthcare, Cerner's Dr. Tanuj Gupta and Beth McCauley shared six principles of using technology to support clinical documentation improvement.
Health care matchmaking: Helping patients find the right providers
Cerner and Kyruus are collaborating to help enhance online search and scheduling experiences.
Ep. 168: Advancing diversity, inclusion and equity for women in health and tech | Listen time: 14:56
In this episode, the co-chairs of Cerner’s Association Business Resource Group for women have a roundtable discussion about diversity, inclusion and equity in health care and tech.
St Stephen’s Hospital wins Australia’s first HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award
St Stephens Hospital | 2/18/2020
Australia’s first fully integrated digital hospital used health information technology to help return thousands of nursing hours to bedside care, reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries, decrease adverse drug events due to medication omissions, and standardize care to reduce length of stay for orthopedic patients.
Ep. 167: How can hospitals better engage patients and providers in their health | Listen time: 17:53
In this episode, Dick Flanigan, Cerner’s senior vice president of ITWorksSM, talks to Mike Wallace, president and CEO of Fort HealthCare, a community hospital in southern Wisconsin.
How intelligence at the health care edge saves lives
Hospital care providers are using a combination of edge computing, AI, and Wi-Fi data networks to rapidly detect and treat deadly sepsis infections.
yavapai regional medical center exterior
Prescription drug monitoring program helps decrease opioid prescriptions, saves providers time at Yavapai Regional Medical Center
Yavapai Regional Medical Center | 2/8/2020
Prescription drug monitoring program helps providers reduce prescribed opioids and increase the number of reports accessed by providers, while helping improve workflow.
Essential clinical dataset saves nurses time
Island Health | 2/7/2020
Island Health leaders on Vancouver Island, Canada, knew they needed to find a way to simplify the process.
Taking data from big and complex to manageable and actionable
In health care, the power to accurately predict the future can save time, resources and, most importantly, lives.
Ep. 166: How an open EHR advances AI and machine learning in health care | Listen time: 19:43
In this episode, we talk to Jean-Claude Saghbini, chief technology officer for the health division of Wolters Kluwer. He explains why embracing an open culture is an important step toward advancing AI and machine learning, and helping organizations meet the ever-evolving demands of health care.
5 health care trends we're watching in 2020
From the rise of artificial intelligence to a greater focus on social determinants of health, these are the health care and technology trends we have our sights on for 2020.
Ep. 165: An early look: How will the 2020 election impact health care policy? | Listen time: 15:05
In this episode, Dick Flanigan, senior vice president of ITWorks at Cerner, talks to Meg Marshall, Cerner’s senior director of public policy and government affairs, about how the presidential election might impact health care legislation.
How can employers and unions manage the rising costs of prescriptions?
Erin Smith | 1/27/2020
The rising cost of pharmacy services is a major challenge facing organizations that are trying to manage the health of their workforce and lower their health care spend. Here are some practical steps that organizations can take to help mitigate this expensive problem.
Ep. 164: Combatting Veteran and Service member suicide and opioid abuse with a modern EHR | listen time: 23:42
In this episode, Dr. Jigar Patel of Cerner Government Services talks to Dr. Matt Miller and Dr. Stephen Hunt of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They discuss how a modern military electronic health record can help prevent suicide and opioid abuse among Service members and Veterans.
Ep. 163: Can agile methodology improve health care? | listen time: 16:38
In this episode, we talk to Sherri Hess, chief nursing informatics officer at Banner Health.
How real-time health systems maximize operational efficiency and shape the next generation of care
In this blog, we ask three Cerner executives to share their thoughts on what a real-time health system looks like, and how it can improve quality and health outcomes, lower costs, increase patient satisfaction and shape the next generation of care.
Prescription pricing tool helps lower medication costs for patients
Atrium Health | 1/9/2020
Solution embedded into the EHR helps providers see the cost of prescriptions and find lower-cost alternatives for patients.
Ep. 162: Increasing health care consumer engagement with patient portals | listen time: 7:53
In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Srinivasan Suresh, vice president, CIO and CMIO at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.
8 client stories that inspire the next era of health care
These eight stories highlight how Cerner clients are achieving great results through collaboration and innovation.
7 of our favorite podcasts from 2019
These seven podcasts highlight some of the most insightful conversations we’ve had in 2019 and set the stage for further innovation in the next decade of health care.
Looking over data on tablet
Encompass Health and Cerner develop predictive model to reduce acute care transfers, win CHIME Collaboration Award
Encompass Health | 12/19/2019
Encompass Health, one of the largest providers of post-acute healthcare services in the U.S., paired with Cerner in 2009 to implement a post-acute electronic medical record (EMR) at each of its 133 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals across 37 states.
Ep. 161: Bringing the retail experience to health care | listen time: 17:17
In this episode, we’re joined by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist, advisor and trend weaver.
Ep. 160: Training VA clinicians to maximize their new electronic health record | listen time: 26:22
In this episode, Chris Higginbotham, Cerner’s director of change management, sits down with Jill Draime, acting executive director of change management for the military’s Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization, to talk about the VA Innovative Technology Advancement Lab (VITAL).
10 must-read health care blogs from 2019
These 10 blogs highlight the strides we’ve made in health care in 2019 and set the stage for further development and innovation in the coming year.
Innovation for all: The importance of inclusive practices in tech
Our focus on diversity and inclusion is a critical step in our journey toward transforming the future of health care, empowering the next generation of health care IT leaders and driving innovation.
Ep. 159: Transforming behavioral health care with the essential clinical dataset | listen time: 9:51
In this episode, Sue Lundquist, director and regional clinical executive at Cerner, talks to Lori Dunivan, regional nursing informatics officer for Northern Light Health.
Fighting cybersecurity attacks with endpoint detection and response
Caleb Eggink | 12/9/2019
Cyberattacks are a serious, increasing threat to clinicians' efforts to provide the care that matters most.
Emergency hospital sign
ED solution helps track patients during their hospital stay while helping improve care
North York General Hospital | 12/5/2019
In addition to tracking patients, and scaling up in an emergency, leaders can pull reports to help them figure out how to improve throughput
3 ways the cloud is transforming health care: Cerner at AWS re:Invent 2019
From reducing financial waste to improving patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction, AWS re:Invent is a great opportunity to examine and showcase how the cloud is fueling innovation and transforming the future of care.
Ep. 158: How are you addressing rising prescription costs for your workforce? | listen time: 12:13
In this episode, we talk to Erin Smith, manager and senior pharmacist for Cerner’s four on-site pharmacies.
blog_Glaser_open connect cubes_blue overlay
Build. Repeat. Scale. Creating an open world of health care
The process of transforming the future of health care is complex, and embracing openness ─ in platforms, technology and culture ─ is a key to getting where we need to go.
Cerner Achieves 500th Patent with Voice-Assisted Technology
The company builds on its long history of industry-leading innovation.
Ep. 157: Intermountain on the future of interoperability and personalized care for Veterans and Service members | listen time: 13:31
In this episode, Mark Mellott of Cerner Government Services sits down with Intermountain Healthcare's Vice President and CIO, Marc Probst.
Why we should be thankful for health care IT
Beth L. Martel | 11/25/2019
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Beth L. Martel of Keck Medicine of USC shares how her journey as a cancer patient is positively impacted by innovation in health care IT.
The future of rural health care is bright
Mitchell Clark | 11/21/2019
National Rural Health Day, which is the third Thursday of every November, is our opportunity to honor the selfless, community-minded spirit of rural America, and, of course, to celebrate the health care innovation that’s happening outside of the country’s urban cores.
10 stories on improving health outcomes in rural communities
These 10 blogs and podcasts discuss the importance of prioritizing technology that empowers rural and community health care providers.
Tackling obesity in rural America
Cerner's Dr. Michael Fadden shares his lessons learned from building a successful obesity program for patients in a rural community.
Blog_Interop_icons graphics person holding tablet
5 ways interoperability improves health care
Merry Enright of Winona Health shares how interoperable systems have helped her organization achieve better health outcomes, lower costs and an enhanced patient experience.
Ep. 155: Designing for the health care future we want | listen time: 11:35
Paul Weaver | 11/14/2019
In this episode, we celebrate World Usability Day. Cerner's Paul Weaver shares how UX design can help develop a smarter health care landscape and address industry challenges.
Using virtual reality to inspire innovation in health care
In this Q&A, Taylor Floyd, a data strategist at Cerner, explains how his team is driving innovation and showcasing the ways AR and VR can be applied to transform the future of care.
A personal story on serving those who serve
Chad Ruoff of Cerner Government Services shares how the legacy of his late father, a Veteran who battled cancer, inspires the work he's doing to help modernize health care for Service members and Veterans.
Boosting patient-centered care with integrated mobile devices
Smartphones and other mobile devices have the potential to broaden the care team community, extend the health network community and leverage efficient communication.
Ep. 154: Providing a lifetime of seamless health care for Service members and Veterans | listen time: 16:27
In this episode, Mark Mellott of Cerner Government Services has a conversation with two combat Veterans who are members of the Cerner Government Advisory Board: retired United States Army Col. Greg Gadson and Dr. James Peake, retired lieutenant general and former Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA).
Physical therapy photo
5 on-site health services to help address high-cost clinical conditions in the workplace
David Bradshaw | 11/7/2019
Traditionally, on-site health centers have focused on occupational health, primary care and urgent care. But, new health innovations provide employees with additional care access and help employers manage conditions that fall outside of conventional services.
The virtual health evolution
Amid an evolving, dynamic health care environment, virtual health care is emerging as a powerful tool that enables providers to deliver more cost-effective, connected and personalized care.
Data-driven optimization helps Northern Light Health save an estimated $1.3 million annually
Northern Light Health | 11/6/2019
Northern Light Health worked with Cerner’s Continuous Improvement associates to improve documentation workflows and reduce transcription costs while decreasing chart time review.
Ep. 153: Do moon phases really impact health care? | Transcription
Nate Kelly, FACHE | 11/5/2019
Ep. 153: Do moon phases really impact health care? | listen time: 14:02
In this episode, we’re joined by Nate Kelly, senior director and GM for Health Networks at Cerner.
The future of health care is what we create
By and large, patients, providers and policymakers all want a health care system that’s accessible, innovative, affordable and focused on wellness. But how do we get there? And, how will the rapid changes in health care impact the path forward?
What I learned from my year on Capitol Hill: Creating change through health care policy
Cerner associate, Hannah Luetke-Stahlman, shares lessons learned from her year in the Health and Aging Policy Fellows program.
Ep. 152: Creating a common electronic health record for Service members and Veterans | 22:32
In this episode, Travis Dalton, president for Cerner Government Services, talks to Mr. William Tinston, program executive officer for Defense Healthcare Management Systems, and Mr. John Windom, executive director for VA’s Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization.
Q&A: How can predictive algorithms reduce hospital readmissions?
Encompass Health is using a predictive analytics algorithm and other artificial intelligence tools to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.
Doctors discussing at laptop
Midland Health sees positive results after implementing Cerner Revenue Cycle Management
Midland Memorial Hospital | 10/22/2019
When Midland Health leaders chose Cerner for its revenue cycle solutions, the health system saw improvement in financial metrics including discharged, not final billable days and accounts receivable.
Urgent care clinics improve workflow while increasing patient access to care
Adventist Health | 10/22/2019
When Adventist Health launched two new urgent care clinics, in addition to giving patients a new option, they also found ways to reduce time spent in the EHR, giving that time back to patients.
What banking can teach health care about handling customer data
Why is the routine exchange of health care information still so difficult compared with the routine exchange of financial information?
From diagnosis to holistic patient care, machine learning is transforming health care
Machine learning has proven to be a viable resource for health care providers, the next step is scaling the creation of intelligence and its integration back into the workflow at the point of decision-making.
Reflections on CHC19
The theme for CHC19 was NOW/NEXT ─ the idea that we must address challenges in the now while transforming to the next.
podcast on data analytics
Ep. 150: Using advanced data analytics to make health care delivery more efficient and accurate │ listen time: 7:47
In this episode, we have a conversation with Dr. Srinivasan Suresh, vice president, CIO and CMIO at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.
Exploring the future of AI, addressing clinician burnout and health care policy | #CHC19 day three
The final day of CHC19 gave attendees a chance to continue to network and learn.
Brent Shafer’s exciting announcements, discussions on cloud, consumer experience, revenue cycle strategies and more | #CHC19 day two
The second day of CHC19 featured a keynote from Cerner CEO Brent Shafer, a dynamic lineup of education sessions and plenty of buzz on the Solutions Gallery floor.
Cerner Physician Community Forum, Monday keynotes, Solution Gallery floor opening and more │ #CHC19 day one
On Monday, CHC19 featured a full day of education sessions, two evening keynotes and the opening of the 90,000-square-foot Solutions Gallery.
Introducing the CHC19 Social Media Influencers
Follow these CHC19 Social Media Influencers to stay updated throughout the conference.
Transforming EHR training to improve care for Veterans
VA Innovative Technology Advancement Lab (VITAL) training will improve VA end-user adoption, and it’s a methodology all Cerner clients can use.
Truman Medical Centers receives second HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award
Truman Medical Centers | 10/4/2019
Truman Medical Centers shows how it used virtual observation to improve patient safety, reduced the 30-day readmission rate and promoted opioid stewardship. Only four other organizations have won the award twice.
We can budget for groceries ─ why can’t we budget for health care costs?
Health care cost estimate tools are a step toward relieving patients from the burden of not knowing their out-of-pocket costs.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner and I2i Population Health Collaborate to Better Serve Medicaid Population
Cerner and i2i Population Health are working together to increase the care quality and reduce costs for millions that depend on Medicaid services through population health management offerings.
5 health care policy topics to watch at Cerner Health Conference 2019
CHIME President and CEO Russ Branzell shares the health care policy topics he is looking forward to discussing at CHC19.
Ep. 146: Eliminating data silos to improve strategies and patient outcomes │ listen time: 22:17
In this episode, we’re joined by Ravi Badh, manager of business intelligence and clinical analytics at Children’s National, and Paul Lampi, director of enterprise analytics and reporting at Memorial Hermann.
Unlimited potential: Perspectives on Cerner’s next 40 years
Tracy Platt, Emil Peters and Kimberly Gerard share their thoughts on Cerner's 40-year history and what's next for the company.
Connecting patient data through interoperability helps improve care across Los Angeles area health systems
Keck Medicine of USC | 9/27/2019
With interoperability, Keck Medicine of USC providers have quick access to available patient data from outside organizations, and they incorporate that information into the local record to help make better treatment decisions.
Ep. 145: How nurses in Canada use the essential clinical dataset to simplify admission documentation │ listen time: 10:58
On this episode, Sonia Pagliaroli, chief nursing officer for Cerner Canada, talks to Samantha Stockand, informaticist from Vancouver Island Health Authority in British Columbia, Canada.
Cerner and GetWellNetwork Bring More Convenience and Accessibility to Health Care
Cerner Corporation and GetWellNetwork are collaborating to bridge gaps between providers and patients from inpatient to outpatient settings and the home.
40 years at the intersection of health care and IT
For four decades, Cerner has pursued breakthrough innovation that’s helped shaped the health care industry as we know it. Here's a look back at some of the company’s milestones along the way.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Simplee and Cerner to Give Consumers Transparent, Convenient and Personalized Health Care Billing Experience
Simplee and Cerner Corporation announced a new relationship aimed at price transparency, convenient billing and personalized payments options for consumers.
A commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion
As we continue to transform both our company and our culture, we’ll benefit from a diverse and inclusive workforce of highly engaged Cerner associates and leaders whose ideas and contributions are influenced by their unique backgrounds, cultures and life experiences.
Ep. 144: How to improve your health care organization’s learning and development strategy │ listen time: 11:45
On this episode, Darren Nipper of Cerner Learning Services talks to two leaders from St. John’s Health in Jackson, Wyoming: Chief Information Officer Lance Spranger and Susan Freeze, a registered nurse and informatics analyst.
Cerner Health Conference 2019 Keynote Speakers Spotlight: David Pogue and Nicole Malachowski
The keynote speakers for CHC19 include a former Broadway conductor and the first woman Thunderbirds pilot.
36 years at Cerner: ‘I’ve always believed in Cerner’s vision.’
In celebration of Cerner's 40th anniversary, we talk to Mike Williams, the longest-tenured associate, about the company's growth and evolution.
Cerner Declares Quarterly Dividend
Cerner announced its Board of Directors has declared a cash dividend to stockholders of $0.18 per issued and outstanding share.
Ep. 143: Why health care providers need business skills │ listen time: 11:01
In this episode, we’re joined by Atrium Health's Becky Fox to discuss why providers need to balance business, strategic and financial skills with clinical knowledge.
Cerner Sees Continued Growth in Rural Health Care Market with New CommunityWorks Clients
Cerner Corporation continues to see a steady demand for its health care technology from large health systems to rural, smaller-community markets.
Why a clinically driven revenue cycle is essential for your value-based care strategy
Implementing a clinically driven revenue cycle is a significant step toward improving revenue cycle management performance and preparing for value-based care.
Data analysis helps MU Health Care reduce IV waste and improve efficiency
MU Health Care | 9/5/2019
Cerner ITWorksSM client used a data-driven approach to refine pharmacy batch fill processes and adjust staff schedules, ultimately reducing the organization’s IV obsolescence rate by more than 43% over three months.
Ep. 142: What are the benefits of health information exchanges? │ listen time: 25:16
On this episode, we are joined by Brian Mack of Great Lakes Health Connect, a nonprofit organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan that offers a portfolio of health information exchange products and services.
Ep. 141: How do we get more women in health care leadership? │ listen time: 17:09
On this episode, Andrea Hendricks, Cerner’s global leader for diversity and inclusion strategy, talks to Wendy Doyle, president and CEO of the Women’s Foundation, an organization that promotes equity and opportunities for women of all ages.
5 stories on optimizing the patient journey
Here are five perspectives on the importance of improving the patient journey through health system operations that touch every part of the care continuum.
Podcast 140 image_Can federal laws tackle the opioid crisis_green overlay
Ep. 140: Can federal laws tackle the opioid crisis? │ listen time: 19:43
On the final episode of our four-part series on the opioid crisis, Meg Marshall, Cerner’s senior director of public policy, talks to Russ Branzell, CEO and president of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME).
Nurses working at computer station
All-digital St Stephen’s Hospital becomes first inpatient Australian organization facility to receive HIMSS Stage 7
St Stephens Hospital | 8/21/2019
When the Australian government provided a grant to open a fully integrated digital hospital with UnitingCare, leaders saw an opportunity to improve patient care and satisfaction, enhance provider workflows and progress operations in a unique way.
podcast image_pills on keyboard_green overlay
Ep. 139: How e-prescribing can help curb opioid abuse │ listen time: 10:50
On this episode, the third in a four-part series on the opioid epidemic, we’re joined by Kashif Rathore, Cerner’s vice president of interoperability, and Ken Whittemore Jr., vice president of Professional and Regulatory Affairs at Surescripts.
5 steps for using analytics to drive your workforce health strategy
David Bradshaw | 8/19/2019
Analytics are key to evaluating the effectiveness of your workforce health strategies.
Podcast 139_Using technology and data analytics to battle the opioid crisis_blue overlay
Ep. 138: Using technology and data analytics to battle the opioid crisis │ listen time: 12:06
On this episode, the second in a four-part series on the opioid crisis, we are joined by Alan Staples, a leader in Cerner’s opioid management and patient safety strategy.
Podcast 137_impact of opioid addiction
Ep. 137: The impact of opioid addiction on patients, providers and communities │ listen time: 20:31
On this episode, we start a four-part series on the opioid crisis. We are joined by Alan Staples and Leslie Lindsey ─ two of Cerner’s experts on patient safety ─ and Dr. Mike Fadden, Cerner chief medical officer.
Sidra Medicine reduces duplicate and incomplete documentation, returns time to patient care
Sidra Medicine | 8/12/2019
Nurses unfamiliar with documentation practices weren’t always completing forms correctly. Utilizing Lights On Network, clinical leaders significantly increased proper documentation procedures.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Plumas District Hospital Launches Cerner Electronic Health Record
Plumas District Hospital is excited to announce a significant technology upgrade to better serve Plumas County and surrounding areas of northeastern California.
Ep. 136: How innovation and interoperability are transforming Service member and Veteran health care │ listen time: 13:52
On this episode, Mark Mellott of Cerner Government Services talks to Cerner Government Advisory Board member General Don Scott about improving health care for U.S. Service members and Veterans.
What it will mean when health care is truly data driven
Becker's Hospital Review spoke with Cerner's Nate Kelly about what the future of health care could look like in a truly digital, data-driven world.
Improved scheduling increases patient access to care
CoxHealth | 8/5/2019
A project named the Open Access Initiative helped lower wait times to see physicians, and made it simpler for patients to book an appointment with a provider.
Doctor looking through supplies
Canadian health system streamlines provider workflow in effort to reduce alert fatigue
London Health Sciences Centre and St Josephs Health Care London | 8/4/2019
An effort to ease the burden on pharmacists resulted in reducing the number of unnecessary drug alerts by 41.5% while reducing the number of overridden alerts by 42%.
Protect your medical devices from cyber threats
Paul Schwartz | 7/31/2019
Connected medical devices offer valuable patient data to providers but increase the risk of cybersecurity breaches. Every health system needs a proactive plan to protect patient safety.
Ep. 135: Why Veterans and Service members need a modern EHR │ listen time: 16:28
On this episode, Cerner's Mark Mellott talks to Cerner Government Advisory Board member Patrick J. Murphy about the importance of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) program.
Ep. 133: How Shriners Hospitals for Children used the essential clinical dataset to improve pediatric health care │ listen time: 21:54
In this episode, Cerner's Jenny Horn talks to Marjorie McEttrick-Maloney and Ellen Murphy of Shriners Hospitals for Children to discuss how implementing the essential clinical dataset (ECD) has impacted their nurses and the patients and families in their care.
Ep. 132: Sarah Toy-Ding and Tiffany Shields on using SMART on FHIR apps to ensure patients take their medicine as prescribed │ listen time: 10:10
Sarah Toy-Ding and Tiffany Shields of CommonSpirit Health answer questions about how their organization used a SMART health IT app on FHIR within the electronic health record (EHR) to support patients taking their medicine as prescribed.
Ep. 131: Jennifer Waterbury and Mark Hiller on overcoming the challenges of bundled payments in health care │ listen time: 7:37
In this episode, AdventHealth's Jennifer Waterbury and Premier Inc.'s Mark Hiller discuss how health systems are embracing bundled payment models in the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.
Top 7 Health Care and Technology Blogs and Podcasts of 2019 (So Far)
To mark the halfway point of 2019, here’s a list of the top 7 most popular health care IT blogs and podcasts so far this year.
Virtual visits offer quick, convenient access for patients while avoiding the waiting room
Instead of a relying solely on in-person office visits, health systems are offering virtual health care visits to provide care when and where patients need it.
Why the ONC Information Blocking Rule Is a Good Sign for the Future of Health Care IT
The ONC's proposed rule on information blocking is a significant step toward the open and appropriate flow of electronic health information.
Ep. 130: Tim Putnam and Chelsea Bressers on Transforming Rural Health Care through Population Health Strategies | Listen Time: 14:33
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, Cerner's Chelsea Bressers talks to Tim Putnam of Margaret Mary Health about how population health strategies can help hospitals overcome the challenges of rural health care.
3 Lessons for Health Care Leaders on Using Real-Time Analytics to Improve Clinical Outcomes
When data is analyzed for immediate insights, it can be a powerful tool for providing smarter care. Here are three key insights from AdventHealth's Robert Altemose on leveraging real-time analytics for better patient outcomes.
6 Key Takeaways from the 2019 American Hospital Association Annual Membership Meeting
The annual American Hospital Association Membership Meeting offers a lens into the most pressing issues in health care.
Ep. 129: Dr. Steve Arendt and Dani Riecke on Establishing Best Practices for an Effective Antimicrobial Stewardship Program | Listen Time: 9:32
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we’re joined by Cerner's Dr. Steve Arendt and Dani Riecke. They discuss antimicrobial stewardship guidelines that health care systems should follow to deliver better patient outcomes, reduce microbial resistance and decrease the spread of infections.
Ep. 128: Joanne Hatfield on Increasing Patient Safety Through Effective Opioid Stewardship Programs | Listen time: 9:32
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we’re joined by Truman Medical Centers' Joanne Hatfield to discuss how the organization has found success with its opioid stewardship services.
5 Health Care and IT Leaders Share Their Thoughts on Reducing Physician Burnout
The World Health Organization's recent recognition of burnout as a syndrome puts a greater focus on the problem that is plaguing health care.
Ep. 127: Brian Eastwood on Using Technology to Empower Patients and Providers
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by ReviveHealth's Brian Eastwood to discuss how technology can empower consumers to make health decisions and improve the patient-provider relationship.
Ep. 126: Janae Sharp on Tackling Physician Burnout with Data and Analytics
On this episode of Perspectives on Health & Tech, we are joined by Janae Sharp, health care editor at Sharp Index, her nonprofit dedicated to reducing physician suicide through awareness and data science. She is here to talk about the epidemic of physician burnout and steps that can be taken to reduce this serious problem.
3 Ways to Reduce Patient Turnaround Time and Improve Care Quality in Radiology Departments
With patient-centered care and real-time innovation more important than ever, radiology departments must focus on creating better health care experiences and outcomes.
Ep. 125: Robert Altemose on Using Real-Time Analytics to Improve Clinical Outcomes
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we’re joined by AdventHealth's Robert Altemose. He is here to discuss how moving from retroactive to near and real-time data analytics can empower clinicians to provide a higher quality of care.
Achieving Operational Excellence in Community Hospitals
A focus on culture and communication is helping community hospitals overcome the significant hurdles and weighty financial burdens of the business of health care.
Strengthening Health Care Cybersecurity with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Framework
Cerner Corporation | 5/13/2019
As security threats continue to rise, health care organizations should align their data protection measures with the NIST framework, a set of best practices, standards and recommendations to aid in improving cybersecurity measures.
Why Interoperability Progress is Significant for Nursing_nurse talking to patient
Why Interoperability Progress is Significant for Nursing
In this Q&A, Becky Fox, chief nursing informatics officer at Atrium Health, discusses why interoperability is key to decreasing documentation burden, clinician and provider burnout, and improving the overall health care experience.
Ep. 124: Jen Fogel and Lisa Gulker on Building a Culture of Innovation in Nursing
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by Cerner's Lisa Gulker and Northern Light Health's Jen Fogel. They discuss how nursing leaders can use technology to enhance care delivery, reduce nurse burnout and build a culture of innovation within their organizations.
Honoring the Profession of Nursing
Nurses Week (May 6-12) is an opportunity to reflect on the hard work and compassion of America’s 4 million nurses.
Ep. 123: Danielle Siarri on the Evolution of Nursing Informatics
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by registered nurse Danielle Siarri to discuss the role of nursing informatics in care today.
Creating Better Outcomes Together: Recap of Cerner’s 2019 Middle East and Africa Collaboration Forum
Cerner's three-day Middle East and Africa Collaboration Forum offered health and technology professionals a range of informative keynote and education sessions, and opportunities to network around industry topics that are shaping the health care of today and tomorrow.
Ep. 121: Dr. James Peake and Meg Marshall on the US Department of Veterans Affairs' EHR Modernization
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, CGI Federal's Dr. James Peake and Cerner's Meg Marshall discuss how VA’s electronic health record modernization will improve the health and well-being of U.S. veterans and change the way care is delivered in both public and private care settings.
Why Health Care Organizations Should Make Patient Safety a Core Value
The concept of high reliability challenges health care organizations to make safety the primary priority and be persistent in continuous improvement.
5 Tips to Create a Data-Driven Culture
Challenged by government and private payers to address the climbing rate of health care expenditures, organizations have turned to analytics to help with proper management of patient populations, while still maintaining the highest quality of health care.
6 Blogs That Show How Health Care Consumerism is Changing Patient Access
In honor of Patient Access Week (March 31-April 6), here are six blogs that examine the connection between consumerism and Patient Access.
The Evolving Role of Patient Access in the Pursuit of Exceptional Patient Experiences
With an industry-wide focus on consumerism, many health care organizations are looking to transform the patient experience starting with Patient Access, the first and one of the most frequent contact points in health care.
How AI is Improving Clinical Workflows and Reducing Physician Burnout
Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to improve physicians’ workflows while simultaneously contributing to burnout relief and prevention.
Perspectives on Health and Tech Ep. 119: Dr. William Holland and Dr. Lu de Souza on How Health Care Organizations Can Respond to Physician Burnout
On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by Dr. William Holland and Dr. Lu de Souza. They discuss the current state of physician burnout and what can be done to reduce the contributing factors.
9 Thought-Provoking Health Care Blogs to Read for Doctors' Day
In honor of Doctors' Day, here are nine thought leadership blogs that offer the physician's point of view on the latest health and technology topics.
5 Ways Health Systems Can Use Customer Relationship Tools to Improve Health Outcomes
As health care consumers expect a more personalized experience, organizations are implementing and learning to use tools that enable them to best understand, care for and retain patients and customers.
Perspectives on the Changing Nature of the Business of Health and Care
As AI, consumerism, data science, increasing partnerships and more shift the business of health and care, organizations must embrace new ideas and technology to stay competitive.
Why Fatigue Management Is Key to Patient Safety
Fatigue is a workplace hazard that affects the health and safety of patients and health care providers. Here's what health care organizations can do to mitigate the risks.
Key Global Health Care Takeaways from the 2019 European Collaboration Forum
With the theme of “Smarter Care,” the European Collaboration Forum offered three days of learning and networking for health care leaders from across the globe.
What Health Care Leaders Need to Know About the Latest HL7 FHIR Release
The latest developments of FHIR are another step forward in delivering more flexible, versatile and efficient health care that will benefit both providers and consumers.
How the EHR Can Improve Treatment of Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries
Comprehensive tracking of sports-related traumatic brain injuries in the EHR can improve the quality of care and mitigate future health problems.
Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture: Q&A with Andrea Hendricks
Health care and HIT leaders who commit to a diverse and inclusive workplace are more likely to attract top talent, maintain employee satisfaction and even increase financial returns.
How Urgent Care Centers are Changing the Health Care Delivery Landscape
Retail clinics and urgent care centers are enjoying significant growth as patients seek health care venues that are both convenient and lower in cost.
Top Health Care Insights from HIMSS19
HIMSS19 inspired health care and technology leaders to be trailblazers in the revolution of health care. Cerner's John Peterzalek shares his key takeaways from the conference.
Ep. 114: Perspectives on Health & Tech on the Road-HIMSS19 Day 3
In this final installment of a three-part series on the Perspectives on Health and Tech podcast, we’re delivering insights from the showroom floor at North America’s largest health care conference.
HIMSS19 Day 3: Contextually Aware Experiences, Health System Operations and Global Health Care
The final day of HIMSS19 left health care and IT leaders with new insights and professional connections. In this blog, we share some key takeaways from the end of the conference.
HIMSS19 Day 2: Interoperability and Core EMR
HIMSS19 resumed for day two with a packed schedule of health care education sessions and networking events that inspired industry leaders in their pursuit of improving the health care experience for consumers and providers.
HIMSS19 Day 1: Population Heath and Government Health Care
Population health and government health care were prominent topics during day one of HIMSS19.
Ep. 112: Perspectives on Health & Tech on the Road-HIMSS19 Day 1
HIMSS19 kicked off in Orlando, Florida with dynamic conversations around improving health care and technology. In this special episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, listen to leading health care experts share their reactions to day one of the conference.
Why Health Care Systems Should Adopt a Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle
In the world of value-based payment models, a Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle can lead to faster, more accurate and increased reimbursements, and reduce financial loss.
Keeping Children Well
An investment in data science is helping CHOC Children’s advance its level of care.
9 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow for #HIMSS19
Some of the most impactful conversations at HIMSS19 will be unfolding online. To help you prepare, here's a list of nine Twitter accounts to follow to stay up to speed throughout this major health care industry event.
4 Key Health Care Takeaways from the U.S. State of the Union Address
In his State of the Union address, President Trump covered health care topics including prescription drug costs, price transparency and tackling the opioid crisis.
Optimizing strategy and innovation in health system operations: Q&A with Catherine Shull Fernald of Christiana Care Health System
In this Q&A, Catherine Shull Fernald of Christiana Care Health System shares her expertise on the current and future state of health system operations and offers insights into how organizations can be more strategic and innovative in supporting their core functions.
Ep. 111: Andrea Hendricks on Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture
In this episode of the Perspectives on Health and Tech podcast, Andrea Hendricks, Cerner’s senior executive director of diversity and inclusion strategy discusses how the health care and health IT industries can cultivate more diverse and inclusive workplaces.
Combating Physician Burnout and Depression: Q&A with Dr. Lu de Souza
Cerner's Dr. Lu de Souza discusses the physician burnout epidemic, impacts it has on health care and solutions to the problem.
A Time of Change and Growth
It’s an exciting time of growth for Cerner as we work to create a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives.
Nationwide Interoperability: A Reality Today
With major milestones reached in the push for nationwide interoperability, the health care industry is changing for the better.
Ep. 110: Bridget Gibbons and Mike Heckman on Health and Well-Being Engagement in the Workplace
In this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we’re joined by Bridget Gibbons, principal, Onward HealthCare Consulting, LLC and Mike Heckman, vice president and general manager, Cerner Population Health Services. They are here to talk about how member organizations and employers can effectively engage employees in their health.
The Ins and Outs of Launching a Provider-Sponsored Health Plan: Q&A with Richard Jones and David Raney
Health systems have started tapping into the value of Medicare Advantage by launching their own provider-sponsored health plans or working with collaborative payers in their market.
3 Steps Health Care Organizations Can Take to Prepare for the Next Natural Disaster
Health information exchanges and national networks, which empower users to securely transfer and view patient data across electronic health records, can make a life-saving difference in times of disaster.
Creating a Committed Health Care Workforce: A Q&A with Michael Frisina
Through effective management, health care leaders can develop a workforce culture that promotes engagement and commitment, ultimately resulting in greater patient safety, care and overall experience.
Ep. 109: Dwayne and Stephanie Hoelscher on Rapid Clinical Decision Support Deployment for Infectious Diseases
On this episode of The Cerner Podcast, clinical decision support (CDS) experts Dwayne Hoelscher and Stephanie H. Hoelscher discuss how CDS is a powerful tool in combating infectious diseases.
Cerner and Christiana Care Health System Work to Deliver Bariatric Services to Associates
Cerner announced a strategic collaboration with Christiana Care Health System in Delaware to provide a weight loss surgery program designed to help members of Cerner’s health plan achieve their health goals.
9 Concepts Shaping the Health Care Landscape in 2019
Changes to the health care landscape in 2019 offer possibilities and opportunities in the march toward smarter, better care that is higher quality, more efficient, affordable and personalized.
Ep. 108: Richard Jones and David Raney on the Provider-Sponsored Health Plan Market
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Richard Jones, CEO of Essence Healthcare and chief corporate development officer of Lumeris, and David Raney, vice president, CoxHealth Network, to discuss their experiences and success in the provider-sponsored health plan market.
6 cybersecurity resolutions every health care system should make in 2019
Don Kleoppel | 1/7/2019
Adapting these strategies in 2019 can help health care systems avoid the loss of time, money and consumer trust that results from a cyberattack.
How Technology is Impacting Long-Term and Post-Acute Care: Q&A with Georgia Brown
Technology is a major part of the current and future state of long-term and post-acute care and can alleviate the challenges of the large 65-and-over population and increasing rates of chronic diseases.
10 Cerner Podcasts to Revisit Before 2019
Each week, The Cerner Podcast delivers expert perspectives and analysis around the latest health and tech developments. Here are some of the top episodes of 2018.
10 Blogs That Defined Health Care in 2018
In 2018, health IT experienced several critical developments that are positioned to support care providers and impact the patient experience for the better. Here’s a look back at some of the top blogs and insights we discussed this year.
6 Ways the SUPPORT Act Impacts Health Care IT in the Opioid Epidemic
The Substance Use Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment (SUPPORT) for Patients and Communities Act is a significant step in combating the opioid crisis. Here are six ways it will impact and provide opportunities for the health care IT industry.
Achieving High Reliability in Health Care: A Q&A with Craig Deao
Although the health care industry is complex and full of potential hazards, a culture of high-reliability – operating for extended periods without serious accidents or catastrophic failures –is achievable for health care systems.
Engaging Patients with Technology: Q&A with Dr. Osama Alswailem of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Mobile health tools and technology have potential to improve patient engagement and outcomes. In this Q&A, Dr. Osama Alswailem of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre discusses how Saudi Arabia's major investment in health care is driving health care facilities to implement technology and electronic information systems.
Why Automated Anesthesia Medication Carts are Critical for Hospital Operating Rooms
The move to automated medication distribution in operating rooms has potential to increase patient safety, reduce lost patient charges, improve narcotic control and create more efficient workflows.
Why Wearable Technology Might Be a Game-Changer for Improving Health Outcomes
Offering convenience, increased engagement and greater accuracy, wearable technology has the potential to make a meaningful difference in the health care experience for both consumers and clinicians.
Ep. 105: Brad Myers and Bushra Muraywid on the ViPRx Virtual Pharmacy Program
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Brad Myers and Bushra Muraywid of University of Missouri Health Care talk about their virtual pharmacy program (ViPRx), which is designed to deliver providers pharmaceutical insights that weren’t previously available a day or two prior to a patient visit.
Intelligent EHRs: The Next Big Step in Radiology
The digitization of radiology data in the EHR has potential to improve outcomes and enhance the health care experience.
Ep. 104: Julie Watson on Behavioral Health in the Workplace
On this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Julie Watson, Chief Population Health Officer with Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, explains how addressing mental illness in the workplace can help employees live happier, healthier lives.
Enhancing Consumer Engagement with a Clinically-Informed Customer Relationship Management System
Customer relationship management technology can help health care organizations leverage their data assets and provide the personalized experience that consumers expect.
Why National Rural Health Day Is a Boost for Rural Care Needs
Mitchell Clark | 11/15/2018
More than 60 million Americans live in rural communities. National Rural Health Day is an opportunity to celebrate the health care providers in these vibrant areas and address the unique health and care needs of rural populations.
6 Blogs on Improving Health Outcomes in Rural Communities
Health professionals, hospitals and clinics in rural communities across the nation deserve our praise for their collaborative, innovative and educational efforts to improve health. In honor of National Rural Health Day, here are six blogs on the importance of prioritizing technology that empowers these health care providers.
Ep. 103: Teryl Eisinger on the Value of National Rural Health Day
Teryl Eisinger, executive director at National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health, joins The Cerner Podcast to talk about National Rural Health Day (November 15) and the unique health care needs of rural America.
Access to Care: Regulatory Directions for Rural Health
John Travis | 11/12/2018
The state of the Affordable Care Act, and the decisions of state and federal elected officials, play an important role in the current and future regulatory path for rural health.
How The Digital Bridge Is Transforming Public Health Interoperability
As the push for interoperability in health care continues, The Digital Bridge initiative is working to advance bidirectional electronic information flow between health care delivery systems and public health agencies.
Episode 102: John Windom on Veteran Affairs' Electronic Health Records Modernization
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is working with Cerner to redesign its electronic health record system. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, John Windom, executive director of VA’s Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization, discusses how he anticipates this project will help Veterans and their providers and move the bar with national interoperability and other VA health priorities.
Perspectives on Value in Health Care
The health care industry can provide greater value for consumers with a focus on meeting the needs of the individual.
The Number One Way to Prevent Hospital Readmissions
More efficient follow-up visits can prevent disruptive, costly hospital readmissions.
DoD and VA Update: Early Results, Fine-tuning and Next Steps
Leveraging the expertise and insights of our partners and our commercial clients, Cerner is working to achieve more efficient interoperability for the DoD and VA – creating a single health record across more than 1,700 health care sites and a lifetime of seamless care for nearly 20 million Servicemembers, Veterans and their beneficiaries.
Ep. 101: Defense Healthcare Management Systems' Stacy Cummings on MHS GENESIS
Stacy Cummings, program executive officer for the Defense Healthcare Management Systems, joins The Cerner Podcast to discuss MHS Genesis, a modernized electronic health record that is poised to deliver smarter, safer care to military health facilities around the world.
How Midterm Election Results Will Affect U.S. Health Care Policies
The outcome of the U.S. midterm elections on November 6 will have a direct impact on the accessibility and delivery of health care.
Ep. 100: MedStar Health's Pete Celano on the Future of Precision Medicine
Pete Celano of MedStar Health discusses how clinicians can use the emerging approach of precision medicine to better diagnosis, treat and prevent diseases.
How KLAS’s Arch Collaborative is Improving Clinician EHR Satisfaction: Q&A with Memorial Health System's Dr. David Graham
The global KLAS Arch Collaborative provides health care organizations with accurate, honest and impartial feedback from EHR users.
Healthcare learning
CEHRT and its MACRA and QPP Implications for Eligible Clinicians
As the concept of CEHRT expands, health care providers and clinicians need to ensure compliance for their organizations.
Be Small, Be Bold
The unique challenges of working at a small, rural hospital can be overcome by being bold in technology, services, partnerships and processes.
Ep. 99: Salesforce’s Susan Collins on Integrating CRMs within EHRs
Susan Collins, vice president and general manager over health care and life sciences at Salesforce, explains how Customer Relationship Management – or CRM – systems can boost patient engagement.
The Role of Intelligence and Automation in Patient Accounts Management
Intelligence, automation, machine learning and big data are buzzwords we hear all the time now in health care. That’s because these concepts will have a powerful impact in how care is delivered over the next few years. In patient accounts management, they will automate traditionally manual work that will free up time for staff to focus on more complex issues or opportunities that will impact the bottom line.
Special Edition of The Cerner Podcast | Ep. 98: Thursday at #CHC18
In this special edition episode of The Cerner Podcast, we bring insights from the 2018 Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, where more than 12,000 attendees from across the country and the globe have come together to learn and network. Sit at the table with us as we have conversations with health care leaders, Cerner clients and industry influencers. We’ll be covering health IT trends and focusing on this year’s CHC theme of “Smarter Care.” In Thursday's episode, we hear from Michelle Rathman, rural health strategist and influencer. Since founding Impact! Communications in 1989, Michelle’s work has made her an invaluable voice among rural health advocates. We also welcome Emil Peters, president of Cerner Global. Emil shared how he's watched CHC evolve in his decade-spanning career with Cerner and talks about how the health care industry is changing – and how health care providers and IT organizations must change with it.
Smarter Care, ACO Strategies and Leveraging the Power of Digital Health | #CHC18 Day 5
The last full day of #CHC18 wrapped Wednesday evening with the annual Cerner Bash at Kansas City's Power & Light district. On Thursday, we had a half-day of education sessions covering topics from restructuring accountable care organization (ACO) strategies to transforming health care through digital innovation. Here are today's highlights.
Special Edition of The Cerner Podcast | Ep. 96: Tuesday at #CHC18
In this special edition episode, we bring insights from the 2018 Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, where more than 12,000 attendees from across the country and the globe have come together to learn and network. Sit at the table with us as we have conversations with health care leaders, Cerner clients and industry influencers. We're covering health IT trends and focusing on this year’s CHC theme of “Smarter Care.”
World Mental Health Day, Interoperability Advances, Rural Health Care Opportunities and More | #CHC18 Day 4
World Mental Health Day coincided with day four of #CHC18, giving us all a chance to reflect on how we can enhance mental health education, awareness and advocacy against stigma. Wednesday also kicked off with the final keynote that delved into the topics of the opioid crisis and the intersection of artificial intelligence and genome intelligence. With an array of power sessions, special interest group meetings and panels throughout the day, conference attendees had plenty of opportunities to learn, network and contribute to the push toward smarter care.
Special Edition of The Cerner Podcast | Ep. 97: Wednesday at #CHC18
In this special edition episode, we bring insights from the 2018 Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, where more than 12,000 attendees from across the country and the globe have come together to learn and network. Sit at the table with us as we have conversations with health care leaders, Cerner clients and industry influencers. We're covering health IT trends and focusing on this year’s CHC theme of “Smarter Care.”
Opioid Toolkit Announcement, Solutions Gallery Opening, Customer Relationship Management and More | #CHC18 Day 3
On Tuesday, Cerner CEO Brent Shafer used his keynote speech to announce our latest effort in combating the opioid crisis, the Solutions Gallery opened its doors to clients, partners and associates; and a full slate of sessions covered the most current issues in health care.
CEO Brent Shafer Announces Opioid Toolkit for Cerner Clients | #CHC18
Today in CEO Brent Shafer's 2018 Cerner Health Conference (CHC) keynote, he had a special announcement: In the coming weeks, Cerner will introduce a new suite of advancements intended to help our clients win the battle against the opioid epidemic. The Opioid Toolkit, which includes a number of resources, will be available to all Cerner clients.
Erik Weihenmayer, Cerner’s John Peterzalek, Revenue Management Symposium and More | #CHC18 Day 2
On Monday, we had a full day of sessions at the Revenue Management Symposium (RMS) and celebrated the official kick-off of the Cerner Health Conference (CHC) with a keynote address from adventurer and author Erik Weihenmayer and Cerner’s Chief Client Officer John Peterzalek.
Cerner Physician Community Meeting | #CHC18 Day 1
The 2018 Cerner Health Conference (CHC) kicked off with the Cerner Physician Community (CPC) meeting. Cerner's Chief Client Officer John Peterzalek discussed the idea of continuous advancement, the promise of AI in health care and what "smarter care" means to him.
Harnessing the Value of Data with a Governance Strategy: Q&A with Memorial Hermann’s Paul Lampi
Health care organizations can create an information-rich culture by developing robust data governance strategies that protect the quality and longevity of data assets throughout the enterprise.
5 Ways to Get the Scoop on CommonWell, Care quality and TEFCA During #CHC18
At Cerner Health Conference (CHC) 2018, sessions with CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality, and expert updates on The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) will showcase what true interoperability looks like.
Introducing the #CHC18 Social Media Influencers
Meet the #CHC18 Social Media Influencers, learn what “Smarter Care” means to them and follow them to stay up-to-date on the conference throughout next week.
Ep. 95: Cerner's John Peterzalek and Melissa Hendricks on What’s To Come at CHC18
John Peterzalek and Melissa Hendricks preview the upcoming Cerner Health Conference (CHC) 2018, where the latest innovations in health care and information technology will take center stage.
How to be a modern-day pioneer
How to Be a Modern-Day Pioneer: Q&A with Erik Weihenmayer
Erik Weihenmayer, adventurer, speaker, author and co-founder of No Barriers USA, discusses his “No Barriers” philosophy and what health care leaders can learn from him.
9 Twitter Accounts to Follow During #CHC18
To stay up to date on the latest discussions at the 2018 Cerner Health Conference, we have compiled a list of the nine must-follow Twitter accounts. From industry organizations to leading voices in health IT, the accounts on this list will offer a deeper look into #CHC18.
Leveraging Technology to Create a Complete Portrait of Risk in the Community
Work is needed to improve the quality of life and the high cost of care during the later years of life. With technology, we will manage chronically ill patients where they are, providing more improved engagement, higher quality of life, better outcomes and lower cost for our patient population.
Ep. 94: NRHA’s Alan Morgan on Overcoming Rural Health Care Challenges
NRHA CEO Alan Morgan discusses the challenges that rural health care providers face and how they can position themselves to overcome some of these obstacles in the future.
Transforming Health Care Through Change Management: A Q&A with Jeremy Gutsche
Discover how businesses can adapt to change and how change can be a catalyst for innovation and business transformation in any industry.
Leveraging Drug Price Transparency to Improve Patient Outcomes
Hospitals and health care systems can empower patients by adapting to the industry’s needs and consumer expectations of prescription price transparency.
Beating the Status Quo: How Hospitals Can Streamline Operations and Optimize Patient Care
In this blog, we explore tactics for helping physicians properly document care. This work can help improve a health care organization’s revenue.
The Buck Stops Here
Dr. Seung Park | 9/19/2018
How to Fall in Love with Your Hospital’s EHR
Many clinicians blame the EHR for everything that is wrong in the world of medicine today. In reality, EHR systems have brought major advances to clinical practice.
Ep. 93: Surescript's Margaux Currie and Cerner's Kashif Rathore on Price Transparency
Discover how hospitals and health care systems can adapt to the industry’s needs and consumer expectations pertaining to prescription price transparency.
Protecting Your Hospital from Cybersecurity Risks
Phishing attacks, malware and ransomware are at the top of Becker’s list of cybersecurity threats to health care organizations. Breaches are achieved through a brute force approach, where a bad actor repeatedly tries to guess a user name and password, or through human error, for instance with an email recipient clicking on an attachment.
How Nurses Can Support a Culture of Patient Safety
From nurses to health IT specialists, we all must continue to work together to leverage innovative strategies that promote patient safety inside and outside the four walls of the hospital.
Ep. 92: TrendHunter's Jeremy Gutsche on Disruption and Change in Health Care
Jeremy Gutsche, keynote speaker at Cerner's 2018 Revenue Management Symposium and founder of, shares actionable ideas on how to adapt to change faster, and how it can set the stage for innovation and business transformation in any industry, and health care in particular.
4 Stories on Reducing Readmissions and Decreasing Average Length of Stay
Here are four stories on how hospitals and health systems are using software and technology to identify at-risk patients early and to proactively care for those patients in an effort to reduce ALOS and decrease readmission rates.
Ep. 91 UMKC Bloch School of Management's Brian Klaas on Trends in Workforce Development
Across the country, hospitals and health systems are reshaping how patients receive care. This means the health care workforce is also evolving to meet these new challenges.
Ep. 90: Shawnee Mission Health's Andrea Hall & Christina Hiatt on the Power of Hybrid Clinics
Today, consumers are taking control of their own health and data, big brands are partnering and health systems are reacting to meet the needs of the patient. In some cases, the needs of the patient are addressed in the form of a hybrid clinic.
The power of partnership for rural hospitals
Rural health care facilities and providers are facing increasing pressures from financial stresses, limited staffing, resources and decreasing patient populations. Here's how creating successful partnerships can empower rural hospitals.
How Wearable Devices are Improving Clinical Outcomes: Q&A with Fitbit’s Amy McDonough
Wearable health and fitness technology has exploded in popularity with consumers – and now, the health care industry is beginning to see an opportunity to integrate the devices into the continuum of care.
Ep. 89: Geisinger Health's Elizabeth Clements on Managing Machine Learning
Elizabeth Clements, a business architect at Geisinger Health, discusses how machine learning and other advanced analytics tools are making a difference in hospitals, labs and clinics.
The rural health care challenge
Geography shouldn’t be a factor in the quality of a person’s health care — when rural hospitals can stay open, these communities not only survive, they and the rest of the country benefit.
Ep. 88: Fitbit’s Amy McDonough on Leveraging Wearable Devices to Improve Clinical Outcomes
Wearable health and fitness technology has exploded in popularity with consumers – and now, the health care industry is beginning to see an opportunity to integrate the devices into the continuum of care.
Building a Successful Leadership Structure in a Health Care Organization
How can we construct our IT management “family” to avoid an accountability challenge that gets more acute with every new technological development, the extension of the health systems across multiple venues and new lines of service, and zero-sum scenarios like those above? And which executives should take on that parental role and be genuine “chiefs,” with a place in the C-suite and a voice in governance?
Ep. 87: Salesforce's Dr. Josh Newman on the Benefits of CRM in Health Care
CRM began as simple contact management and sales force automation – an application for sales people to follow their contacts and manage their sales process. But as the business of selling shifted to creating happy, successful customers, companies needed more than just a sales tool. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we explore the intersection of health care and CRM.
Digitization in Health Care and the Journey to Become Data-Driven
The complexities of health care data, government incentives and technology advancements have given rise to a relatively new sector of the health care IT industry: analytics and intelligence. Hundreds (if not thousands) of companies are vying to help health care organizations become data-driven through artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital transformation.
5 Stories on the Importance of Health IT in Rural Communities
We can combat these challenges through health IT solutions made specifically for small community and rural health care organizations. Here are five blogs and podcasts on the importance of prioritizing technology that empowers these health care providers.
Ep. 86: Atrium Health's Becky Fox on Optimizing the Nursing Workflow
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Becky Fox, chief nursing information officer and assistant vice president at Atrium Health. She discusses how her organization leveraged data and analytics during the optimization process and what training for nursing and clinical staff looked like.
How the Internet of Things Can Boost Care Team Efficiencies
It's up to health care leadership and IT system providers to understand where connectivity fits in the future of their organizations and how it can accelerate more innovative care delivery.
Ep. 85: The Downtown Project's John Curran on Urban Planning, Public Health and Technology
As consumerism rises in the health care industry and urban planning adapts to the evolution of technology, there's a lot at stake for public health initiatives.
4 Steps Leaders Should Take for Successful Organizational Change Management
Organizational transformation can create anxiety and uncertainty. Leadership can follow these four steps for a smooth transition processes.
Ep. 84: Centrus Health's Chris Wilson on the Intersection of Population Health and Value-Based Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Chris Wilson, executive director at Centrus Health. He discusses the intersection between population health management, value-based care and incentives for health care providers and patients alike.
Tackling the Opioid Epidemic: Where to Begin
Introducing a few “can do now” projects that mitigate the inadvertent complicity of health care providers in the opioid epidemic, connect patients earlier to treatment and strive to prevent fatal overdoses.
8 Stories on the Importance of Population Health
Population health platforms can empower individuals to make better decisions and form habits that advance the health and improve the quality of life for individuals across the globe. In honor of World Population Day, here are eight stories on how population health management platforms have the ability to improve outcomes for entire communities.
Ep. 83: Nolan Garrett on Incident Response Planning for Health Care Organizations
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner and Lumeris Launch Offering to Reduce Complexities for Health Systems Delivering Value-Based Care
Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, and Lumeris, an award-winning health plan and value-based care managed services operator, today announced a 10-year relationship aimed at eliminating inefficiencies in the current health care system.
A Leap Forward for Value-Based Care
Lumeris and Cerner announce a 10-year, strategic operating relationship to create Maestro Advantage™, a collaboration which leverages the significant investments health systems have made in digitizing their clinical and process data.
Honoring Neal
Cliff Illig reflects on Cerner co-founder Neal Patterson's legacy.
Ep. 82: Dignity Health's Sean Turner on Leveraging HIEs for Disaster Preparedness
HIEs empower the appropriate, timely sharing of vital patient information between organizations, which can better inform decision making at the point of care. There’s even more potential for HIEs to impact outcomes when it comes to disaster preparedness, as they have the potential to provide timely access to clinical information in response to a disaster.
What Payment Reform Means for the Future of Long-Term and Post-Acute Care
As the patient record becomes a commodity, it’s the analytics, the data warehouses and the connections that are going to define the winners in the future. Only a few HIT providers in today’s landscape are well-positioned to deliver this functionality to the providers who desperately need it.
Unpacking the U.S. Federal Government’s Role in Advancing Health IT Interoperability Policies
There are many options to consider as health IT policy levers can be any form of incentive, penalty or mandate used to effectuate change in support of health IT adoption, use or interoperability.
The Impact of Shared Decision Making: Q&A with HealthDecision’s Dr. Jon Keevil
Today, arriving at a health care decision is more often highlighted to be a collaborative process between a clinician and patient – a process known as shared decision making (SDM).
Ep. 81: University of Missouri Health's Bryan Bliven on Improving Quality Performance in Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Bryan Bliven, chief information officer at University of Missouri Health, discusses the role associates with IT expertise can play across the health care spectrum, the impact they can have if positioned properly and how a quality improvement tracker can tie results into operations and employee reviews.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner Becomes an Enterprise Member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association
Cerner joined the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), providing membership benefits to 1,231 of its associates, with more expected to join in the coming months.
pharmacy role in the iv medication therapy process
Pharmacy’s Critical Role in the IV Medication Therapy Process
5 Stories on Mental Health Every Health Care Provider Should Read
Today, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental disorders at some point in their lives. We need to do our part as support organizations and health care providers to highlight stories about behavioral health, educate the public, chip away at the stigma and help those who are in need.
Ep. 80: Memorial Hermann's Angie Massey & Paul Lampi on the Quadruple Aim
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we learn about Memorial Hermann Health System's work toward the Quadruple Aim: How they have built a population health strategy that aims to improve physician and patient experience while reducing costs.
4 Elements of Successful Health Information Technology Integration
These four factors are critical to the success and value of an organization’s health IT solutions: unwavering executive support, engaged clinical leadership, transparent communication and a responsive governance structure.
Ep. 79: Children's Mercy's Dr. Laura Fitzmaurice on Pediatric Medicine & Health Care Consumerism
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Laura Fitzmaurice, the chief medical information officer and associate executive medical director at Children's Mercy. Dr. Fitzmaurice discusses how pediatric medicine is evolving in the face of health care consumerism.
4 Must-Read Stories and Blogs on Corporate Health and Well-being
Here are four blogs and stories that consider how employer-based population health management platforms can lead to a healthy, happy and productive workforce.
Regulatory Update
Is Meaningful Use Over?
Is Meaningful Use over? This question comes up a lot. We’ve got a simple answer: No, it’s not – but the name is.
Ep. 78: Virginia Commonwealth University's Dr. Colin Banas on the Rise of Mobile Technology in Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Dr. Colin Banas, chief medical informatics officer at the VCU School of Medicine, discusses what a mobile technology strategy looks like in a health care setting.
Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. Deborah Freund, professor at Claremont Graduate University, joins Cerner's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jigar Patel to discuss the past, present and future of pharmaceconomics.
Leveraging technology to improve rural health outcomes in the now and next
Rural health care organizations face a unique set of challenges. In this blog, learn about the causes and effects of rural hospital closures and what health IT and an open, interoperable system can do to improve patient outcomes.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner Achievement and Innovation Award Winners Honored at the 2018 Middle East Collaboration Forum
On May 8, Cerner Middle East & Africa celebrated the seventh edition of its annual Achievement and Innovation Awards by honoring clients across the Middle East for their most rewarding health care technology adoptions in five categories: Consumer Experience, Support Services, Population Health Management, Clinical Decision Support and User Experience.
Ep. 77: Boston Children's Hospital's Dr. Eisenberg and Dr. Madden on Identifying Pediatric Sepsis
In this episode of the Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Matthew Eisenberg and Dr. Kate Madden, both from Boston Children’s Hospital.
What Health Care Leaders Need to Know about Consumerism
Price transparency is just one piece of the health care consumerism puzzle. The best practices also encompass the appropriate time and place for financial conversations, eligibility for financial assistance or discounts, policies for serving patients who have unresolved accounts, topics that should be covered during routine financial discussions, and more.
Ep. 76: UTH's Dr. Robert Murphy on the Evolution of Applied Informatics in Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Dr. Murphy discusses the collaborative work between UTHealth and Memorial Hermann, which is centered around building and field-testing apps based on open standards such as HL7 FHIR.
Columbus Regional Healthcare System Selects Cerner Integrated EHR
Columbus Regional Healthcare System has selected Cerner to implement a new integrated EHR and revenue cycle solutions across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
Preparing for Successful Organizational Transformation
Transformation is an organizational competency grounded in the ongoing ability of its people to fundamentally adapt to a constantly changing competitive environment. Today’s health care leadership must understand how to pivot and adapt in a way that allows for sustained financial and operational success.
Cerner, VA to Provide Veterans with Seamless Care
The VA made the necessary decision to invest in a modern, more efficient solution that achieves the VA’s vision for a truly interoperable system and allows the VA to focus more of its resources on providing veterans with better care.
VA, Cerner Announce Agreement to Provide Seamless Care for Veterans
Today the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced an agreement with Cerner Government Services, Inc. for the VA to use off-the-shelf Cerner solutions to provide veterans, transitioning service members and their care providers access to their medical history through a single electronic health record (EHR) system.
Crisp Regional Health Selects Cerner Integrated EHR to Support Improved Patient Care
Crisp Regional Health, Inc. has selected Cerner to implement a new integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management solutions.
7 Women Leaders in Health IT You Should Know
Health Data Management (HDM) recently released its annual list of Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT. In this post, we highlight the achievements of seven hospital CIOs and IT executives who have made notable contributions within their respective organizations.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner and Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation Create Standardized Integration
Cerner announced a collaborative agreement with Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR) to advance technology in the rehabilitation market, beginning with the development of a centralized and standardized integration between their solutions designed to improve workflows for inpatient rehabilitation facilities.
Ep. 75: HealthDecision's Dr. Jon Keevil on the Impact of Shared Decision Making
Today, arriving at a health care decision is a collaborative process between a clinician and patient, known as Shared Decision Making (SDM). HealthDecision develops a medical software platform of tools that support this collaborative process. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Jon Keevil, founder and CEO at HealthDecision.
5 Ways to Leverage a Clinical Decision Support System Today
By leveraging a wide set of tools in the electronic health record (EHR) – like analytics, machine learning, predictive models and rules engines – alongside evidence-based content, organizations can improve their clinical decision support capabilities.
How Health IT Empowers Nurses to Deliver Advanced Care
As the CNO at Truman Medical Center, Amy Peters has driven several technology advances in her health system and has been a strong advocate for nursing and innovation in care delivery. In this post, she details how health IT empowers nurses to deliver advanced care, with applied examples from TMC.
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Selects Cerner to Implement EHR
The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration has selected Cerner to implement a new integrated EHR and revenue cycle management solutions across its six state-run inpatient psychiatric facilities.
Mayo Regional Hospital Selects Cerner CommunityWorks
Mayo Regional Hospital has selected Cerner to implement a new integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle solutions across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
Ep. 74: Cerner's Amye Gilio on the Growth of Nursing Informatics
Historically, nursing informatics was the liaison between the clinical and technical side. Today, nursing informatics today is one of the industry's most powerful specialties.
Defining the Essential Clinical Dataset is a Game-Changer for Nurses
Regardless of what EHR an organization is using, documentation optimization is an issue that all health systems across the country are struggling with. Here’s where the essential clinical dataset (ECD) comes in.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Capital Region Medical Center Selects Cerner Enterprisewide Health IT System
Capital Region Medical Center (CRMC) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management solutions.
Cerner Reports First Quarter 2018 Results
Cerner Corporation (Nasdaq: CERN) today announced results for the 2018 first quarter that ended March 31, 2018.
Mental Health – It’s OK to Talk About It
Community mental health centers can not only help combat the stigma around mental illness, but also help improve patient outcomes for those who need care most.
Ep. 73: CAMH’s Dr. Damian Jankowicz on Transforming into a Data-Driven Organization
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Damian Jankowicz of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Dr. Jankowicz discusses how CAMH has transformed itself into a data-driven organization through implementation of its clinical information system (CIS) as well as an enterprise data strategy.
Ep. 72: Dignity Health's Dr. Erine Erickson on Strategies for Successful EHR Implementation
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Erine Erickson, regional chief medical information officer at Dignity Health. She discusses strategies for successful EHR implementation and optimization.
Five-Considerations-for-Implementing-a-Care-Management-Strategy_same 2 women above talking one holding with tablet
Five Considerations for Implementing a Care Management Strategy
The industry is at the beginning of transforming the way the care management system operates. Here are five key considerations.
Helping MHS GENESIS Evolve to Make Service Member Care Safer and More Efficient
An update about Cerner's progress with the deployment of U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD) new electronic health record, MHS GENESIS.
The Menninger Clinic Selects Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record
The Menninger Clinic, a national leader in behavioral health care, has selected Cerner to implement the Cerner Millennium electronic health record.
Consumerism and Disruption Lead the Health IT Revolution
Technology enablers like telehealth, cloud, block chain and Internet of Things (IoT) juxtaposed with the need for clinicians to improve health outcomes and drive personal accountability in health care creates an industry ripe for consumer transformation.
Ep. 71: Health Quest's Robert Diamond on the Rise of Consumerism in Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Robert Diamond, senior vice president and CIO at Health Quest. He discusses the shift toward consumerism in health care and how Health Quest has adapted.
How Analytics Algorithms Can Improve Patient Outcomes
Dr. Earl Steinberg, the CEO at xG Health Solutions, discusses how analytics algorithms can improve patient outcomes and provider performance.
Cerner and AANAC Award Nursing Assistant Of The Year Scholarship
Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, announced the 2018 Cerner Nursing Assistant of the Year Scholarship recipient, Caitlin Atkinson, of the Maine Veterans’ Home in Machias.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Munising Memorial Hospital Selects Cerner CommunityWorks
Munising Memorial Hospital has selected Cerner to implement a new integrated electronic health record (EHR) across its hospital and clinic.
Serious Illness Strategies and the End-of-Life Experience
While medical advances have allowed many older adults to live longer, healthier lives, many are also living with multiple chronic and serious illnesses. This problem will require large-scale adoption of high-value, low-revenue innovations with dedicated expertise, persistence and ingenuity.
Ep. 70: Chinese Hospital's Keith Minard on the Impact of Health IT in Community Hospitals
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Keith Minard, the chief information officer at Chinese Hospital Association and Chinese Community Health Plan. He discusses the impact that health IT can have on small community hospitals.
Between Fee-for-Service and Value-Based Care: How Information Technology Can Help
It's clear that we're headed to a value-based world, but equally clear that it's going to take a while. Providers who will be straddling two business models for an extended period must make sure their information technology (IT) investments can fully support both, even when the models have needs that are different.
Kern Medical Selects Cerner Health IT System and Population Health Platform
Kern Medical, a 222-bed acute care teaching center in Bakersfield, California, has selected Cerner to implement the Cerner Millennium integrated electronic health record (EHR) and Cerner HealtheIntent big data and insights platform for population health management to support improved health outcomes through an integrated platform and actionable health data.
Opening Access to the Health Data Highway Puts Patients in the Driver’s Seat
With the ever-evolving growth in technology, consumer expectations for this ownership are increasing. The industry must answer by supporting an open ecosystem that helps developers tap into the digitized record.
Ep. 69: xG's Dr. Earl Steinberg on How Analytics Algorithms can Improve Patient Outcomes
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Dr. Steinberg discusses how analytics algorithms can improve patient outcomes and provider performance.
IRCCO Selects Cerner HealtheIntent to Help Manage Medicare Claims for ACO
Illinois Rural Community Care Organization (IRCCO) has selected Cerner to implement Cerner HealtheIntent, its big data and insights platform for population health management, across its accountable care organization (ACO) to coordinate care for Medicare patients throughout the state of Illinois.
Patient Access in the World of Value-Based Care
In celebration of Patient Access Week (April 1-7, 2018), here are some considerations for preparing your own patient access strategy for the world of value-based care.
news-release-blue_data blue background
More Than 20 Cerner Executives Earn Board Certification in Health Care Management
Cerner announced that 21 of its associates recently earned the distinction of board certification in health care management as Fellows of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE®).
9 Can’t-Miss Blogs for National Doctors’ Day
In honor of Doctors’ Day, we have compiled nine blog posts that deliver a physician perspective on current health IT issues.
Ep. 68: CHOC's Dr. William Feaster on the Intersection of AI and Population Health
Making Interoperability a Utility: A Father's Legacy
When systems intelligently deliver data to workflows without user action and when external data is automatically reconciled into a comprehensive view at the point of care – this will be proof that interoperability has become a true utility.
Getting Physicians Involved in the Business of Care and Revenue Management
The health care landscape is shifting rapidly, and a fundamental redesign of the approach to the business of care and revenue cycle management is critical to financial solvency of health care organizations.
Ep. 67: Beth Israel Deaconess' Dr. John Halamka on the Evolving Role of the CIO
As health IT has evolved, so has the role of the CIO. Today, a health care organization’s chief information officer must be prepared to meet changing organizational, clinical and population health-related demands with increasingly capable and innovative technology.
Intelligence: Insights from Cerner’s Perspectives
In today's rapidly changing health care landscape, it's important to be up-to-date on technological advances, current legislation and fundamental shifts in care delivery.
The Importance of Device Connectivity in 2018 and Beyond
In this post, Don Bisbee discusses the importance of interoperability with device connectivity, improving consumer experience and the future of device connectivity.
Ep. 66: Pagosa Springs Medical Center's Susan Schmidt on Achieving HIMSS Stage 7
Patient safety
7 Must-Read Stories on Patient Safety
In honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week, we have compiled seven stories, blogs and podcasts that speak to the important role health IT can play in impacting patient safety.
9 Women Leaders in Health IT You Should Know
As we celebrate Women's History Month, we would like to applaud the efforts of some leading female voices in the health IT (HIT) industry at Cerner and beyond. From C-suite executives to industry thought leaders, these nine women are working to continuously advanced the conversation around health care and technology.
Ep. 65: Journalist Dan Munro on #HIMSS18 and the State of Health Care
In the final installment of our HIMSS18 series on The Cerner Podcast, we're peeling back the curtain and delivering insights straight from the floor. This special edition episode of The Cerner Podcast features Dan Munro, a journalist covering health care technology innovation and policy.
Ep. 64: The Cerner Podcast on the Road - HIMSS18 Day 3
That's a wrap on the final full day of #HIMSS18! In the third installment of our HIMSS18 series on The Cerner Podcast, we're peeling back the curtain and delivering insights straight from the floor.
Ep. 63: The Cerner Podcast on the Road - HIMSS18 Day 2
We had an action-packed second day of #HIMSS18. In the second installment of this three-part series on The Cerner Podcast, we're peeling back the curtain and delivering insights straight from the floor.
National Coordination Center to Support VA EMR with Resources from Top US Health Care Organizations
The founding members of the National Coordination Center's Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Steering Committee today announced their commitment to help support the VA’s 10-year implementation of a Cerner Millennium®-based EMR system.
Centrus Health and Cerner Collaborate to Deliver Value-Based Population Health Care in Kansas City
Centrus Health, a Kansas City-based clinically integrated network, and Cerner have come together with a shared vision to improve health care delivery while reducing costs across the Kansas City community.
Ep. 62: The Cerner Podcast on the Road - HIMSS18 Day 1
The first full day of #HIMSS18 featured meaningful discussions around the advancement of health care and technology from leaders throughout the industry. In the first installment of this three-part series on The Cerner Podcast, we're peeling back the curtain and delivering insights straight from the floor.
Cerner Announces New Collaboration with Salesforce to Extend Care Beyond the Exam Room
Cerner today announced a new collaboration with Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM). Cerner is extending its population health, clinical and administration portfolio with an integrated solution that combines Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud with Cerner’s HealtheIntentSM, its big data platform. Combined with Cerner’s data, analytic and application platform, electronic health record (EHR) and intelligent solutions, the addition of Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud will support enhanced consumer and provider engagement.
news-release-blue_data blue background
HIMSS Analytics Honors Two UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention Hospitals with Stage 6 Recognition
The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) announced that Al Dhaid Hospital and Al Baraha Hospital have achieved Stage 6 of the Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics. The HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 award was presented to the hospitals during the EMRAM Awards Ceremony that was held at the annual HIMSS UAE eHealth Week in Dubai.
Can't Miss HIMSS Davies Stories
3 Can't-Miss Stories on HIMSS Davies Award Winners
The HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence (HIMSS Davies) recognizes outstanding achievement of organizations that have used health information technology (HIT) to substantially improve patient outcomes and value. The award honors Dr. Nicholas E. Davies, an accomplished physician who believed computer-based patient records were necessary to improve patient care. Here, we look at three award winners that have used HIT to drive value in a clinical setting.
Leveraging Consumer Engagement to Improve Health Outcomes for All
It all starts by creating smarter care within.
HIMSS Analytics Honors Pagosa Springs Medical Center with Stage 7 Recognition
Pagosa Springs Medical Center (PSMC) is proud to announce it has achieved Stage 7 of the Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics. As a critical access hospital with 11 inpatient beds, seven emergency department beds, ancillary services and an outpatient rural health clinic, PSMC is the smallest independent hospital to achieve Stage 7 recognition, something only 6.5 percent of U.S hospitals have achieved.
12 Twitter Accounts to Follow During HIMSS18
We are just days away from HIMSS18. To stay up to date on the latest discussions in health IT (HIT), we have compiled a list of the 12 Twitter accounts you should be following. From industry organizations to veterans in health care, the accounts on this list will offer a deeper look into the action.
University of Missouri Health Care Selects Cerner for Revenue Cycle Management
University of Missouri Health Care has selected Cerner to help manage revenue cycle performance across its five hospitals and more than 50 primary and specialty care clinics.
Creating a Better Experience for the Entire Military Health System
Health care delivery is complex, and change at this level of scale is never easy. To help mitigate this, the DoD has adopted the commercial best practice deployment strategy: incremental phasing, focusing on a smaller set of facilities first to work through issues and make adjustments to make the larger outcome better.
Ep. 61: Cerner's Dr. David McCallie on TEFCA, USCDI and Interoperability
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. David McCallie, Cerner’s senior vice president of medical Informatics. He discusses some of the details surrounding TECFA and USCDI and gives his thoughts on what’s next on the path toward interoperability.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner Implements Surescripts Prescription Price Transparency Functionality within the EHR
Cerner is collaborating with Surescripts to integrate their Real-Time Prescription Benefit functionality into the Cerner Millennium® electronic health record (EHR). Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit will integrate directly into the physician’s workflow to provide patient-specific prescription information at the point of care.
How Patient Data Can Empower Clinical Decision Support
In this post, we learn about MoodTrek™, a smartphone app designed to help manage depression alongside a therapy and treatment plan.
Ep. 60: Hazelden Betty Ford's William Moyers on Overcoming Addiction
Alcohol and drug addiction is a powerful illness that does not discriminate, gripping individuals and families across the world. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by William Moyers. William has spent the past two decades carrying the message of hope and healing to thousands of people using his own journey to inspire countless others to find help.
Consumer Engagement, Smarter Care Highlight Cerner Presence in Booth 1832 at HIMSS18
Cerner will demonstrate its focus on the health care consumer experience and creating smarter and more efficient health systems at Booth 1832 at HIMSS18, March 5-9, at the Venetian – Palazzo – Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.
How Collaboration Can Advance Interoperability
We’re accustomed to fierce competition as a core principle during the development of a new product or solution. This principle, however, must be abandoned when it comes time to develop the framework for advanced interoperability.
How Digital Transformation is Impacting Health Care 
Digital disruption is changing the health care industry. Electronic health records have led to big data, and a shift in consumer behavior patterns means that patients want and expect easy, convenient access to their health data. Health care organizations must continually evolve at the rapid pace of technological advancement to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.
Ep. 59: Cerner's Paul Weaver on Applying UX Design to Health IT
Consumerism in health care is becoming a growing trend as the industry shifts from fee-for-service to valued-based care. People want convenient, affordable care and an improved patient experience. And while user experience is well established in other industries like aviation, manufacturing and e-commerce, it’s just now coming to the forefront in health care.
Children’s Mercy and Cerner Expand Strategic Relationship Focused on Improving Pediatric Care through Technology and Innovation
Children’s Mercy Kansas City and Cerner have announced an expanded strategic relationship that will help transform pediatric care in their hometown and beyond through the implementation of leading-edge technology and collaborative innovation.
Regulatory Update
How Health Care’s Regulatory Landscape is Shifting in 2018
As the Trump administration closes out its first full year in office and moves into a new year, we’re taking a look at the many updates to U.S. health care policy.
Ep. 58: Carolinas HealthCare's Jeffrey Cleveland on Health Information Exchange Technology
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Jeffrey Cleveland, the medical director for the Carolinas HealthCare System, a not-for-profit health care system with more than 900 comprehensive care locations in North and South Carolina.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Results
Cerner Corporation (Nasdaq: CERN) today announced results for the 2017 fourth quarter and full year that ended December 30, 2017.
Pickens County Medical Center Joins the Cerner CommunityWorks Family
Pickens County Medical Center (PCMC) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
How Open API Development Fosters Industry Collaboration
In this post, we take a look at the interoperability initiatives at work in England’s National Health Service, a publicly funded organization dedicated to commissioning of health care services in England.
Ep. 57: Cerner Chairman & CEO Brent Shafer
Cerner’s new chairman and CEO, Brent Shafer, joined The Cerner Podcast to discuss what led him to a career in health care and what he’s most excited about in his new role.
Martin County Hospital District Selects Cerner CommunityWorks for Enterprise-wide Health IT System
Martin County Hospital District (MCHD) has selected Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) across acute and ambulatory facilities at this critical access hospital in Stanton, Texas.
7 Must-Read Blogs on Interoperability
Access to open and interoperable platforms are crucial to the future of the health care industry. Here, we’ve compiled a list of seven must-read related blogs.
Ep. 56: Cerner's Don Bisbee on Device Connectivity
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Cerner's Don Bisbee discusses device connectivity, telehealth and consumerism in health care.
Elevating the User Experience Through Support
When evaluating a new electronic health record (EHR), an organization’s first consideration tends to center around the user experience: What will a new system mean for its clinicians? Will it enable more time with the patient? Will it result in more accurate recordkeeping and improved care delivery? How will the benefits stack up in comparison to the costs?
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Crawford Memorial Hospital Selects Cerner CommunityWorks
Crawford Memorial Hospital (CMH) has selected Cerner to implement a new integrated electronic health record (EHR) across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
Perry County Memorial Hospital Selects Cerner CommunityWorks
Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
George L. Mee Memorial Hospital Selects Cerner CommunityWorks
George L. Mee Memorial Hospital has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
How Physicians Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic
In November, Dr. Jigar Patel hosted the Cerner Physician Community (CPC) Webcast as part of the ongoing CPC Webcast Series.
Ep. 55: Cerner's Meg Marshall on 2018 Regulatory Changes, Trends and Updates
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Meg Marshall helps us understand these moving pieces and what they mean for the health care industry.
Community Care Programs Leading the Way for Population Health
It is no secret that health care costs continue to rise. Most health systems in the United States are under increasing pressure from payers and policymakers to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital — a pressure that, for many, is at odds with the traditional hospital care and business models.
Regulatory Update
Deep Dive: ONC Draft U.S. Core Data for Interoperability
On Jan. 5, 2018, the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) released two draft documents that promise profound impact on the activities and priorities of Health Information Networks (HINs), provider organizations that participate in them and the vendors that work with both to provide health IT (HIT) services.
Ep. 54: Rogers Memorial Hospital's Brian Kay on Clinical Quality Improvement
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Brian Kay, director of clinical effectiveness at Rogers Memorial Hospital, a behavioral health care hospital in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Rogers offers inpatient, residential, partial-hospitalization and intensive outpatient services for behavioral health conditions.
Teaching technology
How Technology is Shaping Patient Education
StayWell is a health engagement company that helps its clients engage and educate people to improve health and business results. Nicole Latimer joined StayWell in 2016 as president and became CEO in 2017.
How Hospital Leaders Can Prepare for BPCI Advanced
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just announced a new Alternative Payment Model (APM) on Jan. 9, 2018, that not only reaffirms CMS and this administration’s commitment to a continued march toward value-based care (VBC), but also the continuation of bundled payments as a viable APM option.
Brent Shafer Hero
A video message from new CEO, Chairman Brent Shafer
Welcoming new Cerner CEO, Chairman Brent Shafer
The following message from Cerner Co-Founder, Chairman and Interim CEO Cliff Illig was shared with Cerner associates worldwide today.
Cerner Corporation names Brent Shafer CEO, Chairman
Ep. 53: The YMCA's Dr. Daphne Bascom on Community-Integrated Health Programs
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Daphne Bascom, senior vice president and medical director at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and professor in the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics at the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Medicine.
Leveraging the Patient Portal to Improve Patient Experience
Donna Hart has been with Cook County Health & Hospitals System (CCHHS) for over 20 years. She was also integral in launching the MyCookCountyHealth patient portal, designed to advance patient engagement. At HIMSS 2015, Hart earned a Health Information Technology Men & Women Award for her work in leveraging technology to enhance care. CCHHS also achieved HIMSS 7 EMR Adoption Model℠ status.
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Neshoba County General Hospital and Nursing Home Joins the Cerner CommunityWorks Family
Neshoba County General Hospital and Nursing Home (NCGH) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management system across its acute, ambulatory and nursing home facilities.
Adventist Health and Cerner Expand Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Care for Patients, Communities
Adventist Health announced today an expansion of its partnership with Cerner, a global leader in health care technology.
Ep. 52: Institute for the Future's Rachel Maguire on Future-Proofing Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're featuring Rachel Maguire, research director for the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit think tank that helps organizations plan for the long-term future.
10 Can’t-Miss Cerner Blogs from 2017
As we head into 2018, revisit these 10 blogs featuring insights from thought leaders and unique industry perspectives.
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Union General Hospital, Inc. Selects Cerner CommunityWorks for Enterprise-Wide Health IT System
Union General Hospital, Inc. has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record and revenue cycle management system across its acute and ambulatory facilities
8 Health IT Trends to Watch in 2018
The industry is shifting from reactive sick care to proactive health management, from fragmented niche care to a cross-continuum care system and from reward for volume to reward for quality, efficiency and safety.
Using Social Determinants of Health Data to Improve Patient Outcomes
When we talk about social determinants of health (SDOH) and their influence on patients’ health status, we’re including factors like neighborhood, race, income, access to transportation and education level.
Seattle Children's Hospital on Implementing Suicide Risk Screening: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 51
According to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death among persons aged 10–24 years in the United States. After experiencing increases in pediatric suicide attempts and suicidal ideation in the emergency department, Seattle Children's Hospital implemented a suicide risk screening tool within their EHR workflow.
Northeastern Health System Selects Cerner CommunityWorks
Northeastern Health System (NHS) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management system across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
How Health Care Systems Can Prepare for 2018 Regulatory Updates
When was the last time there were people dancing at work? I remember seeing some sweet dance moves in 2014 when Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced it was going to push the transition from International Classification of Diseases ninth revision (ICD-9) to ICD 10th revision (ICD-10) for the billing of diagnosis and procedures for one more year.
SMART Health IT's Josh Mandel on Using Open Standards to Impact Outcomes: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 50
The Substitutable Medical Apps & Reusable Technology (SMART) Health IT platform and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) have utilized open standards to help advance health IT, fostering collaboration and lowering the barrier for innovation.
Sheridan Memorial Hospital Becomes the First to Integrate ICU Medical’s PCA Infusion Pump with Cerner Millennium® EHR to Deliver Next-Generation Infusion Safety to Patient Pain Management
6 UX Design Principles for Health IT
When I tell people that I work within User Experience (UX) at a health IT (HIT) company, I occasionally get a small degree of bewilderment as a reaction. UX is a concept very commonly associated with everything from mobile app design to website interfaces and even the video game industry.
Data-Driven Decisions Empower Value in Health Care Systems
MedStar's Seth Krevat on Zero Harm Patient Safety Programs: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 49
On this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we hear from Dr. Seth Krevat, assistant vice president for Safety at MedStar Health and a faculty associate at MedStar Health’s National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare.
Standards-Based APIs Are a Good Starting Point for 21st Century Cures
At the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Annual Meeting, Dr. Don Rucker, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, highlighted the importance of the 21st Century Cures Act (the Cures Act) in improving interoperability.
How Mobile Technology Can Impact Care Team Communications
The advent of the smartphone has changed everything – from the way we do business to the way we communicate with one another. Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones and apps, easy access to information is now the law of the land: Consumers expect it and businesses require it.
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Sheridan Community Hospital Joins the Cerner CommunityWorks Family
Sheridan Community Hospital (SCH) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management system across its acute and ambulatory facilities.
Kansas State Department's Dr. Susan Mosier on the Future of Medicaid: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 48
At the state level, there’s a lot of talk around health care reform and what it means for Medicaid, as well as some discussion around how Medicaid ties into population health management and social determinants of health.
Cures Act Deep Dive: Electronically Accessible Health Information
From Thursday, November 30 through December 1, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) will hold its Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. One of the hottest topics will be the upcoming release of the draft of Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) that will lay the groundwork for nationwide interoperability between networks.
Cerner's Emil Peters on Impacting Global Health Care: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 47
The challenges of providing and funding health care around the globe hasn’t changed much over the last few years – and it’s unlikely to change this year.
nurses address social determinants of health
Nurses Poised to Address Social Determinants of Health
Social determinants of health, defined as the circumstances in which people live and work, have a strong effect on an individual's health outcomes. Factors like safe housing and local food markets have more often been the concern of public health officials and health care professionals.
The ONC's Dr. Donald Rucker on the Cures Act and More: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 46
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Donald Rucker, the national coordinator for Health Information Technology. The ONC is considered the beating heart of American health care policy, and one of its primary platforms is the promotion of nationwide health information exchange to improve health care.
The Population Health Journey: Q&A with John Glaser and Pamela McNutt
In a Q&A with Cerner's John Glaser, Pamela McNutt discussed Methodist’s population health journey and shared her advice for other health systems preparing their organizations for population health.
Captain James Ellzy on MHS GENESIS and How Military Care is Changing: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 45
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we hear from Captain James Ellzy, deputy program executive officer for the program executive office with the U.S. Defense Healthcare Management System. CAPT Ellzy has been practicing family medicine for more than 20 years, and previously served as Chief Medical Informatics Officer for the U.S. Navy.
Creating a Flawless Candidate Experience
Creating a flawless candidate experience is essential to growing a competitive and skilled Cerner workforce. Our approach to recruiting aligns with Cerner’s broader culture: associates and clients working toward shared goals to advance the business and improve health care.
Using the EHR to Impact Episodic and Longitudinal Care Plans
As health care systems and providers move toward meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs), longitudinal care plans provide a means to improve communication and coordination as patients transition across settings. But what do we mean by a “longitudinal” plan, and how does that interact with the episodic care plan?
How Hospitals can Benefit from a LEAN Model
LEAN thinking is making its way into the healthcare industry. What does adopting a LEAN management practice mean for a healthcare system? In this blog, we’ll dive into a few of the key LEAN strategies that any healthcare organization can think about adding to their quality improvement program.
4 Key Considerations for Health Care Organizations Operating in Fee-For-Service Models
During a recent Scottsdale Institute Population Health Summit, health care executives from a variety of organizations came together to discuss the state of the industry, including current challenges, lessons learned and what’s next.
Children's Mercy's David Chou on Digital Transformation: The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 44
Health care organizations must continually evolve at the rapid pace of technological advancement to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, David Chou, vice president and chief information and digital officer at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, offers his insights on digital transformation in health care and strategies for the future. Children’s Mercy is one of the nation's top pediatric medical centers, with not-for-profit hospitals in Missouri and Kansas.
Advancing Pediatric Care Through Health IT: 4 Must-Read Stories
Sometimes, it can be easy to think of children as little adults, especially when it comes to a clinical setting – but they think, act and heal differently. They require specialized care that spans the critical foundational period of their lives. The treatment of pediatric illness and trauma is critical to the psychosocial and developmental needs of our future generations. Here are four stories demonstrating how customized health IT solutions can meet the unique requirements of pediatric care.
3 Things to Know About Cerner's Free Consumer-Directed Health Record
We’re providing a free consumer-directed health record for patients, giving consumers more control of their health data. Read more!
Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Predictive Analytics
Fact: Right now, America is facing an opioid epidemic. We know this because we’ve seen the numbers. Americans consume 80 percent of the world’s opioid supply, and 142 citizens die every day from drug overdoses. Since 2000, the mortality rate for opioid overdoses has risen over 200 percent.
Dr. Will Stadler on America's Opioid Crisis and Opioid Epidemic
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how health care providers can combat the opioid crisis. Listen here.
Using Big Data to Advance the Athletic Training Industry
With sports medicine, athletic trainers and data analytics, athletes are improving their health outcomes. Read how here.
The Patient in All of Us: Insights from Cerner’s Perspectives
In the new issue of Perspectives, Cerner's thought leadership publication, we focus on the theme of patient experience. Read here.
Governance Strategies for Health Care Organizations
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss effective governance strategies for hospital leadership. Listen here. 
What Cloud Technology Means for Rural Health Care Organizations
Cloud-based EHR technology allows rural health care providers to focus on and care for the patient. Read how here.
Clinical Quality Improvements and UX Design for HIT | CHC17 Day 5
On Day 5 of CHC 2017, education sessions covered topics from clinical quality improvement to UX design for health IT. Read the recap.
Cerner's Free Consumer-Directed Health Record | CHC17 Day 4
On Day 4 of CHC 2017, President Zane Burke announced Cerner's commitment to a consumer-directed health record and interoperability.
Mike Walsh Covers Disruptive Technology and More | CHC17 Day 3
On Day 3 of CHC 2017, we heard from thought leaders on digital disruption, emotional design, artificial intelligence and more.
Physician IT Governance and Patient-Focused RCM | CHC17 Day 2
On Day 2 of CHC 2017, we covered physician IT governance, creating a patient-focused revenue cycle and the opioid crisis. Read here.
#CHC17 Day 1 Recap: Cerner Physician Community Meeting
Day 1 of the Cerner Health Conference 2017 kicked off with the Cerner Physician Community meeting. Read our recap here.
Social Determinants, Patient Engagement and More | CHC17 Sessions
These five population health sessions at CHC 2017 explore how organizations can promote better health outcomes. Check out the list!
9 Cerner HIT Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter
Of Cerner’s 26,000 associates across the globe, here are nine individuals you should be following on Twitter. Check out the list!
Future of Pediatric Care: Children's National's Dr. Kurt Newman
Dr. Kurt Newman, President and CEO of Children's National, discusses how children require a different type of care. Read the interview.
Preparing for Tomorrow’s Revenue Cycle, Today | CHC17 Sessions
These five revenue cycle management sessions at CHC 2017 explore how organizations can successfully manage their business. Read here.
5 HIT Podcasts to Listen to Ahead of the Cerner Health Conference
From open standards to the opioid crisis to cybersecurity, these five episodes of The Cerner Podcast deserve a listen. Check them out!
Open Standards, Health IT Apps and More | CHC17 Sessions
These five sessions at CHC 2017 explore why interoperability is necessary for the continued advancement of health and care.
Interoperability, Behavioral Health and More | CHC17 Sessions
These sessions at CHC 2017 explore how health care organizations can make health plans unique to each patient. Check out the list!
Graham-Cassidy Bill Falls - Innovation is Core to Health Reform
In this blog, we unpack the continuous Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Read on!
5 Health IT Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter During #CHC17
These are the five health IT thought leaders you need to follow on Twitter. Check out the list!
Creating a Roadmap to Achieving Community-integrated Health
What is community-integrated health? Here, we give a definition and strategies to achieve it. Read on!
EHR Optimization And Evidence-Based Medicine | CHC17 Sessions
These four clinical sessions at CHC 2017 explore ways to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. Check out the list!
Midland Memorial's Bob Dent on Predictive Analytics
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how health care providers can combat the opioid crisis. Listen here.
Military Health, Patient Information Security and More at CHC17
These four sessions at CHC 2017 explore how the U.S. military is expanding care and information security. Check out the list!
Clinical Workflow, Early Detection and More | CHC17 Sessions
These sessions at CHC 2017 explore how rural health systems can help shape the changing health care landscape. Check out the list!
How Care Coordination Can Improve Patient Outcomes 
Care coordination can improve patient outcomes, but it can’t work without data transparency and interoperable systems. Read here!
Care Coordination, Community Health and More | CHC17 Sessions
These sessions at CHC 2017 explore ways to optimize population health outcomes to tools. Check out the list!
Dr. Doug Fridsma on the Future of Health Care:
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how health care is evolving. Listen here. 
Cybersecurity, IT Governance and More | CHC17 Sessions
These sessions at CHC 2017 explore ways to align strategic business relationships for health organizations. Check out the list!
3 Health Care Organizations Combating Sepsis with Technology
These three stories explore how sepsis surveillance has impacted the way health care is delivered. Check them out!
Bill Copeland's Perspective on Provider-Sponsored Health Plans
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how provider-sponsored health plans are gaining momentum. Listen here.
CMS Ends Episode-based Payment Models – Now What? 
As health care organizations move toward value-based care programs, there are three things to keep in mind. Read them here.
Cerner Selected as Medical Center’s New Electronic Health Record Provider
Following a six-month evaluation process by a 35-member advisory committee, St. John’s Medical Center has selected Cerner as the provider for its electronic health records (EHR).
How IoT and AI are Changing the Business of Health Care
We need to understand how to tailor big data to provide person-centric care. Read more here.
Dr. Neeli Bendapudi on Consumerism in Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how organizations can engage with consumers. Listen here.
Advisory Group to Improve Health Care Delivery for Veterans
An Advisory Group is created to provide insights and recommendations in support of Cerner’s work on the U.S. VA EHRM program.
3 Examples of Workforce Management at Health Care Organizations
Optimizing workflow and productivity is critical to aligning staffing needs with individual patient care. Read more in these stories.
Francois Bodhuin on Patient Information and Cybersecurity
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how organizations can improve the security of patient information. Listen here.
How Social Determinants Influence Population Health Outcomes
Using social determinants is about preventing people from getting sick and optimizing positive outcomes. Read more here.
Meaningful Use in 2018 and 2019: Planning for the Future
We explore the landscape of MU in 2018 and 2019, including requirements, what to expect and how to prepare. Read more here.
Why Interoperability for Health Care Means More than a Number
We need to continue breaking down the silos that have restricted data exchange across electronic health records. Learn how here.
Lori Johnson on Meaningful Use Stage 3
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss meaningful use stage 3 and attestation. Listen here.
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MIT Medical Selects Cerner's Integrated Health Care Technology
MIT Medical is adopting an integrated clinical, financial and population health management system from Cerner. Read more here.
5 Essential Principles of Alignment for Health Care Organizations
Strategic alignment is about forging a path toward a business partnership. Read here for five essential principles of alignment.
5 Blogs on the Opioid Crisis and Impact on the Health Industry
These five blogs dive into this crisis and what the health care industry can do about it. Check out the list.
How Hospitals Can Achieve Optimal Nurse Staffing
Optimal nurse staffing is not about overstaffing or understaffing – it’s about having an investment strategy. Learn more here.
Dr. Mark Braunstein on the Future of Health Care Informatics
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how actionable data can be used to create greater efficiency. Listen here.
Pop Health Management: How One Community Got Healthy in 5 Years
This Q&A addresses how population health management can save communities. Learn how to lay the groundwork in this blog.
5 Blogs on the Rise of Consumer Expectations in the HIT Industry
These five blogs address how the health care industry must evolve to meet the needs of today's consumer population. Check out the list!
Kathleen Sheehan on Interoperability and the Continuum of Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss the evolution of Health Care IT and interoperability. Listen here.
6 Interoperability Podcasts You Can’t Miss
Interoperability continues to be one of the greatest challenges the health care industry faces. Listen to these podcasts to learn more.
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Cerner Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results
Cerner Corporation (Nasdaq: CERN) announces results for the 2017 second quarter that ended July 1, 2017. Read here.
4 Must-Read Health IT Blogs from Cerner Middle East
Health care issues extend beyond the four walls of a hospital – even across oceans. Read these can't-miss Middle East blogs. 
How Open Standards Foster Collaboration in Health IT
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how open standards encourage a new level of innovation within health care IT.
Where Does Emotional Design Fit in the Health IT Industry?
If we're going to wield the powers of emotionally centered design, we need to understand it better. Learn about this UX tenet here.
3 Ways Health Care Organizations Can Advance Interoperability
There are three key areas the health care industry should focus on improving to achieve interoperability goals. Learn about them here.
The Internet of Things
IoT is a network of devices, technologies and databases embedded with software, sensors and connectivity that enable greater value and insight by exchanging data with other devices or with a central location.
Ryan Hamilton on the Market Shift and Delivering Better Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss the market shift and what organizations can do to deliver better care. Listen here.
Deploying a Single Integrated Record Naval Hospital Oak Harbor
Naval Hospital Oak Harbor goes live with the MHS GENESIS electronic health record. Get all the details here.
news-release-blue_data blue background
The University Hospital of Ghent - A New, Forward-Looking EHR
We’re proud to announce that the University Hospital of Ghent (UZ Gent) has entered into partnership with Cerner for the implementation of a fully integrated electronic health record (EHR).
Neal L. Patterson Obituary
Neal’s story is defined by hardiness, perseverance and purpose. Read the obituary of Cerner's founder and CEO here.
Eric Swirsky on Patient Communication and Mobile Technology
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how mobile devices are becoming commonplace in the health care industry. Listen here.
Cerner to Release Second Quarter 2017 Earnings Results July 27
Cerner announces it will release its second quarter 2017 earnings results after the market closes Thursday, July 27. Read the details.
Cerner Announces Passing of Chairman and CEO Neal Patterson
Neal Patterson, Cerner chairman and CEO, passed away on July 9, 2017. Cliff Illig has been named chairman and interim CEO.
The Top 5 Cerner Podcasts You Might Have Missed
Big, exciting things are happening every day in the health IT industry. Listen to these five podcasts to learn about what's happening.
Alternative Payment Models - The MACRA Quality Payment Program
With the passage of MACRA, learn how alternative payment models are propelling health care towards value-based care.
18 MACRAnyms You Should Know
These 18 "MACRAnyms" will help you navigate frequently used terms surrounding MACRA and value-based care programs.
Health Care Organizations Prepare for Meaningful Use Stage 3
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how you can prepare for Meaningful Use stage 3. Listen here.
Engaged Empathy in Health Care
Priti Lakhani talks about empathy in healthcare.
Carolinas HealthCare System Selects Cerner Pop Health Management
Carolinas HealthCare System chose Cerner’s population health management platform to manage care. Learn more.
Dick Flanigan on Cultural Change in the Health IT Industry
On this podcast, we discuss the importance of cultural change and inspiring the next generation of IT leaders. Listen now.
5 Ways to Align for Long-Term Post-Acute Care Success
Here are five ways health care organizations can align for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) success. Read here.
Dr. Michelle Robin on Workplace Wellness Programs
On this podcast, we discuss effective ways to impact health and behaviors through workplace wellness programs. Listen now.
Why We Need to Personalize Health Care Marketing
An effective health care marketing strategy should focus on the patient experience, brand value and the personalization. Learn why.
Paul Seale on the Importance of Business Continuity Planning
On this podcast, we discuss the critical component in optimizing your health care business continuity plans. Listen now.
Cerner Statement on VA Modernization Announcement
The Department of Veterans Affairs announced its decision to implement Cerner’s Millennium EHR solution. Learn more here.
Health Care, Consumerism and the Tides of Change
In this blog, we explore rising trends in health care consumerism that have a substantial impact on the industry. Read it here.
Robert Diamond on Implementing Electronic Physician Documentation
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how to ensure a successful physician documentation implementation. Listen now.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner Announces Share Repurchase Program
Cerner Corporation’s board of directors approved a stock repurchase program of up to $500 million of its common stock. Read more.
Leveraging PDMPs to Curb Drug Abuse
In order to help curb drug abuse, almost all states have created prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP) that collect, monitor and analyze electronically transmitted prescribing and dispensing data. Some state legislators, which includes some Missouri lawmakers, refuse to support PDMPs due to privacy concerns.
How to Improve Your Workforce Health by Connecting Data
Learn how to use data to help drive workplace health strategies, lower costs and improve the well-being of your employees.
Dr. Kavita Patel on How Policy is Shaping New Models of Care
In this episode, you’ll find out how policy is shaping health care IT and new models of care. Listen to The Cerner Podcast for more.
10 Women Leaders in Health IT You Need to Know
These 10 women leaders have improved health care processes, technology and patient outcomes. Learn more about them here.
A Letter to Our Shareholders, Clients and Associates in 2017
Co-Founder Neal Patterson discusses how Cerner can impact the delivery of care in the coming year. Read his letter here.
Cerner to Hold 2017 Shareholder Meeting May 24
Cerner shares details on its 2017 Shareholder Meeting on May 24, 2017. Find out more on our blog.
Information Blocking Applied to Health IT Suppliers - Part 2
In part 2 of this blog, we explore how information blocking applies to HIT developers as it relates to the 21st Century Cures Act. 
news-release-blue_data blue background
Truman Medical Centers Combating High-Risk Chronic Conditions
We discuss how implementing population health management early in life can impact the health of the next generation. Read more.
Dr. William Feaster on Population Health Management in Health Care
Truman Medical Centers and Cerner have teamed up to launch comprehensive disease management programs. Learn more.
Provider Information Blocking and Attestation - Part 1
In part 1 of this blog, we explore how information blocking applies to HIT developers as it relates to the 21st Century Cures Act. 
Workplaces Can Benefit From a Mental Health First Aid Program
You can foster mental health awareness by providing mental health education and supportive services within the workplace. Learn more.
Workforce Magazine Announces Cerner as 2017 Workforce 100 Honoree
Cerner was recognized as an honoree of the 2017 Workforce 100 presented by Workforce magazine. Learn more on our blog.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner Named to Forbes 2017 America's Best Employers List
Cerner is excited to announce today that we have been named to Forbes magazine's 2017 list of America’s Best Employers.
Improving Pediatric Care with Population Health Management
We discuss how developing a population health management strategy is crucial to understanding your population. Learn more.
3 Ways Connected Devices can Impact Health Care Organizations
We examine three ways to address overall patient care efficiency, clinical communications and operational inefficiencies.
Dawn Ross on Regulatory Changes in the Health Care Industry
In this podcast, we discuss how organizations can decipher the new rules and adapt to this ever-evolving marketplace.
Leading Nursing Into the Future
In this blog, we explain how collaboration in nursing helps organizations drive fundamental cultural change and improve care.
The Road to Interoperability: More Than Technology
Cerner President Zane Burke explains how interoperability advances the way care is delivered through improved information exchange.
The Value of Collaborating to Share Data
In this blog, we look at how collaborating and exchanging information between clinics and hospitals can help advance interoperability.
Open Data Access is Innovating Health Care in Rural Communities
Find out how to address the significant challenges of rural health care in this blog on open data access and innovation.
The Cerner Podcast, Ep. 21: Don Lindsey on Cybersecurity
In this podcast, we discuss how to make the right investments in data security and cybersecurity to protect patient information.
news-release-blue_data blue background
Cerner and Fusionetics Collaborate on Assessment Programming
Cerner and Fusionetics announced a collaboration to integrate Fusionetics assessment programming with Cerner’s HealtheAthlete.
Cerner Reports First Quarter 2017 Results
Cerner Corporation announced results for the 2017 first quarter that ended April 1, 2017. Read the full new release here.
how-data-analytics-can-impact-small-community-health-care-systems_doctors in hospital hallway
How Data Analytics Can Impact Small Community Health Care Systems
We examine how data analytics can increase operational efficiencies to improve patient outcomes in small hospitals. Read more.
Janice Young on Provider-Payer Convergence
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss what’s trending in health care and how the industry might evolve in the future.
Cerner, NeuroLogix to Integrate Tools to Advance Concussion Care
NeuroLogix Technologies will integrate its C3Logix concussion management system with Cerner’s HealtheAthlete® health management system.
Why Athletic Trainers Should be Thinking About HIT and Big Data
On this blog, we discuss how a data driven training plan can use health IT and big data to improve athlete performance.
Putting Physicians at the Center of Technology
On this blog, we shed some light on how physician-centered initiatives can positively impact patient outcomes.
Sajid Ahmed on Technology and Culture in the Workplace
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how technology can drive innovative and collaborative community health care.
How Consumer Expectations Drive Change in Health Organizations
We can create actionable experiences for the populations we serve – including effectively managing high-cost, at-risk populations.
Population Health: What the HIT Industry Needs to Consider
Learn how HIT solutions and services can empower clients to identify, engage and maintain lifetime consumer relationships at scale.
St. Joseph's Healthcare Selects Cerner
St. Joseph’s Healthcare System selected Cerner’s integrated EHR and revenue cycle management system for its facilities. Click for more.
How to Equip the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Experts
In this podcast, we learn how to bolster cybersecurity workforce development through education and research opportunities. Listen now.
Cerner Execs Earn ACHE's Top Credential in Health Care Management
Cerner today announced that six of its leaders recently earned the distinction of FACHE board certification in health care management.
The Changing Role of the IT Leader in Modern Business Environments
With increased digitization in business, companies that capitalize on the opportunities that digital business offers will thrive.
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Cerner to Release First Quarter 2017 Earnings Results April 27
Cerner will release first quarter 2017 earnings results on April 27, 2017. Details here.
Greg Kuhnen on the Impact of Consumerism In Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss interoperability, patient engagement and consumerism in health care. Listen here. 
Cerner Joins Cybersecurity Fight
As health IT solutions become more robust and connected, the risk of cybersecurity threats increases. Learn more on our blog.
How Interoperability is Shaping Health Care
Here are three main areas where health care organizations may find opportunities to advance their goals for interoperability.
Dr. Roy Schoenberg on the Impact of Telehealth
On this podcast, we discuss virtual care and the impact telehealth has on clinical effectiveness, efficiency and workflow implications.
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Selects Cerner Millennium
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center selected Cerner to implement its integrated electronic health record system. Read more.
Why We Need Customer Service at a Hospital Level
More consumers are looking for health care providers that offer them the best customer experience for their money and needs. Read more.
5 Cerner Blogs that Every Physician Needs to Read
We’ve compiled a roundup of blogs that deliver a physician perspective on current health IT issues. Read them here.
What Now for ACA?
While the ACA lives to see another day, there are critical issues that require attention. Learn more about policy on our blog.
Deanna Wise Considers the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing
On this podcast, we share insights on how to address legal concerns and remain HIPAA compliant while making the move to the cloud.
Saving Lives Through Sepsis Surveillance
The St. John Sepsis Surveillance Agent uses cloud computing with data analytics to screen and activate on high-risk patients.
How to Manage Change in a Health Care Organization
Thriving in change means finding the potential benefits, communicating through it and bringing people along with that. Read more.
Maury Regional Health Selects Cerner's Integrated HIT System
Maury Regional Health selected Cerner to implement its EHR across three hospitals and more than 25 outpatient facilities.
The Future of Academic Medical Centers Relies on Open, Modern HIT
Academic medical centers are responsible for shaping the minds of future health care leaders and advance medical research. Read more.
Steve Rushing Discusses Health Care's Triple Aim
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how research and developing solutions can support the Triple Aim.
What to Know with Changes Coming to Meaningful Use
Regarding health IT-related federal policy, what will happen with meaningful use (MU)? Read more.
John Gresham Talks About the Internet of Things in Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss the Internet of Things and the impact on health care. Listen now.
How Data Can Bridge the Gap Between Personalized Medicine and Care
Evolution of personalized medicine and discoveries in genomics will be the key to successful cancer outcomes in the future.
Tripp Jennings Considers Addiction and the Opioid Epidemic
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss the economic impact of the opioid crisis. Listen now.
Creating a Culture of Clinical Transformation
Collaboration is helping drive fundamental cultural change and improve care. Learn more here.
Nancy Birschbach on Opening Doctors' Notes to Patients
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss the opportunities and challenges of opening notes to patients. Listen now.
State and Local Leaders Commemorate Innovations Campus Opening
Cerner celebrates the opening of the first two towers at Innovations, the organization’s newest campus in the Kansas City area.
ACA and Beyond: A Look at the Economics of American Health Care
It’s easy to focus on the politics of health care in America – but instead, let’s focus on the economics involved.
Sports Medicine Renaissance - Data and Change Management Strategies
With far-reaching changes similar to that of the clinical world, the sports medicine industry needs to evolve to keep pace.
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Cerner Appoints Julie Gerberding to Its Board of Directors
Cerner announces that Dr. Julie Gerberding has been appointed to the company’s Board of Directors, effective March 3, 2017.
Current Political Administration's Impact on Health Care
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss the impact of the Trump administration on health care policy. Listen now.
Leading Sustainable Change: The Secret Sauce — Values
Today, many clinicians are conflicted between their values for patient-centered care and the focus on financial and business issues. 
Brian Ahier with a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Industry Trends
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we take a look at current trends that are shaping the health care industry. Listen now.
Dr. Brian Jones - Ins and Outs of the Military Health System
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how end-user training for IT systems support military medicine. Listen now.
Col. Margaret Carey on the Recent MHS GENESIS Go-Live
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss developments surrounding MHS GENESIS and the Department of Defense. Listen now.
Grahame Grieve on FHIR and Aggregating Health Data
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how the ability to aggregate health data will provide better outcomes. Listen now.
Dr. Tom Selva on How to Choose the Right Strategic Projects
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how health care organizations can choose the right strategic IT projects. Listen now.
Russ Branzell on Cybersecurity and Protecting Patient Data
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss how health care organizations must guard against a cybersecurity threats. Listen now.
Dr. Charles Jaffe on Barriers and Trends in Interoperability
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss barriers to interoperability and other health care trends. Listen now.
Jitin Asnaani Discusses the Current State of Interoperability
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss obstacles on the road to interoperability for health care organizations. Listen now.
Janet Marchibroda on Expectations with the New Administration
In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we discuss policy updates during the first month of the Trump administration. Listen now.
Perspectives: A Fresh Take on Health Care
Announcing the debut of Cerner's premiere thought leadership publication, Perspectives, bringing you the best in health IT.
Cerner to Highlight Value-Add Delivery Services at HIMSS17
Cerner is on the journey from fee- to value-based care with our clients. Read more here.
What to Watch for From HHS Secretary Tom Price
Everything you need to know about what to expect from new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Read here.
Cerner Claims FORTUNE Most Admired Companies Recognition Again
For the third straight year, FORTUNE has named Cerner one of The World’s Most Admired Companies. Read here.
Empowering Consumers to Manage Their Health
Population health management is showing us that the future of the industry is person-centered care. Read more here.
On the Path to Improve Health Care for Those Who Serve
Cerner is delivering a modern, open and integrated health IT